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  1. I'm trying to combine my new shortlist and the personal one. From what I understand from reading a few old posts you have to import one shortlist into the other. Both shortlists are saved in the Tactics folder. I can load and save them without trouble. When I try to import them in-game the Tactics folder is displayed as empty.
  2. Same for me. I can't add it as a league but everything else in my Editor Data folder is loading.
  3. Can you offer a player for loan only to your club's league? Often I want to send a young player on loan but not to a foreign club because I don't want to delay their home grown status.
  4. I've played the game with heavy rotation for years because I hate playing with knackered players when the fixtures pile up and having to rely on kids for big matches. Either way is a challenge.
  5. Sometimes the opposition team is simply better on the night and there's not a damn thing you can do about it barring a massive amount of luck swining in your favour.
  6. First of all I'm managing Man Utd and my First Team coaching categories are all 4.5-5 stars. Why does my Assistant Manager keep recommending staff to improve training quality when we have the best in the league and I've already hit all my staff limits imposed by the Board? I would have to keep firing staff that are better than 95% of the recommendations. Also he keeps recommending I sign my U18s and U23s staff to the First Team. It's already hard enough to find quality U18 and U23 staff as it is.
  7. I had the same problem with the Coaching Setup handled automatically with Manchester United. I went into Edit Coaching Assignments and clicked on Ask Assistant to Assign for all main squad, U23s and U18s and now every category is 4.5-5 stars. I guess when you change up your staff a lot the Ass Man does a poor job of assigning coaches until you force him to do it properly...
  8. 5 Stars in every category is unrealistic compared to real life. Try to aim for 4 - 4.5 stars.
  9. Just bought the game. Last FM I played was 2017 over a year ago so I'm still adjusting. 1. Is there a way to save the Match Instructions to quick load during a match as opposed to having to create multiple similar Tactics? 2. Is there a hotkey for fast-forwarding highlights? I used to just click and hold on the speed slider but the widget is so big in the 2019 version I can't see much of the pitch while it's open. Alternatively, can I make the widget semi-transparent or change only the Matchday UI size?
  10. 44 Leagues (all playable), Huge Database, 121,000 players. 4.5 stars for Computer Performance and 0.5 Stars for Estimated Game Speed but it runs better than FM 15 on the same PC, although I'm only 2 seasons in. I had to switch to Borderless Window though, as it was lagging in Fullscreen. Intel i7 3820 @4.3ghz, 16Gb 1600mhz DDR3, Windows 10 64-bit, standard HDD
  11. I'm running FM 15 with the largest database and about 50 leagues (only England on Max Detail). Over 100,000 players. Performance is better than previous versions where I was running less than half the amount of leagues. My PC is i7 4.5ghz, 16gb RAM, Windows 10.
  12. Does anyone have a link to "Realistic Sound Patch By DazS8" only? I tried the combined patch but the overlapping commentary was too annoying.
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