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  1. Hi Marc, thanks for the reply. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 - Wi-Fi - 8 GB - Black - 7", (fresh install) with a 16gb SD card. Empty. When I enter Google Play I see that I bought FM 2016 Mobile. When I click on install, it downloads the 32mb (what is needed in the beginning) and then says "installing". 1/2 minutes later I get the message: ""Football manager Mobile 2016 can't be installed on USB Storage or SD card" (error code -18)". I have not changed the automatic download process to be moved to the SD card as I was pretty sure the default is the internal storage. Please advise I tried numerous fresh installs of the tablet (I purely use it for games and have been a life long fan of FM), I tried clearing the cache of Google Play and so forth, but to no success.
  2. Hey fella's, I got a Samsung Tablet S4, 8gig with 16gig SD card. Clean install (so no garbage on it what so ever). I bought the FM 2016 mobile version on the tablet, yet when I want to install it, it says: "Football manager Mobile 2016 can't be installed on USB Storage" (error code -18) I have many gigs free on the root and even more on the SD card, android version is also fine. Please advise as I have no idea what else I got to do to fix this? I've been a fan of FM ever since I can remember and have bought all the versions on my PC, yet due to work/travel I only have a tablet... Help? I paid for this... and got bupkiss on my desk now
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