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  1. @Pete Sottrel Thanks, really appreciated how you huys take measured feedback on board. Great work.
  2. Bump on this as appears to have been lost amongst the arguement as to whether Alexander-Arnold’s crossing should be 17 or 15. It really does affect the long term finances i’m finding until i was taken over. As smaller point for Cardiff - James Waite should surely have MC/AMC in his positions, played there for a while now I think, including his pre season appearence with first team?
  3. When adding a manager to a team after holidaying through a few seasons, i get a message saying pre season break is due to end today and to review my training plans (30th May) which seems very early? Tried for a number of different teams and dates but the same seems to happen, so feels like a bug?
  4. I think a Cardiff’s debts are too high and don’t allow for the latest trache of debt converted to equity by Tan. Link: https://www.walesonline.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/cardiff-city-owner-vincent-tan-14872242 As pointed out by others, the negative balance at the start of the game had triggered the taking out of a bank loan. I understand the methodology used to derive the current balances but surely if these are correct then there is an understanding that future cashflows will soon sort the situation? Rather than half the clubs in the division taking out loans? Additionally, understanding that database values can be blank for youth players, almost all of the Cardiff U18 and some U23 players have very low determination - less than 5 in almost all cases. I wonder if something is driving this but it feels unrealistic? Also as Wales manager I have been rejected for call ups by some players with dual nationality that are seemingly committed to Wales - notably Rabbi Matondo (link below) and Matt Smith (Captained side at youth levels). Link: https://www.walesonline.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/manchester-citys-rabbi-matondo-cardiff-15244426
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