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  1. Fixed - go to the game folder. Right click the application icon and select properties. Click the compatibility tab. There's a box down by the bottom that mentions automatically adjusting to DPI. Check that box. Voila
  2. No dice. Even tried autoconfig and searched to see if it was a common windows7 issue. None of the fixes worked.
  3. ive also tried entering '-autoconfig' but that didnt work, either.
  4. Windows 7 Professional. i7 processor. Sony Vaio Laptop
  5. thanks for the prompt responses! i have. i tried 'windowed', '-windowed', and the same variations with 'small_screen'. same issue double click on the game, screen flickers/resolution on computer adjusts, then the game opens but my screen is the top left quadrant/third of the main menu screen. won't respond to 'ctrl+q'... it only offers the 'are you sure you want to quit' prompt when i minimize and right click 'close window' on my taskbar.
  6. same way, included a space between the two, as you did.
  7. that screenshot image will not load on mobile or pc, for me.
  8. I had the same issue and tried your solution. It did not work. I typed "-small_screen -windowed" into the launch options but the same error occurred. Help!
  9. Same issue. Can't select preferences because the screen is too zoomed in...
  10. So annoying! Let me know if you find a fix. I spent an hour trying to solve it.
  11. Playing on a Vaio (2013ish), hooked up via HDMI to a sony TV. However, I am having this issue even when it's not plugged in. When I start EHM, my computer automatically adjusts the resolution down.... But it must not be adjusted all the ways because EHM is extremely zoomed in so that I can only see a fraction of the start menu. I cannot enter preferences or settings because I cannot access that part of the main screen. Help! Even if it's the shortcut for windowed mode.
  12. My friend (on PC) and I (MAC) both have today's update loaded.... Started a game in the Croatian Second Division (Zagreb) and our players have dramatically different attributes and simple info such as height/weight. I played the BETA (updated, my screen now says 14.1.3), could that be the reason we have different player attributes? If so, how do I update. Thanks!!!
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