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  1. Nah, it's ok. I'm preparing for relocating in the USA and I find myself too passive agressive for americans sometimes, so it's useful for me to be pulled up
  2. You know, I'm just writing the worst scenario so that Sod's Law worked
  3. No. According to Miles' twitter it has nothing to do with Stadia and only about readiness
  4. Around 2 weeks also means not more then 14 days before release...
  5. 2 weeks = 14 days Release date = 19th 19-14=5th of November No reason for the game to be ready, Enjoy today's football.
  6. Hi, mr. Knap. Sorry for offtop in advance Is it possible to make a competitive tactic without corner/set/throw-in bugs? I do really like your tactics but scoring mainly from set-pieces makes me frustrated Secondly, how does mr. L do? Did he finish with his site?
  7. Knap, I would like to extand my appreciation for the amazing work done by you! My only polite request is the description who is the main goalscorer, assistant and, maybe, the types of assist. If it is not onerously for you!
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