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  1. Thank you ajj2410, that seems correct. The only reference I had found was it being incompatible with FMC but obviously that was a while ago and you spurred me to find better information now. I can see why SI might not like FMRTE interfering with their microtransactions but for me, an editor is a deal breaker so in this case, it is to their advantage. Hopefully SI will address this themselves soon.
  2. Are there any editors, either pre-game or in-game; official, free or paid, for Football Manager Touch 16 or 17 on a Windows PC? I want to get into FMT as I don't have time for FM. The pre-game editor is one of my favourite features but (correct me if I'm wrong) this isn't available for Touch. As FMT17 is only just out, I know there isn't likely to be anything yet so what about FMT16?
  3. What is needed to be in the beta? I bought FM15 on GMG and activated it on Steam, is that it or is there a separate code for the beta that I should be looking for?
  4. Do you have to do anything to be able to access the beta? I have FM15 in my Steam games list (bought on GMG, immediately got Steam code) but no additional entries or keys.
  5. That would probably happen if they tried to use the real ads but they could sell the ads space to anyone, creating more realistic ads (albeit not the actual ads) and making a bit of cash. I seem to remember that the New Star Soccer guy charged €50 to be in his game. With FM's pull, they could charge a heck of a lot more. The problem I have with this is that it provides SI with financial incentives to make the ads more intrusive. Whether by lingering camera shots or just getting rid of the "Turn off clickable ads" option, this is not a route I want to see continue.
  6. The warning looks like he played for Fana, as Lawlore says, but he's on your Haugesund 2's squad list. I wouldn't put it past Steve Kean to think he was managing Fana and mistake a Fana player for Bjorkkaer but still, this is probably a bug.
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