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  1. I was in the same dilemma and had decided to go for the extra power. However I got given a year old 2.5 GHz non retina on a permanent 'loan' free from work. That is easy enough for 20 leagues on a small database.
  2. The processor was at 250% and the 8gb Ram was just below. I didn't pay attention to the graphics as I only ever use very low details. That macbook model was £1079 but there was a quicker i7 model that was extra. Having said that, I won't for a second pretend that that a Macbook is a good value for money choice. I know I pay a premium for them.
  3. I tried that site as I have opted for the Macbook Pro with the 2.8 ghz i5 4308u and it rated the processor as 8/10. When I get it (hopefully next week) I will be able to gauge what to expect from 8/10 performance.
  4. How many leagues do you run? Is there much of a processing delay?
  5. Thanks. I was going to go for the fastest clock speed anyway but I need to check I can definitely afford the extra for the i7. Do you think I would be able to load 21 leagues with these processors?
  6. Eugene can I ask you a quick question as I don't really understand the benchmark sites I have visited? I am purchasing a Macbook Pro but I don't know which processor to get. There is a 2.6 ghz i5 4278 u, a 2.8 ghz 4308u or a 3.0 ghz i7 4578u. I know what you said about u processors but unfortunately they are my only options. What sort of difference in performance, if any, would I notice? I'm looking to run 21 leagues from 7 countries. Thanks for your advice.
  7. I did wonder if a thread detailing which leagues people run might be useful in helping people gauge the effectiveness of the specs of what they are intending to buy. It would be like a benchmark thread but with the emphasis on leagues used rather than raw processing time. I might go and post it now.
  8. Not if I have to purchase it through work and have to use Macs. I'm not looking for an alternative, just an estimate of what I will be able to do with my purchase.
  9. http://store.apple.com/uk/buy-mac/macbook-pro?product=MGX72B/A&step=config# I am looking to get the macbook pro but my budget probably won't stretch to the i7 model (which is dual core rather than quad core anyway). I was wondering what difference the extra 80 quid for the faster i5 would make? Also how many leagues could I run with very very fast processing day to day (say maximum of two seconds)? TThanks
  10. Heat maps of average positions. I don't really use the other analysis tools. Ability to add the next tier below. If you could create editor files that do nothing other than activate lower leagues and select those in fmc I would never use the editor for anything else.
  11. Actually for 20 quid more the retina has a marginally faster processor and SSD. Is SSD a good idea?
  12. Does anybody know how much difference in performance I am likely to notice (if any) with my newer laptop? I am currently running a 2010 MacBook, Core 2 Duo 2.4GHx with 4GB RAmM but am likely to be getting a new MacBook Pro 2.5GHz i5 with 8GB RAM. http://store.apple.com/uk/buy-mac/macbook-pro?product=MD101B/A&step=config I like fast play without processing time for fixtures so I currently load only a few leagues. I wondered if I would be able to load more and process at the same speed. I am planning on running roughly 7 league from 2 countries but if I can get the same processing speed
  13. The graphics question is something I wondered about. Also does a small database as opposed to a large one make a big difference in processing speed? I'm concerned I won't be able to load many leagues with my macbook.
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