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  1. Ok it's because of a slight typo on my part, but that post is meant to say "the English sides outside the top English sides have struggled to make an impact in the Europa League in a long time", and that is true, and that context should have been clear from the rest of the paragraph. The Man Utd's, Liverpool's, Arsenal's, Chelsea's of the world of course should do well in the Europa League, they're normally some of the best teams in it. You are being very selective when blaming the lesser PL sides woes down to not caring about the Europa League. Eg. You've chosen 1 year with West Ham, but ignored the fact they lost to the exact same team the next season with their full strength team at the time (albeit they had a number of injuries at the time). Also guess what, the Spanish sides rotate in the early stages of the competition too, they don't fail to get past the early stages though like our teams regularly do. The lesser PL sides simply aren't anywhere near as good as media and people would like to believe. Look at Everton in the Europa League in recent times, they didn't struggle because of rotation, they struggled because they weren't good enough. The problem is you aren't looking at the bigger trend over years. Juventus went out in the QF's, but look at recent performances over 3-4 years vs English sides, there is the difference. It's not hard to work out who has been the better side over that time frame. Over several years the English sides failed to make much impact at all, simply because they weren't as good as they were made out to be in England. I've already said there's two issues, the top sides are slightly overrated, they win the CL at too high a rate in the early seasons vs what is likely in real life. If you looked at it this year, there was probably 7 sides with a reasonable chance of winning the CL, only 2 are English, everyone else very much rank outsiders, though a few capable of coursing a few upsets. I said the bigger issue is how overrated the rest of the PL though, the rest of the PL way over perform in Europe and generally in PL. Look what's happened, last year the first genuine top English side for several years sets a record points total. This year the early pace setting is all the top 5 are on record points tallies for this point of the season. Some of the top teams have started improving over recent times and they're dominating the rest in PL at a much greater rate than seen before, which all points to the rest simply not being as good as they're portrayed. Also some of your agenda is just blatantly not true. Yes the PL has the most resources, but let's not pretend no side abroad has zero resources. You make out Real Madrid and Bayern Munich are struggling for resources, they have more resources than virtually any PL club, Real Madrid are more attractive than any PL club, and Bayern Munich have the in built advantage of being more attractive to Germans (traditionally a very strong footballing nation) than any PL club. So let's not pretend the PL are the only clubs with resources. On your last point I'm not sure how much of a role this plays in FM and to what extent it does, but because of the fact the PL clubs have more resources they should generally have to pay more for players, there should be like a hidden tax because they have more money. This is a major factor outside of just being poorly run while average Premier League sides can spend nearly 100m or whatever and still be a much worse side than say a Sevilla on a lesser budget. This should affect further down the market more than the top end, though of course still exists higher up as seen at the likes of Man Utd. Average players move between PL clubs for sums that wouldn't be dreamt of abroad. Again this is a resource thing, no PL club needs to sell for financial reasons, thus all of them can hold out for a big price from another rich PL club, another factor why you see average players moving for so much money in the PL. Abroad, a lesser club in Spain has much more financial pressure and is operating on a tighter budget, so their players can be picked up by some of the 2nd tier Spanish clubs for much lesser fees.
  2. The thing is 10-20 seasons this is potentially realistic. The PL with the finances it has could potentially dominate like that in 10 years, at some point it will likely cycle back to where it was 10 years ago. Of course it shouldn't happen every save, but it should be one of the main leagues capable of dominance. Also notable towards this is that England currently have maybe their best generation of youngsters ever coming through which again would be highly beneficial towards PL teams. The real issue is in somewhat replicating the now. Your posts have been interesting on the topic, and it's hard to go through every player as each player is a different case. Eg. Someone like Arnautovic now has a higher CA than he's ever had again, but he's been a very up and down player throughout his career. One thing that maybe affects this is how a player adapts to the Premier League, the Premier League isn't an easy league to adapt to for many, and has the highest % of foreigners of any league of course. There's countless examples of players that say excelled in La Liga but struggled to adapt here. Same is true of South Americans, many have struggled to adapt to the Premier League but been much more successful abroad. Language and culture barriers of course playing a part, and these are somewhat represented in the game, but whether it's an accurate representation of real life is another thing. And of course this isn't actually researchers fault, researchers are rating in their guidelines, whether those guidelines are achieving the best balance is another thing. A mid-table PL side in game runs through top teams of lesser nations in the EL much easier than they ever do in real life.
  3. The problem is you are going back a long time to find this. FM is meant to be reflecting the now, not events of 9 years ago. 9 years is a long time in football and it moves much quicker than that. The English teams out of the top English sides have struggled to have any impact at all for years now in the Europa League, the obvious conclusion is they aren't anywhere near as good as they're made out to be. The Premier League itself kind of demonstrates this picture, look how for years the agenda was you can't dominate the Premier League like other leagues, the smaller clubs are tougher to beat, yet last year the first top Premier League side we've seen for several years was able to thoroughly dominate the competition and looks set to do the same this year. Kind of showing up the idea that the top sides were struggling due to depth and intensity of Premier League making it tough for them, no they just weren't good enough. Now the top teams are improving in the Premier League look what is happening, the top positions in the league are all on record points for this stage of the season, it wasn't that the league was so tough, it was that the top teams were nowhere near as good as they were made out to be. A lot of the issue here is you are associating spending money with being better, but there's just so many ways to demonstrate this isn't true. West Ham have something like the 13th highest wage bill in world football, yet struggle to do anything in Europe when they are there. At a higher level Man Utd are one of the biggest spenders around, yet there are quite clearly much better sides operating on much lesser budgets. Price inflation is much higher in the Premier League, and a lot of clubs have been very poorly run in recent times. You only have to look back objectively. Back in the mid-2000s I remember years outside Barcelona I couldn't see who else could beat an English side, you almost expected 3 of our sides to make the semi's from the start. In recent times you've struggled to see who could make a semi before the season started, and you was more thinking they'd need a lucky draw to progress that far. The tide on this is turning, especially combined with some of the European heavyweights declining too, but it's nowhere like it once was, and not really reflected in FM where most of the last 6-7 years have been ignored like they never happened. For starters in FM it's pretty much a given that English sides cruise out of their groups, that's not reflected at all in real life though, of course the majority make it out as the English sides are still some of the better sides, but they aren't streets ahead of the lesser teams like FM would have you believe. In 5 of the last 7 years at least 1 English side didn't make it past the group stage of the CL, something almost certain to be 6 out of 8 this year. On Juventus, there's a big difference though, yes they haven't won it, but they have been competing at the very end of the competition for years now, making 2 of the last 4 finals, and generally running the best teams close. So of course when they then add one of the best players in the world they are going to be one of the favourites to win the competition and it wouldn't be a surprise at all. This is totally different to the case of the English clubs who generally haven't been competing at the top level until last year, they haven't been getting close to winning the CL. Their position is more like Chelsea of the mid-2000s, undoubtedly one of the best teams in the world, they were constantly in a position to win it, but never quite did during that period, ironically they then won it later when they'd declined quite a bit with a weaker side, but that is the cup element of the competition.
  4. This season that's true, but over the last years what they were saying is definitely true. The reason Real Madrid and Barcelona have dominated CL over say PL clubs is they have been streets ahead of PL clubs over the last decade. Football Manager has never really properly replicated this, and the PL has always been insanely overrated vs other leagues. The bigger thing to me is that the average Premier League player is always just rated far higher than the equivalents abroad. As has been said it's actually the Europa League in FM this shows up even more, as there are still other top clubs in the game to compete in CL, in the Europa League the PL teams being way overrated shows up as they tend to totally dominate the competition. The team that finishes 7th in PL in reality normally struggles to get beyond the group stage in Europa League, yet in FM they will routinely be one of the main contenders to win with the other English sides. I don't see how anyone can think that the last 5 years before last year without an English team in CL final were an anomaly, only total suckers for the Sky propaganda machine could believe this. Over that period the Premier League went through a period of the top sides being very average at the top level. You can barely think of a performance in those 5 years where the Premier League sides looked at the same level as the top European sides. The reason they made a lot of finals before that is simply the teams were stronger in the mid-2000s. There are now signs since the start of last season the PL is starting to get stronger once again, but this is the top teams. In reality the gap between the top and bottom is getting bigger in PL, but the mid-table PL teams in FM continue to be massively overrated.
  5. They are very rich on a worldwide scale. The main concern here is not that sorta of top level. This is the main thing you're missing. It's one thing Newcastle and Sunderland demanding big fees (and these weren't for total no-name 17 and 18 year olds either), but teams from most of Europe outside the top several leagues just cannot be rejecting any sort of big resembling those that are rejected willy-nilly in game. £8m buys you hardly anything in this game. When I went to Guimaraes for one of their youngsters, they wanted £30m. This is just not at all realistic. Your next point would be solved in what my solution is. If you are a small club, it should be near impossible to hang on to these better players. You shouldn't have a say in rejecting a fee. If you're a League One side and some team comes in offering £10m for one of your players, your chairman should be coming over your head to accept it. Two wrongs don't make a right, just because both sides are flawed right now doesn't mean that is the right way to go about it. In general the transfer system needs an overhaul. If you are a Conference side piling through the leagues, your best players should all be in high demand, in game this doesn't tend to happen, and it's far too easy to keep players of League One standard at a Conference team. And on your final point, the reality is very few players from very few clubs are just not for sale at any price, so this whole "not for sale for any price" for an 18 year old is a complete nonsense. The John Obi Mikel transfer simply isn't true. Lyn received £4m for the player. Chelsea had to pay £16m because Man Utd had already signed him and they basically swooped in a highly controversial fashion. And they had to pay £12m to Man Utd. Man Utd are obviously going to demand a high price for a promising youngster so nothing to see here at all. In game Lyn would probably want £20m themselves. Anderson. 7m euros is not a lot of money really for a promising Brazillian youngster from a Brazillian club. In game again they would cost 3x that figure. On Sterling, Liverpool paid £600k which becomes £5m if he plays a number of league games (effectively if he turns out to be any good). Again £5m from a Championship side at the time is a fair price really. Again in game Championship clubs want way in excess of this for their promising youngsters.
  6. Liverpool overpaid to rich English clubs though. Big difference there. There is no not wanting to sell for a no-name Greek club, if some club offers something semi-reasonable they will be forced to sell.
  7. The issue is right now there doesn't seem to be anywhere near enough influence of repuation (both club and league) and finances in taking into account sale prices. Right now a will be world beater at 17 in game, if you try to buy from Man Utd and the likes will cost you around £30-40m. But some team from Croatia or the like will also want £20-£30m for the same player. This just isn't anywhere near realistic. Most clubs in most countries simply cannot afford to hang on to their most potent youngsters. If some big club came knocking their is simply no way these clubs can hang on to these players and they would go for far cheaper than in game. For those that said in real life no clubs really buy youngsters with intention of selling them on for profit later, this simply isn't true. Clubs like Porto, Udinese have been doing this practice for years buying from South America and then later selling on then the bigger clubs in Europe come knocking. It's understandable that the big clubs with secure finances do not want to sell these players, but the reality is very few clubs are in this situation. Very few clubs are so sound financially that they could turn down £20m for an 18 year old. In Football Manger 2013, too many clubs are defiant in selling their youngsters in the face of all logic. Most clubs in a lot of countries would bite clubs hands off for £10m for one of their youngsters, and even if they didn't the player would be desperate to force his way out to a bigger league, bigger club etc. In game not only do small clubs reject ridiculous bids, the player doesn't even seem to bat an eyelid, and not be bothered at all that his club just rejected £10m for him from Barcelona.
  8. There seems to be way too many shots per game now, even if it's not leading to a ridiculous amount of goals. My games are averaging about 60 shots between the 2 teams a game. Of which about half will be on target. But the game will end up like 1-1. I would hope for a better conversion rate from 60 shots on goal! In seriousness though, the number of shots seems abnormally high.
  9. No, had never touched the skin. Only thing I can think of I did that might have triggered it is I made a couple of subs in the 120th minute which never come on. And then at full time it was impossible to advance into starting the penalty shootout.
  10. Nope that didn't work either. Had to quit game now and just go back. But this is an annoying bug.
  11. Literally I have clicked every button possible. There is no way to advance into a penalty shootout? Any shortcut or am I just screwed. Space doesn't do anything unfortunately.
  12. I am in a penalty shootout in the Champions League final. But how do you actually advance into the shootout. There is no continue button, no nothing. I have been searching for like 15 minutes and can't find how to advance the game. Am I just blind?
  13. Hi, Up until today I was able to play FM 2012 with no problems. Now today when I try to play the game it says Preparing to Launch FM 2012. Then brings up Completing Installation - 1% box (I obviously have the game installed for years). Then comes up with error "The Steam servers are too busy to handle your request for FM 2012. Error Code (41)". Anyone got any solutions for this. I have tried changing my download region. I have tried re-installing Steam. I have tried re-installing Football Manager 2012. Anybody got any other ideas? Thankyou
  14. Hi, Wondering if anyone could help solve this problem. I have tried clearing the cache as many websites say and re-installing. I have tried loading within Steam, desktop shortcut, and from Steam Folder in Program Files (x86). Still the same problem persists - anytime I try loading the editor nothing happens for around 30 seconds (though I can see editor.exe is running) and then it turns my screen black making me unable to do anything, and I am forced to reboot my PC. If it helps I am running this on Windows 7. Any solutions? Thankyou.
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