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  1. And everyone who ever worked with a young Gary Neville talks about him as one of the most professional and hard working trainers they have ever met. So yeah, in a sense Phil Neville might have been the lazy one. He was at least seen as the one with the most talent, and no one really put Gary Neville as having the potential to reach the level he did. But I am not agreeing with the statements you argue against. I do not think that everyone can become the best with the correct training and attitude. I think that everyone can keep improving with the correct training and attitude. (Until you reach the age where your body starts working against you). Any differences in natural talent should be in your CA when you get into the game. And no matter how correctly you train, or do everything right you will never get to the right level if your starting CA isn't good enough (with some fluxations, not everyone will grow at the same rate). My point is basically that how good you can get at something is only based on how good you are at it, and how good you hone those skills. Not some magical limit which in FM far to many players reach.
  2. Are you saying that if you started training for something (Doesn't matter what. Football, video games, piano, cooking.) there is a hard limit to how good you could get at any of those things, and despite other people being far better no amount of practicing or training would make you any better at all? Of course, there are body type limitations that would make it impossible for people to compete at certain things. But flat out reaching their limit? I would wager that no footballer in the history of football has ever been at the maximum of how good they could get and never will be. I'd be happy with a physical limit. I am way to tall to ever get Messis balance\agility. And he would never have the ability to beat me at jumping reach if I had some sort of training. And certain people develop certain muscles easier than others making them naturally faster/stronger. But something like the technique for kicking a ball hard and well placed? Or composure in front of goal? No I don't think that is something that is in anyones DNA.
  3. No. You learned in your primary school playground that you did not have the CA to compete with the other kids (I assume). You being terrible at football at the age of 7-8 means the way to reach a CA to ever be a professional footballer is huge. All of this is CA. If on the other hand you were really good at football as a kid, but nothing you did was able to help you be better, so everyone else caught up with you I agree. That is what having a low PA would represent in real life. It makes no sense as a concept. Yes. As I said, the biggest problem would be to balance it. It would be a huge challenge. Of course not every 16 year old should have the potential to be a 200 CA player. But there are lots of factors that should still be taken into account when considering how good a player can get. The CA of the 16 year old. The players personality and motivation. How lucky the player is with injuries. How the player chooses clubs that gives him the right training and matching. To put it another way. If you took 20 completely random 16 year olds from the game today, and gave everyone 200 PA. How many of them would reach it? Or even come close. Plus there are tons of other factors that could be taken into account that isnt today. For example players that end up losing motivation when they reach the top at an early age.
  4. I don't mind players looking like world beaters at 16, and then ending up as disappointments. If anything, I think the game doesn't do it enough. The problem is that you could have a player with perfect attitude, no injury problems, and getting playing time from the start at a good club with good training facilities. And he still end up disappointing due to a hard limit to how good he can be. That makes much less sense. CA makes sense as a concept that exists in real life. I don't think PA does in the same way. And just feels like a slightly simplistic way of keeping the game world balanced. I fully realize it would be difficult to make sure the quality of players are consistent over the years with no PA, but I would still think it would make life both more interesting and lifelike.
  5. I had a home-grown regen in my Roma side on FM18 that was a Juventus fan. Which was not fun, because he basically threatened to leave every chance he got. The other one I had that was part of the national team was a Roma fan and never made any noise about wanting out.
  6. Just ask Slovenia how that feels. Specially when neither of their two top class player wants to play for the national team. To answer this thread, I had an old Holiday save where Sudan ended up playing in the world cup, due to having not one, but two of the best strikers in the world. The rest of the team was garbage though.
  7. So, I started as Valencia. At the start of the game Simone Zaza is loaned out with a mandatory transfer to Torino. So after 1 year he leaves. At that point Carlos Soler is unhappy that I sold a influential player, and want an explanation. The option "this decision was made before I took over" isn't there, so I end up telling him I will sign an even better player. It also turns out Thiago Alcantara isn't seen as a good enough player to be seen as better than Zaza, so he is still angry. Now, a month later, a few of his team mates comes and support Soler. I understand that the player was technically sold when I was in charge, but the players should be able to understand that I wasn't in charge of the decision. Also, even if I had loaned him out at the start of the game, they should have been angry then as it won't exactly come as a surprise when Zaza leaves next summer in real life.
  8. What about the fact that in 2030 or even in 2020, way more leagues will have VAR than today?
  9. So Ballon d'Or winner George Weah had no change of being world class?
  10. Clubs do both is more accurate. When it comes to the "signing players based on form" I do understand it happens IRL, the difference is that in-game I will avoid doing those kind of mistakes as I will only base my signings on how good the player stats is, which will give me a big advantage. Maybe if it affected scout reports as well, or even the actual numbers you see for the player.
  11. Not if you are like me and get so hyped about the possibility of having 12 players on the bench, that I end up with two teams filled with players who would be the star player of every other Serie A team. Having both of my right full backs complain about lack of playing time at the same time is a weird situation to be in.
  12. I never do press conferences, so I only answer questions that are randomly thrown at me. (Much like in real life really.) The one that annoys me is when someone is interested in one of my players that I don't want to sell, and my only options is either to say something like "I have a lot of time for manager X, but player is not for sale". Or "I am not selling player, and least of all to manager X". Most of the time the actual answer I would like to give is "I am not selling the player, and the manager in question has absolutely nothing to do with it. Seriously, I hadn't even heard his name before you brought it up, why the hell should it have any impact on me selling my best player?" Or the always classic "Manager has blablabla, do you see the feud between you as over?" My honest answer "You have asked this question the last 15 times I have met this coach, and the answer is the same as the last 14. I didn't even know we had a feud before you brought it up. I am on the other hand starting to have a feud with you, because you are really annoying."
  13. It looks to me like that list is only giving me the players currently at the club. From my first season I can only see three players. Two of them regens who hadn't even shown up yet (but were probably already at the club).
  14. When you are 3-0 down, with five minutes to go, the best option might be to just shoot directly from kick off.
  15. I remember an earlier game where I could set up a friendly against my reserves. Set the reserves up in an absurd formation. Win the match 55-0 or something, and suddenly the whole team had super morale. I never did it after testing it, because it seemed super exploity, but it seemed a bit weird that an internal friendly against the reserve team would create such better morale.
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