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  1. Any Love for Serie A

    Not if you are like me and get so hyped about the possibility of having 12 players on the bench, that I end up with two teams filled with players who would be the star player of every other Serie A team. Having both of my right full backs complain about lack of playing time at the same time is a weird situation to be in.
  2. Media overhaul required...

    I never do press conferences, so I only answer questions that are randomly thrown at me. (Much like in real life really.) The one that annoys me is when someone is interested in one of my players that I don't want to sell, and my only options is either to say something like "I have a lot of time for manager X, but player is not for sale". Or "I am not selling player, and least of all to manager X". Most of the time the actual answer I would like to give is "I am not selling the player, and the manager in question has absolutely nothing to do with it. Seriously, I hadn't even heard his name before you brought it up, why the hell should it have any impact on me selling my best player?" Or the always classic "Manager has blablabla, do you see the feud between you as over?" My honest answer "You have asked this question the last 15 times I have met this coach, and the answer is the same as the last 14. I didn't even know we had a feud before you brought it up. I am on the other hand starting to have a feud with you, because you are really annoying."
  3. It looks to me like that list is only giving me the players currently at the club. From my first season I can only see three players. Two of them regens who hadn't even shown up yet (but were probably already at the club).
  4. Funny Screenshots Thread

    When you are 3-0 down, with five minutes to go, the best option might be to just shoot directly from kick off.
  5. I remember an earlier game where I could set up a friendly against my reserves. Set the reserves up in an absurd formation. Win the match 55-0 or something, and suddenly the whole team had super morale. I never did it after testing it, because it seemed super exploity, but it seemed a bit weird that an internal friendly against the reserve team would create such better morale.
  6. When you try to buy the player he might "be worth" 1 million, because he is an unknown youngster with low reputation. The club who owns him on the other hand know he is a player with huge potential, and don't want to sell him. Or, the club selling him know that he is important to the club, and can't get a proper replacement with only a few days left of the transfer window. Or, the club selling him made a ****** deal when buying him, which means they only get a small portion of the transfer fee, meaning they need 10 million to get some sort of profit (according to rumours, the real reason why Musacchio never left Villarreal at some point). Or the selling club is rich, and they have no need for your money. Or the selling club know you have a lot of money, and would be willing to pay way above the players value (like Carroll to Liverpool). I am not saying all of those scenarios are in the game, but there are tons of reason a club put the price of a player way above what he is worth. When you "try to sell the player", the other clubs knows you try to get rid of him and won't start a bidding war to donate money to you.
  7. There can be multiple valid reasons for this behavior. You might be in the same league as the player you want to buy or the bid might include extra clauses that doesn't show up in the reported bid. In any case it is all about timing. I managed to sign Andre Gomes for 7 million, keep him as rotation for two seasons before selling him for over 40. There are always players who are available for an acceptable price, and there are always players you can sell for way over their value. It is just not always the players you want to sign or sell.
  8. Reminds you of anything?
  9. I still find it a bit weird that Brexit was added because it will happen in some form and it will be more realistic, while nothing is done about the Champions League changes that are much more confirmed and closer and more relevant. It just feels like whatever happens in England is always more important and relevant than the rest of the world.
  10. So I am playing as Roma, and have a pretty huge squad size. Because of that, I always play a friendly against some tiny club whenever there is internationals. Just to make sure everyone is in shape. My last of those matches was against Gubbio. A team in Serie D. A lot of my stars are gone. I am not sure what attendance numbers to expect for a match like that, but I would find it impressive if it was a four digit number. Most likely it would be played behind closed doors. I got 14717. This is the same for every friendly. For comparisons sake, in real life only 13000 showed up to watch Roma against Victoria Plzen. And for a normal pre-season friendly against Napoli, I got 44726. Even more than in my first league match of the season, and only 4000 less than in the league match against the same team. I am not sure what the exact numbers are in real life, but this seems very excessive.
  11. Thank you Brexit....

    I find it a bit absurd that they needed to add Brexit "for realism", but the changes to the Champions League are not added to the game.
  12. PL teams so overrated

    There is a bigger than 0% chance of English teams winning the Champions League five years in a row from now. It is unlikely, but it might happen. When enough people play Football Manager, it will happen in some games. It requires a bigger sample size than one game to say it is a problem. In my game, the three big Portugese teams has turned into the dominant force in Europe at the moment.
  13. All of this is completely irrelevant. I ran a quick calculation of how big the correlation was. For possession: In real life in Italy there is a correlation between the possession table and position in the table of 0,66. Meaning there is some correlation between them, but not an extreme one. In my game this number is -0,15. That means the possession table is about as related to the actual table as just putting the teams in random order. The small correlation there is, actually say that having possession is actually a negative thing, but that could very well be influenced by my own team. For shots per game: In real life there is a correlation of 0,83. In other words a very large correlation, meaning that number of shots on goal per game have a huge influence on where you end up in the table. In the game this is down to 0.46. That is a gigantic difference, and if other tests can show similar results for both possession and shots that should be a concern.
  14. 57% is a lot. In last season in the Premier League, only one team managed more. And yes, there are tons of other statistics that will impact as well, but again there is a huge correlation between shots on target and winning matches. This correlation is a lot lower in my game, and if that is more than a statistical fluke it should be something to worry about. And this isn't me not winning, or anything. I am not looking at my own matches at all. I have the lowest possession and the highest amount of shots on target, and I have no issue with that.
  15. That is just completely wrong. It is like saying a person with 5 dice isn't a favorite to get a big number over one with 2. Yeah, there will be times when the one with 2 dice win, but if you run 100 tests, the one with 5 dice is expected to win a huge percentage of the time. Same with shots. If you look at a match statistic and see that one team has 15 shots and the other 5, you should be able to predict with a pretty high certainty which team won the match. The team with the most possession IS most likely to win, and the team with the most shots IS most likely to win. That is just statistical facts. Over a big sample size, this should also be reflected in the game.