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  1. [FM18] Basque Country

    Do regens appear as basque or spanish?
  2. The title is quite clear, but I'm going into more specific to clarify and sorry if my english is not proper. A workgroup in the spanish community forums are creating a new database to make spanish until tier 5 but we have found a problem. Tier 4 is for regional leagues, with 1 group for each region (excluding Andalusia, with two groups), 20 teams in general. Specifically in group IV (basque league), the league is a 20 team league where relegation is at least of three teams. But, if there are more teams of the region relegated from tier 3 than promoted to tier 3, there are more relegations to fit to the 20 team league. Also, in tier 5 there are 3 leagues in basque league, one for each province (Biscay, Gipuzkoa and Álava) where top teams in the league promote but, if there are more promotions in tier 4 than relegations in tier 3, there is a playoff between the second in each league to promote to tier 4. Is this doable for Football Manager?

    When you post in a topic, it's a good idea to read the previous messages.
  4. Do nation rankings change each year or is it mantained the same forever?

    We are doing a 5 level system in FMSite.
  6. Activate extinct nation

    They have moved all those xml to a fmf file, you can extract it with the Resource Archiver.
  7. Activate extinct nation

  8. This file allows you to edit nation's continent and to add new local regions. Install it in Steam\SteamApps\common\Football Manager 2018\data comp editor.fmf
  9. Yes, and there is another user with the same problem in the spanish community forums.
  10. [Not sure if this go here, please move the topic if needed] When I want to start a new game and select advanced configuration to choose different leagues, the configuration screen appears empty.
  11. I've been trying a new Club World Cup with 16 teams, but selecting the country as random from a list (is it possible to have like un WC a procedure where a country is elected?) and setting the stadium to Host makes that every game is played in the same stadium. Is it possible to have more than one stadium? I'm using advanced editor.
  12. Create new local region

    Perfect, thanks
  13. Create new local region

    Hi, I know in the past I have done it, but now I cannot find how to do it. Which xml do I have to edit to be able to create new local regions?
  14. White Rose Trophy

    This is also what I do for the Basque Country cup.
  15. UEFA Amateur League

    I've done this, but the draw is never done, someone could look what could be wrong? UEFA Amateur League (64 teams)_E54AA488-0E28-4530-8FBE-5E6B58C07902.fmf