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  1. I've been trying a new Club World Cup with 16 teams, but selecting the country as random from a list (is it possible to have like un WC a procedure where a country is elected?) and setting the stadium to Host makes that every game is played in the same stadium. Is it possible to have more than one stadium? I'm using advanced editor.
  2. Create new local region

    Perfect, thanks
  3. Create new local region

    Hi, I know in the past I have done it, but now I cannot find how to do it. Which xml do I have to edit to be able to create new local regions?
  4. White Rose Trophy

    This is also what I do for the Basque Country cup.
  5. UEFA Amateur League

    I've done this, but the draw is never done, someone could look what could be wrong? UEFA Amateur League (64 teams)_E54AA488-0E28-4530-8FBE-5E6B58C07902.fmf
  6. UEFA Amateur League

    Yes and I'm now redoing the edit, because I think that I can have more teams using the third tier of each country.
  7. New UEFA club competition between low level teams, group and bracket stages, with 3rd position game. This tournament, the UEFA Amateur League, will see 16 teams play against each other to be the best in Europe. To make this, the champions and runner-ups of this tournament are used: FA Trophy (England) Argus Insurance Division Two League Cup (Gibraltar) FAI Umbro Intermediate Cup (Ireland) Coppa Italia di Lega Pro (Italia) Coca Cola Intermediate Cup (Northern Ireland) Copa Federación (Spain) The FAW Trophy (Wales) UEFA Amateur League (for the first season, the champions of the Tercera División - Grupo IV [I'm basque :P] and Vanarama National League are used) I would have liked to make a bigger tournament with more countries represented, but I have not found any other working low tier cups. UEFA Amateur League_0F4E3773-629F-46B6-BE1B-04D5F46ADF61.fmf
  8. create a club with sign local players only rule

    I swear I would do a macro edit to make every team in the world only sign players in their region.
  9. create a club with sign local players only rule

    No, the Athletic Club thing is hardcoded. It would be awesome for FM18 editor if they put an option to make teams sign only local players or players for regions that you choose in the editor.
  10. Mid-season cup

    I have made an edition to the US competition system, with promotions and relegations. The league consists of two groups of 12 teams and the best 6 in each group qualify to the champions playoff and the last 6 to the relegation playoff (both in league format). The first half of the season (before the playoffs) the US Open Cup is played, and I wanted to use the MLS Cup to make a League Cup that would play the best 4 teams of each group of the first round of the MLS. Also, is it possible to make east/west divisions?
  11. UEFA Eastern Division: Top teams qualify to UEFA Eastern Division Two top teams qualify for UEFA Champions League group stage (and so on) This is what I don't understand very well
  12. Is it an error that the top team in the top divisions qualifies for those top divisions? (It looks awsome)
  13. Hi, is it possible to make a league tournament but with the teams only playing 3 games, even if there are more than 4 teams in the league? Edit. I managed to do it
  14. I think he's trying to say if there is an available beta db, but I understand you are only prepairing it, not started to edit.
  15. Hi guys, I would like to do a new FIFA Club World Cup that would be played instead of the FIFA Confederations Cup. This would work, more or less, like in the NT FIFA World Cup... Certain number of teams from each confederation, the perfect way to do this it would be to use the coefficient of the teams on the previous season (for example, for the FIFA Club World Cup 2017, we would need to use the coefficient from july 2016 in Europe, January 2017 for South America and I don't really know the rest. Another idea is to use the winners of the Champions Leagues in the previous years and then the coefficients, but from Oceania, for example, this would need a qualifying between the champions of the last years. I don't know how to do any of these, would someone like to do this or point me in the right direction? Thank you.