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  1. Ugliest UI to this date. Impressive that they were able to make it even worse than last year. Everything else looks fine though. Generally, I dont expect ME changes as they never seem to arrive anyway.
  2. Just two actually. And where not in the saharan desert or anyting, the internet speeds are ok here and everything is set up correctly. Whoever is not the host gets these lags when cliking pretty much anything - obviously the heavy ones like scouting lists etc. are the slowest. It is better than it has been before,but compared to other games (which may be less data heavy or whatever idk) its not up to par.
  3. Can you play multiplayer saves on the beta? can't remember if this was the case last year. Also i really hope the online multiplayer performance gets a serious boost on fm18. After a couple of seasons its unplayable to everyone but the host. My mate and I have been able to get through 49 seasons on fm17, but only via lan which is a pain in the ass given he's living in the other end of the country. Still faster than playing online though
  4. Okay so updating to the public beta in steam fixed the issue.
  5. The ingame date is 7 oct 2035 The save game name is 'GLENSLILLENETNETNETNETNETNETNETNETNETNETNETNETNETNETNETNETNETJKDKDKDKDDKDKKJNELKNTLJNGLEN' Let me know if you need more info. Thanks
  6. Have this issue too. Its not related to some specific date.
  7. But imp. matches and consistency is tied to the players personality, isn't it?
  8. Give it a couple of years to let brexit sink in and the english teams will be rubbish compared to french, german and spanish teams. no worries.
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