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  1. 3 questions, not necessarily stupid but quite basic. Can you use a TM(s) up front by himself? I'm trying it in a 4-5-1 (with wide men in the AML/R position, one on IF(s) and the other as a W(a), and a CM(a)) with Benteke but finding that it's not working so well. I'm starting to think that a TM might be best suited just for 2 man strike partnerships so on the counter there's someone closer to support? Reading wwfan's 14 steps, he says that the team strategies are a bit plastic, and that if you want to implement a fast style emphasising wing, control/attacking might be best. Would it make sense to do this with say some more defensive shouts to try and have a style that sits quite deep with men behind the ball before getting the ball wide fast and getting crosses in? Or would going something like a counter style be better? I've read about the generalisation/specialisation stuff with rigidity/fluidity. How do you balance this in a squad (say like Aston Villa's) that's limited both in terms of individual talent such that you'd not really be comfortable giving out lots of specialised roles, but doesn't have the collective mental attributes to be trusted with much creative freedom?
  2. Your defence is awful, like proper terrible.
  3. Agger was pulling at Clark's shirt as much as Clark was pulling at Agger's.
  4. I think the second one he deserves criticism for. First maybe a bit harsh, but he should have at least got a hand to the Weimann goal.
  5. Yep, because they're exactly the same. Been absolutely shocked by your performance defensively so far. Benteke is admittedly very good in the air and with long balls, but your defense doesn't seem to realise that it's meant to at least challenge the guy, just awful in the air. Also, Reina was crap for both goals, particularly the second one, it goes straight under his arm ffs.
  6. I play with a DMC currently, playing with 3 CM's could be a good idea though.
  7. Upping an old thread a bit, but I want to ask you about the set up you described of DLP-B2B-B2B-TQ in the midfield. It's something I've used myself to good success, but it's not really performed the way I want it to. The two B2B players tend to end up very near the TQ in my experience, resulting in the TQ having to exit dangerous areas to receive the ball, and he becomes little more than a possession monkey so to speak. The support mentality of the B2B players combined with the lack of forward runs by the TQ end up in the B2B players occupying the same areas as the TQ would like to operate in and thus reducing his effectiveness. From watching the ME, I'm starting to believe the only way you can have a TQ act like a true TQ in this is to have 2 CM's behind him sitting deep, otherwise you end up with 3 players who all operate very close together in possession, and you can't really do that with a 4-1-2-1-2 because you'd then be lacking numbers and movement ahead of the ball, it seems like only a 4-4-1-1 or a 4-2-3-1 could see a TQ in the AMC spot flourish.
  8. Neither of those quotes actually say that possession is useless without creating chances and scoring though. Mine, is just a general observation that I've made browsing these forums, some people want possession without an aim for it, which leads to them getting good possession stats but not good results. The aim can be defensive (to control the game) or attacking (to create lots of chances), but possession should never be an end, it's should always be a means to something, which is what I'm getting at in my post. If you're just keeping the ball, without any aim for it, likelyhood is you're just going to invite pressure on yourself, force your player into a mistake and create chances for the opposition. Also, you seem to be talking mostly about real life football, which is obviously vastly different from FM football. The ME doesn't have the complexity to replicate a Spain/Barcelona system.
  9. I think people's pre-occupation with possession can become a bit detrimental to them actually winning. The quality of possession is more important than the quantity of it. I've had games where I've had less than 50% possession but still dominated the game because of where my possession occurs in comparison to the opposition. My tactic creates a very congested midfield, which means it's very hard to get into dangerous positions for the AI, but equally it's quite easy for them to keep the ball in their own half because I don't play with wide players, so they've generally always got an outlet in their FB's. When I end up with less than 50% possession, which is rare because teams end up booting the ball up the field because they can't pass their way through, it generally ends up with the opposition passing amongst their defensive players and then losing the ball, where as my possession happens in the midfield and final thirds. I tend to find that when my possession gets too high, i.e. above 60% that's a bad sign, because it means that my players are being too conservative in their passing, or the opposition are doing a good job of denying the movement of my front players. I find the optimal possession % for my system is between 53-57%, usually indicates that I'm in complete control of the match and there are lots of through balls and crosses coming in.
  10. Something I've found interesting recently is that I've set up with a narrow diamond, is that in a way, it sort of operates like a 4-1-2-2-1, in a sort of Barcelona type way. There are differences obviously (my 2 CM's sit somehwere between the roles that Xavi/Iniesta play and what Lampard/Essien did.). I set up like this: DR: WB (auto) DL: WB (auto) DC: Whatever the default setting is DC: Whatever the default setting is DM: DLP (defend) CM: B2B CM: B2B AM: Treq STL: CF (support) STR: poacher The DM acts a lot like Busquets for Barca, sitting just behind the 2 CM's, always available to pass to and negating counters, The AM acts much like Messi, in the sort of false 9 role, doesn't score as many, but then I'm playing with less talented players than Barca. The STL sort of pulls out deep and wide, and moves between the left flank and the shoulder of the CB's, while the STR does the same but without dropping as deep, he moves between wide areas and the shoulder of the CB's, but holds a higher position generally. So the front three can end up very Barca-esque. There's a lot of possession football, slow buildup in the middle of the park, and then when they get into the final third, there's this sudden overload of attacking players, with the AMC threatening to beat players/pass/score himself, the Strikers moving inwards from out wide the full backs bombing on. and the CM's pushing forward, dictating it all/bursting past the AMC to score. I didn't set out to end up like Barca at all, but somehow it's ended up very much in a 4-1-2-2-1 shape when attacking, despite being a 4-1-2-1-2 narrow diamond in strict shape.
  11. A tactic that keeps possesion should help with this. I play a narrow diamond, and beca use of it's natural tendency to keep the ball, my FB's had time to get forward (I had them set as WB-automatic fwiw). I think they were my leading assist makers last season.
  12. What happens when you play 2 playmakers? As far as I can remember, when you had 2, one overrode the other, but I see a lot of tactics that have both a DLP and an AP, so has something changed?
  13. Got you lot at 6/4 draw no bet tonight, don't let me down please. Are you going to be going full strength do you think?
  14. We talking about the Ireland challenge? The one where Ireland pulled out just before Suarez went down, so he didn't actually touch him? Wasn't trodden on at all ffs.
  15. I know a way he could stop getting booked. He could stop diving.
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