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  1. Depends on the definition but these were a few players DOMINANT on FM that were not in real life ( FM '05 onward); Fred Freddy Guarin Dede Eddie Johnson Good times with these gentlemen.
  2. Thats what i did with him on FM11 he was absolutely world class in that role.
  3. I can't imagine how they could implement difficulty levels. I'd be happy if there was an option to completely turn off morale effects.
  4. The problem i have is what exactly will be changed to make it more difficult, or less for that matter? It should be difficult because you are taking a small team in a big league and your players are not as good, or your budget too small, etc.. The game is supposed to be tactic and resource driven. We are supposed to excel, or fail, because of our tactical acumen or excellent transfer dealings, or in either case, lack thereof. So what exactly is to be tweaked to make the game 'correct?' In my humble opinion the game took a dangerous turn with the addition of morale, things simply have not been the same since. Even with previous additions you could easily overchieve, use players out of position, use crazy formations etc.. if you had your team talks correct and figured out your teams individual personalities it made them too overpowered. If SI is looking to make an adjustment here it seems they are looking at adjusting morale specifically to try and stop long win streaks etc.. this simply shows just how overpowered morale actually is. In addition unfortunately until the AI gets a serious revamp long term games with top clubs are simply a waste of time. Its' too bad i've really enjoyed this game for the last decade or so, but it does need a serious overhaul. Tactics have to matter again!
  5. LOL..ok, thought you had actually seen me at the Smithsonian once. I mean, it wasn't actually me, it was just someone who looks like me.
  6. That's unfair really. You suggested that i may be using an exploit tactic, i pointed out that it wasn't, despite its original design being SFrasers' my posts mentioned that i altered it greatly, and randomly, and it did not matter at all what i did, i still continued to win. Anyway, interesting thread, lots of good discussion.
  7. Oh brother, that is 100% correct. I was never harsh with my team, always positive, and it paid off handsomely. Very-- boring frankly.
  8. Just as an aside, my tactic was a 4-2-3-1 that SFraser discussed in a FM 10 thread. Far from gamey. I think the only alterations i used to make were to change from balanced to very fluid and back -- random really-- but as long as i told Luis Suarez 'i have faith', the worst he would do was be never truly upset. I had the rest of my squad pretty much figured out as well.
  9. Sorry-- with all due respect to someone very passionate about the game, and someone whom i have read frequently throughout the years, i could not disagree more strongly. I am North American and do not have the background to allow my teams, despite my research, to succeed tactically to the levels i have achieved, without my team talk acumen-- it is a simple as that, nothing else. The game claims/hopes to be deep and sophisticated, it simply is not. I am not, repeat not, a tactical genius but can win playing players out of position, players in roles they are not accomplished in, and players playing a different position practically every game, as long as they are comparable in skill level to the league they participate in. Thats it, no more. Simple as, and its a shame.
  10. Teamtalks ugh.. I put together a reasonable Liverpool squad in season 2, created a basic 4-2-3-1 and ran together two, undefeated into late February, squads (both ending in crash dumps but that is a different complaint). I played DMs at fullback and one of my strikers was a straight AMC, i thought i was quite the tactical expert. I noticed however that one of my strikers didn't seem to get involved enough in the action so i played him at AMC, he still didn't but i kept winning, then i really started to experiment, game after game i moved my forward players into different positions (i mean all over, never the same, game in game out), and, i kept on winning. The key of course, was teamtalks i knew how my team responded to them. I was much humbled but very concerned, i just kept my team reasonably fit and gave the right teamtalks and i was practically unstoppable. After the 2nd crash i stopped playing. I am a long time reader of this and many FM sites, and love the tactical side of the game. Tactics, in my humble opinion, have taken a back seat ( a very back seat) to the motivational aspect of the game. Much to my sadness.
  11. Without question, the AI in FM is the series biggest fault. Its a shame to create what appears to be a deep game, giving us options in scouting, training, player development, coaches etc.. then simply make long terms games silly with extremely poor team AIs.
  12. Yes the Jones news means changes for me as well. I'm undefeated at the end of January season 2 (with two draws), nine points clear of Arsenal, and Jones plays about 20% of my games rotating with Agger and Otamendi. He was going to be a long term mainstay but now things have changed. Hulk has 42 goals in 30 games but just got hurt and will miss 5 to 6 weeks, i have two days until the window closes and 9 million in transfer money left, i've taken a little break to decide what to do. I started with a 4-2-3-1, to emphasize my first season star purchase of Javier Pastore, after playing last season as a 4-3-1-2, however i find the AMC position easy to mark out sometimes so i moved him to STC and moved Hulk to STCR.. hello.. it was a scoring explosion. I have all my creativity on the right side, with an AMR (winger now instead of inside forward) and my DLP MC also on that side. Pastore seems to drag defenders all over the place and Hulk gets free constantly, as does my AML (inside forward). As mentioned many pages ago i like physical teams and have converted Kwadmo Asamoah and Sandro to DL and DR respectively. Asamoah is a natural there now and Sandro is accomplished. They play as attacking wingbacks and are exceptional, worldclass no question, Asamoah has a moves inside PPM which he uses very effectively. A couple of recommendations.. Fernando from Porto who plays as my ball winning MC, outstanding, very intimidating player. Also Per Ciljan Skjelbred who i signed in January primarily to be a backup (i always sign him but never seem to play him) however he has been incredible as my DLP. He has some interesting PPMs including, likes to play simple passes, as well as, plays killer balls often. They appear to conflict but may actually compliment one another as he always seems to make the correct pass. It remains to be seen if we can keep up the pace without Hulks torrid contributions. Its funny his attributes are good, but seemingly not great, however he is virtually unstoppable. Also, Luis Suarez, always say 'you have faith' no matter the game or situation, the very worst that happens is nothing, almost always he is inspired in some manner. playing confidently, motivated etc.. As always this is a great thread.
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