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  1. The database also doesn't seem to work with the latest update now. It says it doesn't have enough teams for the Tohoku League (required 10, found 9).
  2. I have no other databases loaded. Only the Japanese one i downloaded here.
  3. Facepacks don't work with this database. The players like Iniesta, Podolski are duplicated too. Anyone have a working database? I want to try J-League.
  4. Yes, basically. All young prospects have their determination and other hidden stats such as consistency, important Matches, versatility broken. So they won't develop into good players.
  5. Man, I was really looking forward to starting my Journeyman save today. Really enjoyed the Beta so far. Hopefully the hotfix is out soon.
  6. Cheers for the feedback. So I had a look, Sanabria has an off the ball rating of 14. Which is fairly decent. Also, I do have him roaming from position on his individual player instructions for the tactic. So I'm still not sure. Is it due to a lack of space, or just simply a result of us playing the ball shorter?
  7. My strikers are all fairly small & I have noticed that all my goals have come from crosses. Very rarely has a through ball from the middle resulted in a goal. So this is interesting if true. My setup looks like this With Munir / Denis alternating on the left. Denis plays as an IF - s, with Munir as a Winger - A. Sanabria has scored 6 goals in 7 (1 more goal than his ENTIRE record for the league last year.) So the setup does seem to be working. However, I am struggling to get him to move into channels for the layoff pass from either Quintero or the AP-a. Sometimes I find Sanabria is extremely isolated and doesn't make many runs. Or even any shots. I've changed it about from almost every Striker role, and I find the best results from Pressing Forward. But that is not a striker role that really gets him into position to beat the defender. Here are some screenshots of my setup and results.
  8. I know how I want to play, I just have struggled with the final third. Everything else has been going fine for me. Defensively we are solid, and I am 3rd in La liga. And I now understand about the high def line and line of engagement thanks to Johnny Aces helpful feedback. Which was a major flaw I didn't understand. We had no space because everyone was so compact. No runs etc. And that's my point, I want to understand. But if you are just here to turn your noses at a player who may not have as deep of footballing eye as you, then I why bother commenting? It is not helping anyone. All I want to do is learn and understand how I can get my front 3 working in my tika taka system.
  9. Hmm kind of harsh. I just want to understand where I was going wrong. I apologise I can't read the game as well as you guys. I don't see the harm in wanting to learn and improve though.
  10. Sorry, this is incorrect. It has to do with your mentality. My mentality was on Positive, so the options were either or. Adjusting your mentality will change your options in width and tempo it seems. Ah okay, I see. I understand what you're saying. I've actually been used the HB and Carvalho has been performing pretty well. I'll adjust the left CB to cover. But to be honest, defensively we have been very, very good. (we are 3rd in La Liga atm). It's in creating chances for my front three that has me so concerned.
  11. This is super helpful feedback. Thank you so much. So from the sounds of it, a lot of my issues came from the def line / line of engagement not giving my players space or options? I think I understand better now. Here is the adjusted setup. Do you think I should go for a standard line of engagement? I'd like to keep the front 3 higher up, and allow Sanabria to press opposition defensive life.
  12. I'd ideally like Denis to supply the goal, with Sarabia to be our main goal scorer. Quintero I'm not sure. I would like him to be an attacking outlet on the right, to supply goals but also contribute when he can I suppose. He has good dribbling, so i want him to take on more fullbacks if he can. I guess, I want the 2 wingers / IF to cut inside and allow the wingbacks to provide space? Is this a good idea? My strikers are definitely getting more involved and are actually scoring more. So maybe I'll tweak some more to see if I can get the best out of Denis.
  13. Okay, well thanks for that but you're comment doesn't really offer much. Why the passive aggression? I understand the sentiment, but I'm just here to learn and get better at the game. I want to play possession based attacking football. My front 3 are struggling , so I posted here. I asked for feedback, and made adjustments. I've played 2 games with the adjusted setup . We won both, first match against Sociedad I had Munir as a F9. He didn't get into the game at all. Quintero got 2 goals from the right wing which was good though. Second match, I played Sarabia as a CF and he banged 2 goals, so I was happier with that. However, Denis still hadn't set the world on fire. Average at best. Any other thoughts on my left flank? Or just more patience.
  14. I made some changes, what do you think of this setup? I'm personally not a fan of the HB, but I'm willing to give a go to see if it works.
  15. Thanks for the response. - I had actually played about with the width. Normally we'd play Fairly Wide ( in FM19 the options seem to be either fairly wide or fairly narrow) but I switched it up in an attempt to fix the problem. I'll put it back to fairly wide? - same thing with the tempo, either slightly lower or slightly higher tempo. - as for the GK, just personal preference, but i hate giving up the ball from gks and much rather we slow it down and distribute to my fullbacks. - hold shape, this was part of the tiki taka preset settings. I'll have a go with counter. - I'll adjust our line of engagement to standard. My setup will look like this. Any other thoughts? As far as the LB , is it not better to play a wing back to provide width as Denis will be playing as an AP?
  16. Currently in my second season with Real Betis. Finished first season 2nd in the league with a 4-3-3- tiki taka style formation. But now my front line is seriously struggling and I have no idea why. My strikers have scored 3 goals between them in the league, and its now december. My IF left (Denis) has been atrocious out wide. Here are some screen shots of my setup and instructions. Someone help. Please.
  17. Hey, thanks for the detailed response. However, I have linked the wrong image to the tactic that I employed for the past 6 years at Reus. That style we actually use is this - http://imgur.com/a/Qflt4. Any feedback would be hugely appreciated!
  18. Not sure what to do anymore. Let in 43 goals in 19 matches. Only thing that has kept us up in the Adelante has been outscoring the opposition in the few games that we win. Keepers record this season - http://i.imgur.com/ZVZsn5U.jpg [1] League table this season (-6 GD) - http://i.imgur.com/mhz2tf2.jpg [2] Fixtures this season - http://i.imgur.com/dwZ5sEt.jpg [3] We've managed to stay up for the last 5 season in the Adelante as well. With 2 back to back 5th places - http://i.imgur.com/3siHJy0.jpg [4] Tactics - http://imgur.com/a/7CmfD [5]* My main centre back pairing this season - http://imgur.com/a/tH1oI [6] *Put up link to tactic I just downloaded from FM Base and not the actual tactic I have been using. Correct image - http://imgur.com/a/Qflt4
  19. Still no improvements. If anything Messi is playing even worse. He has superb Morale, as does the entire team basically. Is there a bug with the shooting in FM 14? Because it's honestly ridiculous the amount of clear cut chances Messi misses or long shots he takes. Incredibly frustrating.
  20. I uploaded them here. Dunno if you want to check them out or what. Sevilla game - http://www56.zippyshare.com/v/3757356/file.html Valencia game - http://www56.zippyshare.com/v/31216746/file.html
  21. Thanks for all this help man! Super appreciate it. I'll send you the pkm of the sevilla match and a game against valencia where he didnt get many chances. If you could check them out I'd be infinitely thankful! EDIT: Sorry noob question, but how do I actually send you the files? Do you have an email address or is there some way I can upload it via a PM ?
  22. Just played Rayo Vallecano at Camp Nou. Dominated the game yet Messi was as ineffective as I have ever seen him. Got a ratting of 5.7 and had 3 shots on target. I don't understand this. At this point I'm considering getting a replacement for Messi. A striker that can actually shot the fricken ball. http://i.imgur.com/6ogqc0k.jpg http://i.imgur.com/OtIgpy6.jpg
  23. Yeah I set up everything exactly like you showed. Same instructions/positions etc. I'll get some screenshots to show you. Formation - http://i.imgur.com/wcvHxAU.jpg Team Instructions - http://i.imgur.com/AcObYxa.jpg Xavi Specific Instructions - http://i.imgur.com/Kfea7x2.jpg Iniesta Specific Instructions - http://i.imgur.com/KKrV2WJ.jpg Neymar Specific Instructions - http://i.imgur.com/8IzyAbU.jpg Pedro Specific Instructions - http://i.imgur.com/bfUZpKN.jpg Messi Specific Instructions - http://i.imgur.com/CX7wLYv.jpg Messi form ( He was scored decent amount. Few in the Liga though and is really inconsistent) - http://i.imgur.com/QWjaQpp.jpg Look at the number of shots he gets off. 1 on target against Sevilla for example! http://i.imgur.com/jhHbQZR.jpg His movement is good though - http://i.imgur.com/xtGvhG3.jpg
  24. Messi just gets so isolated. He barely gets the ball and makes as few as 3/4 shots a match.
  25. I don't get it. I've adopted the same tactics as you have shown Tokyoblade. 2 goals in 5 games. Both of which he scored in 1 game. Messi just doesn't play consistently. He shoots from long range instead of taking on the defender.
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