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  1. I think I speak for thousands in saying how much I feel your pain. The lack of movement needed for the keeper in all of the videos posted, is insane. He doesn’t need to move! I bet he got a rating of 7.2 minimum, as well. This 1v1/chance issue where it’s caressed gently for the keeper to catch like a cuddly teddy bear is driving me crazy. Shame this was posted on May 7th and there still hasn’t been a fix! It’s a “known issue”, apparently.
  2. I have this problem with Haaland, too! I’ve always presumed that the Advanced Forward trait of ‘getting in to the channels’ causes this. Hopefully another bug that gets fixed.
  3. The issue isn’t necessarily going against the conversion rate you mention. In my opinion, you’ve provided a better tool to compare ‘Clear Cut Chances’, not 1v1s. A clear cut Chance isn’t necessarily a 1v1. I get 4-7 1v1s a game (some aren’t even classed as a clear cut chance, but clearly are) and they are just hit straight at the keeper, the majority of the time. Maybe there isn’t a big enough variety of highlights to demonstrate a miss in this situation, or the just generally happen too many times. My from personal experience of watching different levels of real life football... I very rarely see a striker go through 1v1, under similar circumstances to the game (no defenders near, clear run at goal and just the keeper to beat) the amount of times they do in the game (4-7 times). I feel a striker on my team could have 20 finishing and composure and still pass the keeper more often than not. Even after training both ‘round the keeper’ and ‘places shots’. Also... as a result of this... my strikers often end games with a 6.2-6.6 performance, whilst the opposition keeper pretty much always end on a 7.2 minimum, which is the most frustrating thing. The amount of times I’ve had to warn players on form and used the option; “you squandered a lot of chances in the last game”, is mental. They always agree too, btw!
  4. It flashes up and disappears too quickly, too. Maybe it should pause and force the manager to click continue or opt to change taker?
  5. Drives me crazy! Players hit it straight at the keeper or pass it so gently in to their open arms, to cradle and cuddle the ball like a teddy bear! I get about 3 or 4 per game!
  6. FYI... This is in the current full game. Not the Beta. I don't know why it's been added to the "Pre-Release BETA". I still can't load or save attacking corners routines.
  7. Since the update, I've started a new game. All of my saved set pieces are completely out of sync. I've 'Loaded all routines'... it's added one routine to the wrong tactic and the are no set pieces in the 'Load set piece' option at all. Attacking corners also don't save at all!!!!!! It was fine before... now it's all of a sudden not working. So frustrating! I've had the game for weeks now and I'm unable to play it, as it's one thing after the other! It takes hours to set up routines. It's getting a joke now.
  8. I would have posted this in the bug section, but I’m unable to, for some reason? Player attributes seem to be broken. Especially determination. I’ve got 25,000+ players in my search screen. There are roughly 19,000 with a determination of 1-3. This doesn’t seem right.
  9. Verifying my cache in Steam fixed the problem. I'll see if there's a way to fix the names after a save has already started. Thanks for your help.
  10. The issue has been fixed. However the name fix that I used at the very beginning has disappeared. So I now manage BOT, instead of Botafogo. Why did this all of a sudden go wrong yesterday? Something must have been released? So frustrating.
  11. I am in 2024 and in charge of Botafogo. So I'm hoping there's a fix for this, as I've been playing this save for hours and hours. I haven't had any issues so far and I haven't changed anything from the very beginning. All of a sudden, when I am about to confirm a team talk and I click the 'Start game' button to proceed to the match, it crashes, closes FM and shows the following message: The application Sports Interactive has quit unexpectedly. The system and other applications have not been affected. A report has been created that you can send to Vendor not specified to help identify the problem. It gives me the option to send a report, which I always do. This has only been happening today. It was fine this morning. I don't know if there's been an update, or if there are any known issues. This has always run incredibly smoothly. MacBook Pro specs: macOS Sierra version: 10.12.5 (16F73) MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012) Processor 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB I have tried to attach a screen video of what happens and the save file but they're both much larger than 2mb.
  12. I find sometimes if I can't get rid of someone for even £0, I'll add them to deals when buying another player. Sometimes it can even help with the deal, other times it's sometimes worth just adding them on top of the full deal for free. I've even added 2/3 to a deal once! All depends how much you're struggling to get rid of them! Also change their status to 'unwanted' and drop them to the reserves or U18s. Teams can be put off by their current status. Plus the player may feel forced out of the club and aim to leave himself anyway. Usually I'll try to loan them out with their wages being paid, either until I can find a buyer or until their contract expires. Another tip is a mutual termination. If accepted, it usually only costs half their wage of the contract left to run.
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