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  1. @causeforconcern hahah, i feel you - for me it is exactly the same:-) i also have tried to adapt step by step to some of the instructions/guidance given here, but when i simulate a few games it seems there is not too much of change. but i hope this weekend i have enough time to give it another shot. anyway, would be nice to hear from your way to more brilliance ;-)))
  2. wow guys, thanks for further feedback, really appreciated you took so much time to help me. i am curios now to try things out and finally get a 5-3-2 working :-) today i am on a virtual beer tasting, so should do it after or rather tomorrow:-))
  3. thanks phnompen, i was already getting mad not being able to set up a 5-3-2 while classic tactic work fine. "good" to hear you were struggling as well and interesting to see how you found your approach! i am playing this game for quite some time, wouldn´t call me an expert, but you think you understood it a little;) funny you mention that you made sacrifices in regards to posession tactic, it feels hard to me to do so, but i think it is a good approach. combined with the advice of the guys i hope i can get the tactic working much better very soon. also helpful to just try new tactics in one si
  4. Hi Both, thanks a lot for your valuable feedback and it really helps as I assume I was thinking too much and extreme into one direction. As I am such a big fan of pressing, but also posession, I really wasn´t spending too many thoughts on high pressing line giving a big gap between the lines (among other things you mentioned). I think I will work on the formation again (making it less back heavy) and consider your feedback and give it another shot - I am sure I will be having more questions;-) Thanks again for taking the time:-)
  5. Hi Guys, for quite a long time I am trying to achieve a successful 5-3-2 tactic (or other 3 CB and striker approach), but it is not working for me. 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1 tactics are working fine, but it seems I am not good enough with other tactics. Could you please have a look at my tactical setup and let me know your thoughts about it? I also tried a setup putting DM to CAM (DLP and BTB on CM), but same result - no good xGoals ratio and not winning a lot of games. I also changed a bit the MEZ role between support and attack, also I tried different roles on the wings. I am a
  6. Hi all, I have problems to use my additional mouse buttons to navigate to previous/next screen - they just do not work anymore. It seems one user had a solution for this, but to be honest... I do not understand... can someone please help? Below the quote: There's a small but really annoying UI bug in the new update. The forward/back buttons on my mouse are not working as they used to when assigned to "interface - navigation - forward/back". They only work when the cursor is hovering the actual forward/back buttons at the top of the screen, which defeats the purpose of binding them to separ
  7. Hi guys, I have a question regarding the player and opposition instructions. In my current tactic I advise my wing backs to mark tighter - what happens if I choose "mark tighter" in the opposition instruction on opposition´s wingers? Is my player confused because he either marks tighter his direct opponent (which also could be the opposite wing back) but also is requested to mark the attacking winger? What is the best approach to achieve a good defensive for this? Thanks a lot for your help and good night:-)
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