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  1. 44 Leagues (all playable), Huge Database, 121,000 players. 4.5 stars for Computer Performance and 0.5 Stars for Estimated Game Speed but it runs better than FM 15 on the same PC, although I'm only 2 seasons in. I had to switch to Borderless Window though, as it was lagging in Fullscreen. Intel i7 3820 @4.3ghz, 16Gb 1600mhz DDR3, Windows 10 64-bit, standard HDD
  2. I'm running FM 15 with the largest database and about 50 leagues (only England on Max Detail). Over 100,000 players. Performance is better than previous versions where I was running less than half the amount of leagues. My PC is i7 4.5ghz, 16gb RAM, Windows 10.
  3. Does anyone have a link to "Realistic Sound Patch By DazS8" only? I tried the combined patch but the overlapping commentary was too annoying.
  4. Deadwood Regen Hairpack v2.1

    The download link appears to be dead.
  5. Does 'Overload' work?

    In FM13 I found Attacking, Get Ball Forward, Shoot on Sight & Get Stuck In more effective.
  6. I'm trying to sell Hernandez at the start of the 1st season with Man Utd. No one wants him Is this a common problem in the first season because he hasn't played yet? Because in real life plenty of clubs are interested in him based on his goalscoring history.
  7. Just started playing the game yesterday with Man Utd. Using default corner settings. Beat Wigan 3-2 in the Community Shield with a reserve team: 1 goal conceded from a corner, 1 from open play. Lost 6-0 to Man City in the League with a full team (Evra, Fabio, Vidic & Ferdinand in defense): 4 goals conceded from corners, 1 from open play, 1 from a penalty.
  8. FM13 Cut-Out Faces Megapack Thread

    What's up with sortitoutsi.net? I can't register a new account or retrieve my lost password. I've tried several email addresses but I keep getting error messages. Are any mirrors I can access without logging in?
  9. It's not easy is it!?

    My last FM was 2011. It was a little on the easy side but I played a 24 season game and was totally addicted. With 2013 I'm into my 2nd season with Aston Villa and placed 7th with a fair bit of cheating (played okay against good clubs but lost a lot of games to bottom dwellers). Even so I spent way too much time tweaking tactics and I've sort of lost interest now. So I started a new game with Man United to make things easier so I can just have fun and not get so frustrated but I'm doing even worse. Rooney and Van Persie can't score goals no matter what my tactics. Might have to use FMRTE if its up-to-date for a cash injection to buy better players to compensate. More realistic -- maybe. Less fun and addictive -- yes. I need an easy mode that emulates previous versions of the game (tactics not as important as the players)!
  10. Use FMRTE and pay it off yourself. Not really cheating if you deduct it from your bank balance.
  11. I recently migrated the game to a new PC and copied over all the files I could find. However, I'd already won 3 EPL titles and 1 FA Cup before playing 2 seasons on the new PC. I won the EPL title last season and just won the Treble and my manager history only records my tophies from the last 2 seasons. Is there any way to edit this?
  12. New Stadium Problem

    Happened to me in FM2009. Gould Stadium is now simply: <blank> Stadium.
  13. In FM2009 last week I had almost my entire First Team and Reserves gone for an FA Cup Sixth Round Match. I managed to win with my talented youngsters after cheating in FMRTE to make them 100% fit. I did get lucky though. Just as well I have a big squad.
  14. That sucks! Super Cup and Club Cup should at least be minor. So I guess CL and League are Major and FA Cup is Minor? What are they worth in points?
  15. The stadium expansion

    It took many years for me on FM 2009. Eventually I had loads of cash and had won the League and CL a few times and the Board came through for me.