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  1. Still doesn't work for me. Mods not appearing in SI folder when subscribing on steam.
  2. I followed those instructions, still getting this sound bug.
  3. Which assistant manager attributes affects the hardness of their general training schedules (if set to give general training)? I want one that gives heavy training, what do I need to look for?
  4. When clicking subscribe on steam workshop my mods get downloaded here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\1100600 and not in the my documents folder they're supposed to go. How do I fix it?
  5. edit: Switched to borderless and it's fine now. Problem was with full screen for some reason.
  6. I hate the white inbox background. So boring. I really love the whole social feed thing. Must be one of the few. I'm a sucker for interaction and want to see it developed a lot more.
  7. Why do all players have four shadows?
  8. How do I keep set piece takers the same across all tactics? It didn't used to be like this. I tend to make 3 variations of the same tactic to choose from depending on the opponent and I find it very tedious to redo the corner kick, free kick and throw in takers each time.
  9. Was specific. Happened after a player got injured, I selected quick sub but I didn't sub the injured player I subbed someone else.
  10. Seriously I have failed to win 9 games in a row in which the opposition gets a player sent off in the first half. I fare well against 11 men, then they get a man sent off and I struggle badly. I don't even change anything with my tactics I keep it controlled. I can't beat 10 men no matter what I do I'm beginning to think the match engine is broken. Anyone got any tactical advice I could try to beat 10 men?
  11. How come i can still play players who's contracts have expired? Are they still getting paid?
  12. I can't play against 10 men, is it just me??? What always happens is I fare well 11 v 11, game is at 0-0, they get a man sent off and I go to ****. Either lose or draw, always. I don't even go all out attack I set it controlled. I can't beat 10 men, what's up with this???
  13. No it was a question. I'm thinking I'm doing something wrong. I can't seem to delete scout assignments how do I do that?
  14. Clubs (in England at least) do have to release a full financial report every year.
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