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  1. Mr U, any tips with regards to Team Talks? Do you bother with them at all? If you do, is it something you leave to the Asst Mgr? Started a new season with Luton using your tactics and tips this season. Only 11 games in and too early to make any conclusions - plus the squad Ive inherited is absolutely garbage!
  2. First season with Silk&Steel has just finished and this is the rest of the story: Things as you can see from above were just perfect and then all of a sudden we hit a catastrophic run of bad form: I tried everything to pull the team out of this rut. The only thing that seemed to work was giving up on team talks altogether. Our form began to return in March: Match stats from the 0-0 against Torquay: Which eventually resulted in us winning the league by 5 points: This didnt help - my star strikers injury record for the season! Lets see how season 2 goes
  3. I started a new save with the Daggers and took a lot of advice from Mr U's musings above. Here's the story so far: Not bad for a very, very average squad All thanks to the Fulcrum!
  4. This isnt a nice thread at all. Its LEGENDARY! Simply outstanding stuff here Mr U. Even if the tactic wont work for some people, there is enough info here to help folks understand why it doesnt work and what they can do to fix it. I promised myself I'd take a break from FM for a few days but reading your info here has put paid to that
  5. I don't think its you fella, I think the forums are foobarred! The thread shows a page 8 which dumps you back to page 7. I think they have some optimization issues. Keep trying to create the new thread. I sometimes I have errors just replying to threads.
  6. First match with the MIG and what a corker it was! Will report back when the tactic is fluid and Ive played a few matches with it.
  7. A summary and highlights of my first full season in full sim mode (14.1.4)with Dagenham and Redbridge using v4: The transfers: Winning the league with 5 games to go! The final standings: Player ratings at the end of this season: This used to happen to me a lot in 14.1.3 - its nice when it works in your favour! An 18 game unbeaten run! The boys really did do very well. But they werent the heroes of this season. Mr U's Fulcrum was the real hero! Its worth noting that I gave no team talks at all during this season. Not one. And not a single chat with any player - other than from those that requested chats themselves. If you want a plug and play tactic and take the time to put the right players in the right positions then you cant go wrong with this tactic! Great work Mr U and the sooner you get back online and playing the better
  8. Only the one so far for two yellows - the boys have been very well behaved during games
  9. I promised myself I would start a new game in full sim mode on 14.1.4 and this is how things stand using Fulcrum v4 with the mighty Daggers (top of the league at the moment)! Things I have noticed with the new ME: -Goalies charging out to the touchline to make clearances, kicking the ball to the opposition who duly slot it in the back of the empty net -Lots of efforts hitting the woodwork -Lots of lobbed goals -A much more fluid watching experience - almost like real football! Anyone else notice anything different?
  10. Results from v4 for me this season. Worth noting that the last 5 results are with 14.1.4 which seems to be a huge improvement in lots of ways over the last patch:
  11. Nice one mate, looking forward to trying v4. Good luck with the house move - I know how stressful they can be!
  12. I play Classic mode so its the default skin. I'll play full sim mode as soon as the ME is sorted out
  13. Here's my progress with v3 which I started to use right at the beginning of this season: And results so far (I fielded much weakened teams for the cup matches): Overall observations are that this version doesnt create as many shots as version 2 but its success is clear to see. My team starts off slow but usually come on strong in the second half. Whats nice to see is the front two getting goals now: Not happy about having 4 strikers injured at the moment but I cant blame the tactic for that! Great work as usual Mr U
  14. I started using Mr U's tactic about a third of the way through my first season with the Daggers. We steamrolled that division and got promoted! The second season in L1 was tough and we finished mid table. I persevered with the tactic for the following season and this was the outcome: What was the difference between this season and last? Players. Virtually all of the first team I used last season left as I didnt renew their contacts. I kept two players and went to market. My key purchases were the two strikers and the advanced midfielder (thanks for the tip on D'Art Mr U!). Here's our results from mid January: BTW, this is in FM Classic mode. Also worth noting that I added 'pass into space' mid March. Thanks for making my life easier Mr U
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