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  1. Thanks Kev, think that is sound advice and i will stick with the original suggestion and get a new unit.
  2. Just before I order the one discussed above, I noticed this as a refurbished unit and wondered would it be worth the extra £100 or so for a much smoother experience, again based on maybe 4-5 countries, full leagues and large DB. Don't mind about the 3d match engine but maybe this would allow a more indulgent experience? https://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/refurbished-acer-nitro-core-i5-8300h-8gb-16gb-intel-optane-1tb-geforce-gtx-a1-nh.q4aek.002/version.asp#/maindesc Cheers.
  3. Hi been reading through this very informative and helpful thread -looking to get FM20 after a few years in the wilderness of it all so need a new laptop. Budget is £600 absolute max but would rather not spend that just to play one game! I am only buying the laptop to play FM20, nothing else at all. Used to run maybe 4 countries and all leagues and med to large database. Tried to research it as best as I could myself but I find it a minefield of choice. I wondered your thoughts on this? Processor speed of 2.1 Ghz up to 3.9- not sure what this means or how it achieves this but anyway..
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