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  1. That is quite fair Seb. I really appriciate your input nonetheless. I have just been frustrated by Sports Interactive's attempts over the last couple years to avoid going indepth on the matter of footedness. Thank you both.
  2. Depending on the positions that the player can play, weak foot can be either "inexpensive", or "rather expensive". And since Sports Interactive will not give out information to players, whether or not or how two-footedness improve a players 'game' in a match setting, then it becomes as Jack said - down to personal preference. Managers can see how a player with good 'passing' can improve his 'game' in match setting. Managers cannot see how a player with good two-footedness can improve his 'game' in a match setting.
  3. So what you are telling me is, that players do not need to be any good with their weak foot if played correctly, and we can just ignore training their weak foot, and focus on players with poor weak foot strength, that have that much more ability points, to be able to focus on developing attributes instead. I know that we are all different, and interpret things differently, but that is how I interpret it - and with how I see it ingame highlights. Thank you Jack Joyce for trying to explain it to be, I am grateful for that.
  4. True. But when if you during a match, have 15-20 highlights, and have two players with completely different foot strength, perform to the same standard, then how are you to argue? Besides, are do not see the point, in game players and Sports Interactive staff arguing consistency of players, that will arguably never lead to any solution. Why not just help the people out that play their game, with simple information as to how it works. How is it any different explaining a visible attribute like 'Passing' and how it translates in the match engine, to explaining the same, about footedness? We could argue all week long, but I doubt that Sports Interactive have any interest in that - I for one do not. I simply ask for the information that the game creators give about alot of other things in the game - simple, concise - without explaining the inner workings. Thank you.
  5. I am sorry to point out a flaw with your 'winger situation' I can have right wing, inside forwards, with 20 for left foot, and 1 for right foot, give pin-point crosses as well as a right footed winger. So in theory, my wingers do not need to be in any way two-footed, and those players, can/will have more CA to use on attribute gain. - This is something that I've found true, in both FM2018 and FM2019 match engine. Furthermore, I can also succesfully ask a left wing, left footed winger, to play as an inside forward and to go for goal. The game will tell me that he cannot do that well - however, what I then see in the match engine, is the exact opposite. But all these tests, theories and logical guesses, which they basically are! Are only OUR interpretation, not Sports Interactive's - as they have yet to give us clear information on this subject!
  6. Hello and good morning to Sports Interactive and to the rest of the forums. During my time of playing Football Manager and Championship Manager, and I've played since CM Italy back in 1993. If one would look at my steam library, they would find all the versions of Football Manager, and probably be shocked at exactly how many hours I've put into these games. - but I simply love these games, don't you? In the past, there have been so many helpful people around these forums that could help eachother, even in cases, Sports Interactive employees / administrators step in to clear something up. - and I hope this time, to END the many assumptions about HOW two-footedness works in Football Manager. Now, Football Manager has certainly come a LONG way since they first started out, and each iteration brings more and more reality to the 'game' and we simply cannot get enough! But there are aspects to the game, which easily gets misunderstood, even for people that have played the game for years on end, or even for people that also have an amateur, semi-pro or even pro football career in the real world. One of such bandits is the "Two-Footedness" I personally see a player being able to drible, tackle, pass and shoot successfully with both feet as someone that is somewhat rare and should potentially be able to suit more 'roles' and be a generally better player than someone who isnt adept with both feet. But within the game itself, this just doesnt seem like the case? I know a two-footed striker should have more options in front of goal, but how do be know? Becuase its logical, or because SI tell us so? - The answer is, because its logical! And then when you also factor in, that how good a player is with both feet, also limits his total potential attributewise, then surely, two-footedness MUST be good. But Sports Interactive as far as I can tell on the forums, has never, EVER been here to tell us this. So all we can do, is guess - but is that fair? Considering how much the 'Current Ability pricetag' that comes with two-footedness ability? I've tried to create my own personal tests over the years, but I can never come to any real conclusion, because there are so many factors to consider. Lets consider for posterity, that you have two strikers. Striker A, has poor two-footedness, but he has superb finishing (finishing, composure, decisions and technique) with his good foot - he rarely misses the target. Striker B, can use either foot, but he has average finishing (finishing, composure, decisions and technique) he doesnt always get the shot on target, but he can use both feet. I don't see the Match Engine giving the two-footed player any benefits in front of goal, in my tests (yes personal experience) Striker A always scores alot more than Striker B. Here are some questions for Sports Interactive, and anyone else that wants to comment on it. But please, we are all humans, and NO one outside Sports Interactive, knows the inner workings of the match engine. 1) - What are the 'direct' benefits to a player having good ability with both feet, to one not having good ability with both feet, considering how expensive two-footedness is. - And please, no 'logical' answers that you think is the correct answer. 2) - Does a player with 15+ ability on both feet have some invisible boost to his visible attributes, since they are generally lower than someone with poor two-footedness? 3) - Why can a left wing inside forward, with only good right foot ability, still cross as well as a left-footed winger on the left wing when he gets the chance? I am really hoping for some clarification into these questions from Sports Interactive, not direct answers as to how it works in the match engine - some secrets are best left alone. But at least some understanding for us average joes out there, that just dont understand the logic behind some of the things in this greatgame. Thank you.
  7. Thanks SI - Make me so proud. Absolutely great game support. %#(=&¤!?#%
  8. Thank you Bigpole, for answering to the best of your knowledge. So, from what I can gather, you can play around with substitutions in the editor for added/created leagues. What about leagues already IN the base game?
  9. When in the In-game editor, there are many functions, that miss any information from SI about how these work. I am not looking for someone to create a FAQ/Guide for it, but SI should REALLY consider this for FM2020. But, I was thinking about nations. "Economic Factor" , "FA Financial Power" <- What does these do, affect in a nations and its clubs/competitions?
  10. Basic rules? What basic rules, where? Easy to say basic rules, when people cant find anything named "Basic rules" in the editor. If you want to help out - be specific!
  11. Really no one that has any clue about this? How about someone from SI? Cannot really give us the ability to edit/change something within the game, without giving us a clue about what it does/affect.
  12. Hello. I have a couple of questions, that I've tried to google over the last couple of days without luck. - When in the Pre-game editor, how/where does one edit a nation/competitions rules regarding substitutions, as in how many they can have in matches? - When in the In-game editor, there are many functions, that miss any information from SI about how these work. I am not looking for someone to create a FAQ/Guide for it, but SI should REALLY consider this for FM2020. But, I was thinking about nations. "Economic Factor" , "FA Financial Power" <- What does these do, affect in a nations and its clubs/competitions? I really hope someone can shed some much needed knowledge on this. Thank you in advance.
  13. Thanks herne79. I enjoyed reading that. And I know what you mean, there are alot of factors to consider with every action and every attribute, hidden or otherwise. I just can't let it go, the part about the pricetag there is on decisions. Considering that how it actually works is under the hood. As I've mentioned before - if decisions could explain that the higher the value, the faster the player would be able to react, make a decision faster. That would also make sense tactic wise. As you have faster play, with higher tempo. Instead its just about the 'quality' of his decisions, which is very shrouded, because as you say, even poor decisions might end up not being poor for the team. So why the steep price? Because it is so high, I've keenly looked at centre mids and centre defenders in the past with higher decision attribute, but I now know that because of that shroud, and all those other factors, that the decision attribute isn't as important as the game makes it out to be. I've come to find that certain other attributes, like Professionalism, Determination, Pace/Acceleration are far more important, and keeping morale high is also very important.
  14. Right. This is taking a long time. Anyway, I've paused the test in the january transfer window. I've frozen Michael Carrick's attributes, and locked decisions at 1. 14 appearences + 3 coming on as a sub. 3 goals, 3 assists, 4 yellow cards, pass completion 89%, tackle ratio 86%, mistakes 6, fouls 19, average rating 7,85 I think I'll save my game here, and start over with decisions 20, and pause again at the january transfer window to see the difference. Might not be a big difference, but for me it will be enough, since FM19 is only 4 months away.
  15. Estimated game speed went from 5 stars to ½ a star... Jeez, this test better be worth it. haha
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