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  1. I have long said that there are not enough changes in the game world as time progresses on. Just like IRL-football changes happen every now and then from competition rules, new formats for clubs, FFP changing it´s rules, Brexit disappearing, the list could be made for so long. It´s utterly unrealistic that when you start the game in 2017 everything are always the same even when you are into 2030 for example. Nothing ever changes in text form either, everything is the same which makes the game unrealistic to what IRL-football represents. I would love for more feedback on how the club are doing on the markets around the world when the club go on tour and what the fan bas could be expanded upon in those countries too. The commercial parts of the game are also unrealistic as more or less a lot stays the same. The way football is progressing transfer prices just go higher and higher up and this should be reflected in the game world. A player being sold for 100M€ should become a regular fixture when you are into like per example the year 2040. Instead the game calculates the same old things and then we get a couple of updates per year whom we as customers are going to be happy with and no it is not about the money, the game is cheap to buy but for players looking and being willing to play it for periods of time it demands more from SI. One idea for future versions of FM for every year is that SI releases updates each month on the match engine on official packs or like per example for each third month. That way the match engine gets updated with new releases and functions every month or third with SI instead being forced to make the major overhaul on other things lacking in Football Manager for each years offical game release. As it stands SI just twitch and work around the match engine for a whole year and that leaves other big parts of the game in an usual mode just like always. In this way with the match engine being constantly updated SI would have to work twice as hard on other parts of the game which would in fact create a better and more solid game. I have quite frankly never seen the idea why SI have so many researches and still updates are released so seldom? What about creating a functional update system for FM 19 and forwards where you just don´t buy the game once a year, you get the benefit of new inclusions in the game for every third month per example. That would in my view and probably others revolutionize the way we see this game we all love.
  2. I only play with commentary so I get past seasons quite fast. The match engine just ain´t up to scratch in terms of realistically capture football matches at it´s best. A design and match engine like FIFA and it might get worth while watching matches. At this point it´s stand still so only commentary for me. Perhaps 14 hours if I sketch past with only commentary for a season. Also the best way of seeing progress in the game and it´s different leagues, otherwise you are stuck in the same season all the time. Nothing more boring than that.
  3. First off I want to say that I am a big fan of keeping the game world as realistic as possible (hate the regens/newgens) part of the game when the game becomes fictional. Is there a way (without playing Touch) for making playing with more than one manager easier and faster? Like for SI to include options for making gameplay faster when playing with more than one manager? Like taking out some options (without making the game Touchbased) That would really be of help in future versions of FM as some of us like to tend to play with more than one club at a time. Personally I can play with four different clubs at the same time just to increase the interesting parts of the game for me. I like to be in total control of the game world and can manage clubs in 4 different leagues or same leagues. I absolutely hate it when AI managers ruin other clubs in a way that is not realistic at all. Most regularly AI managers just simply are not up to the task of managing clubs and I like a real challenge when I play FM. And also for SI to ponder about, please bring back the inbox messages about other clubs in the game world. No, I don´t want to click through the news screen to find information about other clubs and how they are doing, I want it in my inbox just like before.
  4. The government would want to keep their interests in having the best league in the world without doubt. They would never agree with a hard Brexit for football clubs because sports is a separate manner than politics in this Brexit issue. Just look at the way clubs are going about this summer, does it seem as if anyone is thinking of Brexit issues? Really? It´s not going to happen for sports, trust me. Fatal mistake to include it in the game.
  5. Once the IRL realistic footballers of today fade out and the game becomes regens the game is quite dead for me. Never make it beyond those stages, just doesn´t have the same illusion anymore with regens and newgens.
  6. It does become quite repetetive to hear the same thing over and over again for things that may in your view as manager be just sales. In the same way it gets boring to hear the board complain about certain results for ages, I mean let go and move on as life around a football club IRL is so much more immense than the board fixating themselves over these small topics for ages. But of course FM is not as immense as IRL-football like always so we are stuck to hearing the board complain over and over again for numerous times over a season over small things. And I agree with the operator above that you should be able to adjust your reasons for why selling a player to the fans just so that you don´t lose confidence as a manager in the fans perspective.
  7. If you are buying a player for 80M£ or more you would want to re-generate that through a sale. I´m not sure if SI actually has planted in contract terms becoming valuable when selling players but IRL-football footballers become the more expensive (even the mediocre ones) the longer contracts they have signed with their club. Of course you should be looking to get less paid for a player that is perhaps in the last year of his contract and would want to avoid the bosman ruling too in the middle of all this than a star player having a contract until 2023. But I am not even sure if SI have implemented these basic facts when it concerns sellings and buyings. As for the reasonable bids according to players-discussion most players seem to only get happy if you are selling them for a value that the players feel will be easy for other clubs to come in and poach them from you. Once you as an manager start putting high reasonable bids then they are all behaving like spoiled little children who can´t expect that fee to be paid. So then you go on and lose a player for a club that he didn´t even want to join in the first place and the merry goes around. It´s called comedy sometimes. And I really don´t see it happening IRL that players call you into a meeting and saying "Hey will you let me go for this price to this specific club" when the season is played. If players want to leave IRL fine it happens, but players simply do not demande to determine the asking price for themselves. That´s only the club and it´s board (not working in FM) and manager to take into consideration.
  8. It´s true that often you start seasons by winning a couple of matches to get build of full of confidence just for midway through midseason start crashing. And since most forum users are certainly known for telling us beginners that the AI doesn´t learn your tactics, then what is going wrong midway through the season then? Of course you always have the random results where for some very unexplainable reasons you are leaking in goals or not scoring goals even though you have 18 shots and they have 2. And the basic argument that it happens IRL too, well yes of course it does. But IRL there is a big maintenance for managers to sit and watch video analysis of former matches which leads us to the introduction of analysts in their roles. Wouldn´t it be cool if you could analyze opposition players on video conferences just in the same way as you could analyze previous matches. Therefore in the middle of all that you would be given tools to combat why your side are dropping in form. But that of course would also presume that people actually want to actually watch the matches on the below bar match engine that is now available (and most obviously always the biggest feature to be promoted for changes for each new release) whilst game play just stands still.
  9. I am gonna love it to play as AC Milan on FM 18 i presume. With over 10 players recruited this summer and good players too and with a couple of more looking likely IRL before the transfer window shuts. Then we got the Chinese investors that Milan now have, a risk capitalist company who easily can go by Financial Fair Play rules how easily as all together IRL. I am gonna gun for the Serie A title and the Europa League title on my first save on FM 18 with AC Milan. And the good thing is that you know have a good positive transfer balance in which to operate on with them, So yes they are a special club to manage indeed.
  10. I get that too sometimes but the more save games I am uploading there is always someone looking to leave the club just because they are not registered. And sometimes it´s even so bizarre that the registration window occurs after the transfer window usually. So how am I going to sell that player on if they don´t complain but want to leave the club? Do I have to wait until January to sell that player? Why can´t the registration spots and the transfer windows be synked always.
  11. But yet the Premier League and downwards strengthens the economy of English clubs and makes England a place for a lot of tourist to come on over and watching the matches. Those are things that even the government wouldn´t want to get rid of. And to take another example is that this summer is a further testament that English clubs IRL really are not afraid at all at Brexit effects as they probably won´t even happen IRL for sporting events. Yes, there could become such expections for athletes from some countries, it would actually even make a lot of sense in lots of ways.
  12. In my case players just are not good enough when talking about the four players who occupy homegrown and own product status. I have very high standards for my 25 man squad. I expect them all to be world class players. But I don´t really like for someone who is not even my first choice and plays only as back-up starts moaning about not getting chances in European football. Surely it would be right to assumt that players would be intelligent enough to understand sometimes why they are not picked for European squads?
  13. But I don´t really get the IRL type of think. FM is not IRL football would you think that when purchasing the game then you would be mistaken. Once you hit the continue button for let´s say six months or at least a year everything is different to what you call IRL-football. FM is still a simulation game and a game and nothing IRL-related super symmetrical defined type of game that to the utmost relates to IRL football. But since everyone likes to stick with the argument "IRL" then yes IRL changes happen frequently to world football IRL and since you are all so sure about the game being IRL based why shouldn´t SI introduce a variety of changes every 5 year in the game?
  14. And then there is the possibility that in IRL Brexit won´t hit as hard as it does on the game. I am almost sure that IRL football Brexit won´t be as big a issue as it is on FM and therefore it doesn´t make sense even for it to be in the game. I am sure that the governing body FA and the government can come up with an exception rule IRL for Brexit not to affect English clubs. Since the country as a whole only get´s nothing but rare reviews from worldwide if they continue with being one of the best leagues in the world if not the best of all.
  15. AC Milan are a club that should be vastly improved for FM 18 with a sugar daddy investor nowadays IRL too. The transfer budget for AC Milan should be set at the same level as Premier League clubs and it will be interesting to see how much SI improves both Milano clubs in FM 18 but especially AC Milan then. It seems that at that club the money is just being thrown around and around and that they have a dedicated way of outgoing FFP-rules to make it economically sustainable. Also for SI to not miss out on are the new Champions League rules where Spain, Italy, England and Germany get 4 direct places into the Champions League. Also SI have to be able to invent new kick off times in the Champions League (Cup) where UEFA have already decided that two matches in each matchweek will be played on the afternoon and 6 matches during nights. As for AC Milan I fully expect that their transfer budgets will reach the same heights as some Premier League clubs. And it will be interesting to finally play as AC Milan manager once again, that is one hope I have. Serie A as a whole is a league which needs a lot of working into it as we go into making FM 18 as the Italian Serie A just get´s more and more interesting for each year. The biggest downfall for Serie A in FM is the below number transfer budgets set for specific Serie A clubs. This figure may albeit be in accordance to real life but let´s not forget that FM is not real life football but a simulation game and therefore it would only be good for Italian clubs to have the same economical strengths once you have progressed a couple of season into a save. More and more good players should also be able to found in Italy in the same way as English players often tend to get good stats in the FM-versions.
  16. The basic argument is that if transfer fee´s become higher and higher in the game so therefore the economic muscles should be enhanced too vastly to go in accordance to that. Nowadays paying 100M£ is becoming more and more often even in IRL-football because of the fact that the clubs are making so much money aside from the footballing aspects. Transfer fee´s should always and saying always go up the more you progress into the game world in FM (future versions). You can´t just be stuck with the same prices for transfers in 2020 as you were in 2017. This is why some feel that FM lack reality as the game doesn´t process that for each year there has to be financial changes for each FM-year based game save a year. If you simulate a FM-save 10 years on the figures are still all the same, transfer fees, transfer budget etcetera in some cases, not in all cases albeit. This is a far out cry from how football is developing each year in IRL-football. The sport called football just grows bigger and bigger and it should be easier to be making more money and even more money into your club at FM if you are regularly fulfilling the goals and terms who are there to be set to achieved. I would like as the game world progresses 5 years into a save that that´s also reflected on the financial strengths vast more than it is right now in FM 17. And I would even like for more and more clubs becoming richer and therefore providing you as a manager a even bigger task of landing titles. The more financially strengthened clubs the more competition you will face as manager in your save. And that´s basically what we all want as the game world progresses. For the odd occasion there just is´nt enough money pumped around in FM as to compared to IRL-football. This is an area I would hugely appreciate SI to be working on in order for it to be there in FM 18. There is just this general feel that there should be more money thrown around here and there, especially if you are managing a big club. UEFA should also always be looking to make changes every 5 years on in the game with updates on new formats etcetera just like IRL. Generally as the game world progresses and you are into your 5th or 10th year you don´t want to play the game in the same manner as you did when you first started a save on FM17. For FM18 I truly do hope that the time level is checked upon vastly with new updated tournament changes, new transfer manners, new additions to the game. And on a further note it would be great for SI to introduce somethings radical that only happen when you have played 10 seasons on a save, new changes just so that the game never get´s boring and on repeat and repeat.
  17. There is always this fuzz around the players who miss out on registration spots for Euroean competition and it rarely ends up well as most players will want to play. There should at least be some kind of option where you can ask the entire squad before the European pick where you ask the squad who would be willing to miss out on European matches? Like a team meeting with the new inclusion where you could ask the squad that as I am quite certain that is the case in IRL football too. Some players miss out so what, they have to be able to deal with it instead of becoming angry at you. Special cases where star players want to play in Europe does not amply to this team meeting. Just an idea that would make the game easier to play sometimes.
  18. As it stands the game has animations for the matches being conducted. Wouldn´t it be great if you could see animations on everything in the game? For example when watching trainings you could watch the trainings just like you watch the matches. But with the inclusion that you could pause your trainings and drill your players and direct them towards the tactic you want your players to learn. As for player dealings (just like role-play games) animations could be used when handling player requests like having an own private office when players come in and talk to you about various things. Every face in the game would also be animated not just through this but also through dealings with agents and transfer requests when everyone becomes a figure within the game for real. As for press conferences it would be classical if you could have animations there too and it would add multiple dimensions to the press conferences just like IRL. And when meeting the board of course, animations and further animations. Of course all of this would be additional features which you could tick off or let be in the game if you wanted too. Sounds complex? It is and may take some time to implement but SI have already taken the first step by adding manager profiles. Now we want to actually see our manager face and players faces animated in the game too to take that step beyond. Such a animated featured game would make the game an even more wide bestseller as it´s animated games that sell best. And once implemented animations don´t really have an limit on where you start and end with ideas for them.
  19. I know there was a SI game back in the days based on NHL and ice hockey. I would love for it for SI to introduce other sport management games (i know it´s not gonna happen). But it would be a interesting buzz with NFL or NHL or NBA manager. Such a game would be a sell out back in the states.
  20. Thanks for answering. It does almost automatically end up with Serie A getting 4 places in the game.
  21. Surely IRL-football there will be tweaks to come around Brexit. Premier League is the worlds biggest league and i am sure IRL it will continue to be tweaked to further being the biggest league. This summer saw hords of players coming into the Premier League and i am sure that will be the case even more the coming years. The league is considered the best in the world just because of the foreign talented infux of players coming in.
  22. Goalkeepers need better rating info. Most outside players get positve ratings depending on how good they perform and you as manager. But GK needs to be checked upon. It would make it easier for you to decide if a goalie is good enough. Players requesting more playing time perhaps should include the option for you as manager to get them to perform within a specific rating within the coming five matches.
  23. I think the tactics screen is good already but just needs a couple of more twitches to it since it´s one of the most important parts in winning matches for your team as manager. The only thing I have noticed is that your tactics get picked up on by AI teams very quick and that leads you to needing to change tactics all the time. It´s obvious that in FM the more you change tactics the better, but that´s because i manage smaller teams i am saying that.
  24. I think it´s super realistic that West Ham or Southampton could win big prizes in the future both in IRL but also in the game. Nobody knows what football will be like in 4 or 5 years and in a gaming world especially nobody knows as it would be fictional simulating of things in the future. Then also how fun would it be if it were the same clubs that would be winning all the time in the game. No it´s a good thing that other teams win or progress further both in IRL but also in the game of course.
  25. Perhaps they are showing that want to get real value money for the player by listing him like that.
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