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  1. Hi All, Been around in the FM community and I'm sure some may know me from the fansite FM-Base. Would appreciate if any of you nice folks would spend the time with me and hopefully give Mike Bassett some support as he manages Colchester, whilst dreaming of the Norwich City job and hoping to take over Gareth Southgate. All while using the old faithful 442. Currently we've achieved back to back promotions with Colchester and sitting second in the Championship. Would love to see any of you there in the future.
  2. Makes perfect sense for them dragging a body, part of me misses the pre-release beta was able to get Maddison to score a bucket load of long shots as an AMC. Will have to check out the other tactic which I'm assuming will now have three strikers since you changed them.
  3. This looks bloody good and surprised to see it with an Enganche. There's some weird formatting btw to, if you highlight the text you can press the remove formatting button.
  4. You'll make Mike Bassett proud good sir.
  5. Carrying on from what @Experienced Defender has said. Are you currently in control of your general training or have you left it to your Assistant Manager?
  6. Glad to see something a little different with a narrow diamond! How does the AMC perform as I know that's usually a weaker point when used in tactics.
  7. Hopefully it's going well for you at Chelsea? What's the lineup looking like or is it a regen fc by now?
  8. Does he have any Personal Instructions set? Generally I find that AFs seem to be more so the top scoring role over the others to. Certainly could be worth a try.
  9. Slight bug I've found sorry if it's mentioned but in my glancing through I couldn't see. With the YACS skin, you can't remove custom schedules: FM20 Light Skin: YACS Skin: You can see in the latter there's no X there to delete them.
  10. Pretty much. Strikers become AMCs generally and additional focus can be whatever their weakness is, if not speed is key.
  11. And all done thanks @Lucas I know we spoke about just thought you allowed it since it got approved :P
  12. At least we have the public beta now and the current M.E. with it (2031) does seem a fair bit improved. Still the odd issue and set pieces seeming incredibly strong to.
  13. Thanks Hunter/Lucas, I'll update the OP later.
  14. Seemed to work for me when I done it and I've uploaded a save file for it to. http://www.mediafire.com/file/ok6d7z1hgh1ip8a/Cad_Oni_-_Unemployed.fm/file Think it was trying to assume what badges you needed by locking it on: Whereas if you want back changed to a really low / silly league not in Europe maybe and then press unemployed you can make sure both are set to having nothing.
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