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  1. I'm a leading authority on marketing; I run a very successful digital marketing agency, it's my job, and I know how it (and people) work. Funny enough, giving customers what they actually want, rather than guessing what they want, works very, very well. That company I mentioned still has many, many customers and many, many competitors. It's far riskier for them to declare what they want to do with their product than it is for SI. I just think more transparency about the future of the game would foster greater excitement around the product. Rather than "surprise" people with more burger vans, let's give people what they are actually craving. Like an editor for FMC or T, whatever it is now.
  2. To be honest, I am still completely mystified as to why SI don't produce a public roadmap. I'm a web designer and digital marketer, and over the last few days I have been taking a look at an email marketing tool for an upcoming blog post. The business is managed by just three people, and even they have managed to put together a roadmap: https://trello.com/b/cbg2xDI6/lemlist-roadmap. They find it incredibly useful by all accounts, and it has actually helped them make significant improvements to their software very, very quickly. FM has virtually no competition, so that can't be the reason why features/enhancements are kept under wraps. And it doesn't have the pulling power of something like GTA, so the "mystery" marketing that Rockstar does so well really doesn't work well for FM. For the first time since 2012 I haven't bought the latest version of Football Manager, and I've made the right choice by all accounts. Never seen so much negative feedback about an ME since 13. I would advise everyone to switch to a March buying cycle. That way you will know if the game has improved enough for you.
  3. I've seen a few instances of keepers rushing out to clear the danger. It doesn't happen anywhere near as often as it should, but it does happen.
  4. It's not unreasonable for players to want to leave Parma to join a club like Barcelona or Bayern Munich, even if you have won a Champions League title.
  5. The average attendance for the JPT final appears to be somewhere between 35,000 to 50,000 depending on the club's involved, so yes this definitely needs looking into.
  6. Players at this level move around far more frequently than they do at higher levels, so I would personally take the view that the player will be booted out and a replacement brought in. OK it''s not ideal, but compared to the bug where you couldn't sign German players it''s minor.
  7. To be fair, a LOT of people have said that they have been reporting these kind of issues for a while now without much joy. The ME is pretty solid this year, but player logic is cranky to say the least. It has never been particularly great, but this year it's insanely bad.
  8. This. We're still playing the beta ME so I'm hoping the next update will include some nice enhancements. And please...fix the goalkeepers. Some of the animations are poor to say the least.
  9. And that's my point: the ratings and stats don't tell the whole picture and shouldn't be blindly relied upon. I see a lot of frustrated players on here, and as someone who has never failed to achieve promotion in my first season (barring this one, of course) with any club I've ever managed, I feel qualified to offer advice. FM17 is definitely more challenging than previous versions, but it hasn't got the Boot licked.
  10. I'm the manager at Friska Viljor, a tiny club in the 4th division in Sweden. I took over with eight games remaining and 3pts from safety, so I had my work cut out from the start. Last night we played our local rivals and were absolutely superb. We won 6-0 - a result that moved us out of the relegation zone - and had 20 shots on goal while they had none, dominated key areas of possession and created loads of quality chances. Outstanding football, and the game clearly agreed because it awarded a high match rating to every one of our players. However, because I watched the full match I know that's not strictly true... Our left-winger Vestlin actually had quite a poor game overall. Yes he created a goal and scored an excellent goal himself, but his overall contribution was actually very average at best. He's 34 now and will be 35 soon, and from the match I could quite clearly see that his legs are going. He kept getting shrugged off the ball, couldn't accelerate past anybody, kept losing possession, etc. Our attacks often faltered a bit when the ball was played to him. If I had just watched highlights I would have assumed he had a great game and would have automatically picked him for the next match. Because I watched the whole game I know that he's way past his best and will be replaced in the near future. Morale of the story: watch the whole match, especially for important games.
  11. Is anybody else finding this game ridiculously easy? It's a definite improvement on 16, but I'm winning virtually every game I play. I'm playing FMT and managing Karlstad in the Swedish 4th division. My record after 15 games is W11 D2 L2. I'm a very experienced FMer and I never really struggle on any version at any stage, but this year it seems to be ridiculously easy.
  12. Not even close to the OG the dude posted. It's the reaction (or lack of) of the goalkeeper that sets it apart. FM17 beta is generally solid though. It's basically 16.5, which is fine by me.
  13. Where is the user avatar stored? Can't seem to find it anywhere...
  14. I ditched 16 pretty quickly after learning about the stadium expansion bug. It makes LLM saves unplayable. Went back to 15 and have a decent save going, so I'll wait until April/May to see what the finished product is like. Doubt I'll buy it though. Unless it's a fiver and it actually works.
  15. If you already own 15, then there is absolutely no point whatsoever in buying 16. The stadium expansion bug in FM16 makes LLM saves impossible unless you pay extra for the editor, virtually every goal is identical (cross to the far post and tapped in) and the add/remove leagues feature is broken. Don't waste your money. I would wait until May next year and see how good 17 is.
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