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  1. Hi guys, I would like to do a new FIFA Club World Cup that would be played instead of the FIFA Confederations Cup. This would work, more or less, like in the NT FIFA World Cup... Certain number of teams from each confederation, the perfect way to do this it would be to use the coefficient of the teams on the previous season (for example, for the FIFA Club World Cup 2017, we would need to use the coefficient from july 2016 in Europe, January 2017 for South America and I don't really know the rest. Another idea is to use the winners of the Champions Leagues in the previous years and then the coefficients, but from Oceania, for example, this would need a qualifying between the champions of the last years. I don't know how to do any of these, would someone like to do this or point me in the right direction? Thank you.
  2. The basque thing is hardcoded, so I don't think it's possible to do that
  3. I hope they can fix this for FM18... Thank you!
  4. I've been trying to do it with the advanced editor and watching a MLS edit to base on it, but I cannot make it work.
  5. Hi guys, this year as 5 teams from Euskal herria where in the first division of the spanish league system, the "Euskal Herria Kirola" created a new tournament called "Euskal Herriko Txapelketa" (Basque Country Tournament) and they used the scores on the league games to make the final standings (as you can see here) of this tournament and first and second will play the final on August. Is there a way to replicate this in the Footbal Manager?
  6. I remade all the National Teams tournaments so every nation is in the tournament. UEFA European Championship: 56 National Teams Asian Cup: 46 NT (excluding Australia) African Cup of Nations: 57 T Copa América: 52 NT (North and South America) OFC Nations Cup: 16 NT (including Australia) FIFA World Cup: 227 selecciones FIFA NATIONS LEAGUE As there is no competitive play during the rest of the year, I have changed the friendly games for a new tournament with promotions and relegations. To put the NT in the different divisions I have used the FIFA ranking (04/05/2017, I couldn't find the july 2016 one). It's played home and away and it is played for two years. FIFA Premier League: 1 group, 10 teams. FIFA Championship: 1 group, 10 teams. FIFA League One: 1 group, 10 teams. FIFA League Two: 1 group, 10 teams. FIFA Regional League - Division 1: 2 groups, 10 teams each. FIFA Regional League - Division 2: 4 groups, 10 teams each. FIFA Regional League - Division 3: 4 groups, 10 teams each. FIFA Regional League - Division 4: 8 groups, 7 with 11 teams and 1 with 10 teams. All National Teams are now included in the FIFA Ranking. I hope you like it. Nuevos torneos internacionales.rar
  7. Do we know anything about this @Freddie Sands?
  8. (Disculpa la tardanza, he estado sin ordenador) Es por eso, tienes que rehacer los torneos, porque al no estar por defecto configurado ese país para jugar los torneos, no van a clasificar.
  9. You can't do it as it is with Basque Country, as this is a hardcoded thing. Imho, it would be awesome if you could edit teams preferences and make them only buy players from a certain country/local region instead of it being hardcoded.
  10. ¿Qué país has sobreescrito?
  11. Perfect, thank you Freddie.
  12. Ok @Freddie Sands, it's uploaded: Yespy13_Basque_players_Euskadi_Catalunya_test_D72B1ACB-5985-49C1-B0A8-C848489A9456.fmf
  13. I don't have them anymore, but I can make them in a few minutes. To make it easy, i will add Catalonia into Andorra (so you can see that this works properly) and Basque Country editing Luxembourg (so it's easier to edit). Thank you.