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  1. Hi Ben Are the team still looking in to this? Been an issue since JANUARY. And has been under review, this whole time. I’ve asked for updates on numerous occasions, as well. Can I have an update on when this will be fixed?
  2. I think we’ve just got to accept yet another issue with this FM, chaps. Along with the above... I’ve reported so many bugs this year. And add the awful interface, the horrid amount of purple launched at the skin that they’re bafflingly going with and I’ve even suffered corrupt save files, twice. Not that I’ll get it as I’ve spent hours trying to apply fixes on the game to address so many issues... but I’ve actually applied for a refund! I’ll try again on FM22.
  3. Hi Julius Save file uploaded. Titled: Lockdown online save The host (Adam Howard) and I (Tom Campbell) are not receiving scout reports. The other manager/user (Peter Adams) is receiving reports, without issue. All using Macs: - Adam Howard and Peter Adams - MacBook Air - Tom Campbell (me) - M1 MacBook Pro. If you could let me know what you discover - that would be great. It's very hard to play without scouting. Thanks,
  4. Has anyone seen this? I've now resigned and retired and added a new manager. This hasn't fixed the issue.
  5. Just sold a 2nd player and now it has worked. So £4.8m has simply disappeared. Is this a rule I'm unaware of?
  6. Another issue to the list that I've reported recently. I sold a player for £4.8m on deadline. I get 100% of transfer revenue and I did not receive any of the money. It appears on my income page, the transfer page, my transfer history and the player has joined the other team. Even the news item clarifies that 'The board have agreed that £4.8m will be added to the transfer budget'. Yet my transfer budget has not increased. i have also continued a few times, to see if the money was delayed. Screen shots attached. Using an M1 MacBook Pro.
  7. I'm still getting defensive rating issues. Still requires a goal or assist to get anything over a 6.7/8.
  8. My manager profile picture keeps changing to the hosts picture. I have manually changed it... but every time we reload... it changes back to the same as the host's picture. We haven't had a match yet... but I'm guessing this will also be the full look of my manager, in the match engine. Screenshot attached. Using an M1 MacBook Pro.
  9. On an online save with 2 friends... I scout players and then continue... all the report assignments disappear, from the player scout assignments list. Haven't managed to scout a player yet. Screenshot attached.
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