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  1. I need help guys for some reason when I watch or will I say try to watch a game my pitch and everything around it seems to be flashing red and yellow, Iv'e cleared cache, removed surroundings, changed screens size, basically everything. now I know some will say it's the graphics cards but the specs for FM 15 is the same for FM 14 so I wouldn't think it would be that UNLESS some daft git forgot to change the specs on the back of the case!? I could still play the game but only in 2D which for me it sucks, so please guys shed some light for me.
  2. there was a thread on a site a few weeks back stating that PSG had paid 19 million and also have add ons which totalled to 26 million but I think only the Newcastle board and PSG board only knows this
  3. what bugs me the most is at the last patch Newcastle had 8 million now they have 5 million? and iv'e notice the Cabaye sale went into Mike Ashley gift loan but only reports a couple of days ago the MA loan has never been touched
  4. also according to reports PSG bought Cabaye for over 19 million to 26 million with add ons, but once I checked PSG transfer clauses they didn't have any outgoing for Cabaye
  5. for some reason i'm coming up with white boxes surrounding teams names, players names, dates & times, sometimes my screen goes black for a moment then it starts flickering on and off. then my whole computer crashes and leaves a blue screen. i haven't uploaded any files like badges, shirts or skins, iv'e even messed around in the preference, iv'e also re- installed the game and still nothing happens. iv'e got screen shots of the problem but i can't upload them on here it keeps saying error, but if you check my thread on FM Base and type my id name ( nezza6969 ) it will show you the problem i'm having. please help solve this.
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