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  1. Anyone know if this will run FM21 good and how many league will i be able to run ect and how are the graphics. Thanks
  2. Mines updating but football manager havent put anything on Twitter.
  3. The season is nearly over haha may aswell keep this update for FM22
  4. How do you know that. The first part of the update got released at 22:05
  5. Im hoping the final update gets released sometime tonight. Its so late this year and a lot of us are waiting for the final update to start new saves.
  6. Is there any reason why the final update is so late its march 10th its normally released by now!
  7. After the update how come the early kick off time in the EPL is now 12:00 instead of 12:30 like in real life the early kick off time is 12:30!
  8. Im in the championship with Norwich so no VAR ANd theres penalties every game!
  9. My game has updated and its during the season
  10. Is it me or is it loads of penalties being given because im conceeding and being given a penalty in nearly every game!
  11. Does anyone know if sports interactive plan on releasing an update with the new subs rule for the english premier league and FA Cup.
  12. Can you tell us when a patch will be released with the bug fixes please.
  13. Yea i was Manchester city played atletico first round knockout and in the first leg we both had 12 subs but in the second leg we both had 7 subs and thats right through the tournament except the group stages. First leg its always 12 subs then second leg its 7 subs
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