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  1. This is what I have right now Division 1 Division 2
  2. Hi, I'm creating a club league system for Europe, trying to make that the teams that lose in the qualifying rounds go to the next division, like 3rd qualified teams in real life Champions League goes to UEFA Europa League, but I cannot find how to do it. I have tried to find another topic about this, that I'm sure that will be, but I cannot find any. Thank you in advance!
  3. Hi! Is it possible to make a swiss system tournament with the FM editor?
  4. Do the teams get relegated and promoted correctly? I tried to do it and it went to ****:
  5. Hi, I don't like the format that UEFA Nations League has and last year I created a new database with a new format, where each level had a 10 unique group for every confederation and worked perfectly. I have been trying since yesterday to do the same in FM19, I did it with FM18 editor opened to see how I did it last year and to replicate the same, but it does not work. Some teams don't get relegated, some teams promote from last level to top level and things like that. Attached you can find the things I change for this to work: Promotion rules, relegation rules, league fate actions and teams. Does anyone know why isn't it working?
  6. I would do it, but that's personal taste... I would also put Thiago Alcantara as catalan.
  7. Why Marco Asensio does not have catalan nationality?
  8. It's ok xD Is this compatible with the basque leagues?
  9. Just a few language mistakes, I think. It would be "xxx divisió catalana" Also, fifth is "cinquena", "Copa/Supercopa dels Països"
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