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  1. I dont dislike the thread. I dislike your posts specifically. Thanks anyway though, always nice to win.
  2. Well, Im sure your life is extremely thrilling and interesting. However, nobody cares. Nobody.
  3. How would you know if I like memes big guy? And no, no gifs for you. Wow, yeah how weird to comment on stuff you dont like, never even heard of that concept before......................
  4. Is 'piddle' british for ****? In which case, yes, someone did. Do you have anything else you want clarified, kevhamster? I am completely chill. I'm even sat with a beer in hand. I didn't ask you to check back. And yes, I like seeing bad posts on forums, including this one, and comment on it.
  5. Well, check back in the thread for evidence of unfunny gifs' existence.
  6. Are you sure you're in a position to judge my time spending, when you've been sat in this thread posting unfunny gifs for two days?
  7. SI (and Miles) could avoid all the questions on when the beta is released if they wanted to. I am SOOOOOO tired of them whining every single year over people asking on SoMe. Like... If you dont want people asking, why not just set a date? Theres going to be bugs anyway. Actually, SI's entire communication strategy is absurd in so many ways, I dont even know where to begin...
  8. Yeah I wouldn't count on it, as the squad management is terrible across all leagues.
  9. Don't mind me, I'm generalizing a bit MLS sounds interesting though. I am bit concerned with the lack of transfers in the way we go about it in Europe. Any ideas as to how to get info on the league/transfer/draft system in the US?
  10. Another point of using social media I might have missed. Fair play on the transfer rumors. I'd say, though, that after reading comment number 400.000 on how my '442' simply doesn't cut it from some ****** on SoMe, when I haven't lost a game using that exact formation in literally 40 years, I just stop checking.
  11. Honestly, I hadn't considered using it for this. But for the rest of us they are tedious tasks that simply needs to be dealt with to move on in the game. The easiest way for this is to assign the assistant and not care for a second about media - both social and unsocial media lol. If SI actually wants us to answer the press ourselves and keep track of social media, they need to word the questions/answer WAAAAAAAAY more according to your club's situation, taking into account other things than just the last match (e.g. how about considering whether the manager you're asking if he thinks he can win the CL this season, has actually already won it 35 times in a row).
  12. Its interesting how many of you brits do not play outside Britain. Anyway, I am considering trying out Torpedo Minsk in the Belarus Premier League. Looking at the IRL table, Torpedo is at the absolute bottom with only 6 points in 25 games. Should be possible to do a bit better in FM. Also, their stadium looks terrible and I love it.
  13. Agreed, it's pointless. Just like the media interaction, social media things etc. If you cannot make feature XYZ in a manner that makes it fun to use - then don't.
  14. Ugliest UI to this date. Impressive that they were able to make it even worse than last year. Everything else looks fine though. Generally, I dont expect ME changes as they never seem to arrive anyway.
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