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  1. As for match engine issues that have been raised here. The game won´t develop into a greater extent ´til these issues are resolved. With the graphics displayed it´s impossible to create a realistic game world which seems to be SI´s aim with the game. I am not a fan of watching matches on FM because it simply doesn´t seem realistic enough or coded enough in order for the user to think of it as something remotely close to IRL-football. I can see that within 10 years SI will come to an halt with this match engine schemes and someway along the border they would have to introduce graphics like FIFA
  2. This is an good idea. You wouldn´t want to lose the sense of the gameworld if that´s your purpose with playing the game. Therefore the view only option when adding or removing leagues would be a vital addition to the game. To expand on that you could also set view only on a specific league within the country whilst playing with a team in the same country but another league.
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