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  1. Bodis

    Is it time...

    No thanks. I'd rather stick with matters on the pitch. If I wanted to build anything other than a world beating squad I'd go play the Sims.
  2. Bodis

    Rivalry gone to far!

    Thats amazing! Love the fact that these little nuggets are in the game.
  3. Bodis

    Is this normal?

    Yes perfectly normal. Let us know when you start wearing a suit for cup finals though :-)
  4. If I'd ever go back to a previous game it certainly wouldn't be FM09, that was by far the worst of the lot IMO. Struggling a bit my second season and haven't played for about a week, but I've not left it for good. All in all I'd say FM10 is the best game they've released in a long time.
  5. I prefer to have the backbone of my side with high mental attributes; my centre backs and defensive midfielders. I'm more lenient when signing poachers, wingers, playmakers and fullbacks. To each their own i suppose, though I like your idea of only signing hard working players.
  6. That comes into play I believe yes. In my experience it usually affects players who can't speak the local language. Once they've got basic knowledge of the language is usually sorts itself out. Not always, but usually.
  7. Bodis

    25 man squad ??????????

    I dont like the rule at all (not blaming SI obviously)! This is the reason I never used to manage in Spain, I just despised the registration rule. In my second season with Liverpool now and have just about managed to keep inside the rules, but next year 4 of my first team players will move above the 21 mark, which means I have to sell 4 players from the first team and replace them with younger players, not happy about that. I guess you could say its ageism :-)
  8. Yeah, I had this alot in previous versions. Try keeping them at the club, in most cases they adapt within 6 months.
  9. Bodis

    players fighting

    SI have stated in the past that they want to focus on the game of football, not social stuff that surrounds it. And fighting has not been included as it promotes a side of the game that should be stamped out. Would be similar to adding racism into the game. Realistic yes, but not something you want to focus on.
  10. I like it better this way, makes journeyman games more enjoyable. IMO its been too difficult to work your way to a stage where you're offered other jobs. Always having to apply for them is a bit tricky.
  11. Bodis

    [FM10] Journeyman Career Game

    My most recent and enjoyable journeyman game was in FM09 where I started managing in the Norwegian second division. Spent about 4 years gaining promotion through the first divsion and finally into the premier league, but before the premeir league season started I jumped ship to the second division in Holland. Stayed there for a season before moving on to Serie B in Italy and finally the Championship with Middlesborough. It's enjoyable, but pretty tough, and I refuse to move down in salary when jumping clubs in a game like this. I'll do another one in FM10 as soon as I'm done with my Liverpool save and I have some time on my hands. Maybe after the next or final patch.
  12. This thread is for you: http://www.community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=71021
  13. This happened in FM09 too. Not saying its the same trigger, but likely that it is. I'm with you, very anoying.
  14. Bodis

    Delete a player

    Possibly best asked in the editors forum.
  15. Bodis

    the story so far....

    2nd in prem first season with Liverpool, currently 7th after 12 or so games in the second season. Not looking good, but I'm Liverpool after all. Will absolutely play a journeyman game starting in the Norwegian lower divisions, as soon as someone builds the 3rd division with the editor :-)