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  1. ah makes sense, yeah I just found it odd that someone of his quality would retire at 35 mid season and still scoring 1-2 goals per game with no injuries.
  2. Hi, I have been managing PSG with Zlatan Ibrahimovic banging in 65 goals in first season however the following season he has just retired in middle of January 2017 in which he was still banging in lots of goals which didn't make a lot of sense, why would you retire half way through a season beinhg still in your prime about to win numerous trophies. Firstly, is there anyway I can get him back or how does regen process work as I have never used it. Secondly, do I need to activate the regen process anywhere? Much appreciated, SurferJames
  3. The game for me is a vast improvement from last year at this stage and seems a lot more realistic in results and performance of teams so I am enjoying the fight at the top of the premier league although Watford sit 5th at the top of the premier league however look at Leicester City this season so far. The create a manager isn't an option that I feel will get a lot of positive feedback but will only grow as the game progresses in the future so I understand its limits for now and the graphics. I did notice that some goals went over the line especially in penalties and didn't count so if I see this again I report in bug report. Well done for this year SI.
  4. I love the improvement this year and we only in Beta, I have less issues this time round than I did on FM 2015. Great job guys , I will post my feedback shortly
  5. seen some amazing goals on FM 2015, mata did backheel on mine for morgan to lob the gk.
  6. I don't see this being too far off with our ever growing tech. To be honest I work with alot gaming companies and this has been dicussed alot about all games making the switch and it is important we consider the future aswell as the present to improve gaming as a whole
  7. Players you talk about are not in the current era with the finances that clubs happen to have now and the pull they have on players...long gone the days when george best and maradona kicked the ball...was more passion about football then...sadly today is a little different
  8. Let me tell you something, reality many players have left clubs that have won trophies. Potentially he may have looked at long term and wages to decide his decision.
  9. this can happen you ever heard of the say 'good teams can go down' there can be a number of factors, players leaving due no champions league the season before and owners pulling out due to less profit.
  10. sadly I don't like the update and that being said 15.2 is a step in right direction but seems less likely to score now than it did in previous update. I believe there is always too much pressure on SI to get thinks right due to customer demands.I do think the ME is the best there has been and I have played since champ man so I do have insight on that. I see football manager leaning towards the premier manager on ps2 graphics if anybody remember that.
  11. I don't particular see many injuries with my players, also in regards to scott's picture that does happen in the championship quite often sometimes as some teams are bound score more than others. Only thing that bothers me is keeper by front post concede way to many and I expect those mistakes to happen in lower leagues not the top league.
  12. only thing that bothers me in this years version is amount of managers that get sacked per season is crazy.
  13. to be fair this conversation was sorted when the moderator said that these type of players in reality are not for sale...so expect only big bids to be accepted....but here is the thing there are ways around it such as....early in the season...make interest in player and unsettle him...i do this alot and get players like robben for 15 million.
  14. I agree with daylight about transfers I can't even sell Ashley young and even when I offer him for free on loan and pay his wages, nobody is interested I am quite sure someone would snap that up. Overall the me is better though and seems more fluid in term of converted chances being taken at higher percentage and goalkeepers not making wierd mistakes.
  15. This is perfectly normal and some are injured proned
  16. I think it's nice to have unpredictable levels in the game as it adds spice to it
  17. Here to help, firstly you need too be more specific on what you say otherwise it can cause confusion. Subject in hand, during the euro,world cup and the Olympic season your players will need rest at the start of the season unless you use the ingame editor to change this.
  18. this is because they don't want to sell to you unless you offer big.
  19. Nationality and low rep, if your English and only speak that language with a small rep then I'm afraid the chances of getting work abroad are very slim.
  20. If your searching for a perfect transfer market that is just like reality your always going to be disappointed with it however I think it's at best it can be. It's hard to code something just like real so I would be happy way it is and it has improved each year.
  21. They noticed straight away, my tactics work amazing in this patch. It's fair to say that your tactics are causing these errors. My players hardly dither on the ball but sometimes it can been see as dithering but in fact they just making a decision on who too pass.my wingers at United always run at the fullbacks and I set them as attacking wingers further up the pitch which might help you.
  22. Though I understand your point but from this subject I strongly disagree with this. There is no way the AI are better at purchasing players than humans I would imagine they just being more clever than you in the market. I have purchased players that the Ai could not get.
  23. I understand what you mean but pro status is done through the country league board that has rules and regulations that are set by higher federations in football, even if Andorra league should be lower they have to balance it for all leagues this is why it's all the same.
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