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  1. Fair enough, but I just don't know what the big issue is by debating the subject? (That's my final word on the matter)
  2. Who said anything about a conspiracy? all I have done is point out a few things that just don't add up.
  3. Look i'm not trying to cause offence here, i'm only going on about this because I still have hope that I can start enjoying the game again, but I have another question... ............these people that have worked with the ME for years, who do they work for?
  4. When you say We you are talking about just a handful of people and although I see enough in your posts to respect them at least, nobody else has posted anything that I would not just take with a pinch of salt.
  5. Can you tell me how it is a fact? Seriously, from what I can make out you are just going by the say so of the company who are making money from your purchase, that sounds crazy to me. A bit like the company in Erin Brokovitch who promised their customers the water was fine(though I don't think FM can give you Cancer???
  6. I at least expected some debate from you, at least some reasoning as to why you think i'm wrong?
  7. Actually yes, because all they are actually doing is making a game that can still challenge(if not realistically) if not you would eventually just be able to win every game very easily and that would be much worse and that is enough for some people.
  8. Just thought i'd pop in and explain a couple of things. 1. I don't want/expect to win all the time, I would find no fun in that whatsoever and would be on here moaning about that instead. 2. The game would be better if it was more difficult, because eventually somebody is going to come across something that works better than something else in the ME, that is not the fault of the player it is a fault of the ME because so much still does not work how it is supposed to work, so people test and test till they can find something that actually works and by that I don't mean a cheat, I mean an allowed instruction in the tactical set up of the game that actually does what you want. 3. Yes I overachieve and yes that can be unrealistic, but that is nowhere near as bad as getting to a point where the ME has to make me concede the most ridiculous of goals just so that I can lose games, or appear to do that anyway and I know people keep saying the same thing over and over "the game does not know the difference between the AI and a human Manager" yet having played as much as I have for as long as I have, I have never been in a position where I can agree with that statement even one little bit. I generally start every FM(or patch) unable to get results or at least anything recognisable as consistent results, which is fair enough. I start test game after test game trying to find out what works/how/why/when. If this is unsuccessful I will look around the tactics forums for a d/loadable tactic(s) which I will also test. If I need to I will make some slight adjustments as I go to perfect it as much as possible. Pretty soon I will start to overachieve and then all the realistic matches I had been getting whilst learning disappear and all I start seeing is the kind of matches that I mention on here, like suddenly conceding loads of own goals in situations where the opposition have not even had a shot on target, or my keeper making a save then dropping the ball at his own feet and refusing to pick it up and instead allowing the opposing striker in for yet another cheap goal. If the game didn't do this so often and so blatantly I would not be on here complaining and I would believe it when I hear the statement "the game does not know the difference between the AI and a human Manager". Until then I will continue to question the games integrity, be honest who wouldn't?
  9. I don't just do that, I watch games too as I've stated many times and what i'm seeing is the AI scoring an abundance of cheap goals(+ all the o.g's I concede) and me to continue to miss a lot of very good chances(I have explained this a lot).
  10. Well its true then, the game is off, because I was dominated in some games and I never saw so much as a point for it.
  11. Sorry fella's I honestly believe you are trying to help, but I don't agree with what your saying. Now be honest, what do football teams do at the end of games when they desperately want/need a goal? remember to answer honestly. I also need to go eat, but if anyone is still interested in a discussion about all this i'll be back soon.
  12. So based on what you are saying does that mean that I SHOULD have won 11 of the games I didn't dominate? People seem to forget it has to work both ways, which is practically my entire point.
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