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  1. Hello! I am trying to make a league system where the first year all 56 teams are in the same league and depending on their positions, they go in season 2 into first, second and third level. I have tried a couple things, but teams never go to second and third level. What should I do for this to work? Thank you!
  2. It works now for champion and runner up, but it does not record properly the 3rd and 4th, do you know how to fix this? And thank you very much for your help Edit. Fixed
  3. I'm trying to remake all the national teams system, but when trying the new Euro and finishing it, the history of the competition is not saved, why can be this? Thank you.
  4. Yeah, I did that, but the teams don't appear in game.
  5. Sorry to disturb, but I would like to know if someone has any ideas about this..
  6. Hi guys, I'm trying to add the champions of the iberoamerican nations leagues and cups to the Copa del Rey in Spain, but they don't appear in the game, I guess it is because they are tournaments of a different country. Is there any way to add this teams to the spanish cup? Thanks in advance!
  7. I think it is the same in FM21, what option do I have to choose?
  8. I have found the problem... It's because I used MLS to make East/West groups in a league and that fails. Do you know if it there is any way to do East/West?
  9. As the title says, the game freezes when I try to test my rules in certain level of competition (level 1 to 3 went correctly). Task manager doesn't even seem to have anything wrong, but the bar of the "Creating Competitions" does not move. What could be the problem? Thanks in advance.
  10. I tried modifying the MLS All-Star, because it's against Mexico League,,. But it doesn't even work to fill the Mexican team.
  11. Another issue, the new third level (2 groups of 20 teams) should be North and South, now it seems that teams are sorted randomly.
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