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  1. I'd either roll back to a previous save or use the editor.
  2. There are a TON of little things that are very poorly documented in game, outside of the tactics, where the in-game info is well known to be outright lies. Examples--there are active threads right now that ask for explanations of home grown rules because the in-game explanations suck. (And they're bugged anyway.) U20 rules are poorly explained. Competition requirements for the Italian U20 say only one over-20 player can be played, but that's not true. It's really players born after some date 20 years ago that is either not in game or hard to find. Which of my 20-yo players meet the cutoff, and which don't? I don't know! The foreign player rules in China do not behave even vaguely like the in-game explanations. I don't know whether the written description or the implementation is incorrect, but they are strikingly different. If you have a rule, as you do in Italy, where foreign players can be signed only if they have certain qualifying national team caps, why don't your scouts supply the information? It takes a lot of research on several different screens to figure it out by yourself, and that makes it easy to make mistakes in the calculation
  3. Mine didn't change when I got coaching badges, either, and I've worked my way up to the top badge from the bottom.
  4. This is true. But so would be "Third best in the last six years"
  5. It's ok. The shift to to "real terminology" tactics and away from sliders in FM14 still sucks, since the in-game descriptions of what different settings do are wildly inaccurate.
  6. Counter seems absurdly broken this year. I was joking with a friend that scouting has gotten harder, but it hardly matters because any bunch of idiots can go out there on counter and punch 15 places above their weight. But to your our main point, I've found editing tactics to be utterly maddening this year, with players responding to tweaks in ways that are unpredictable, given the in-game descriptions of what buttons and instructions are supposed to accomplish, and often, frankly absurd. I don't buy every year, but this is the worst edition I've ever played from the standpoint of enjoying tweaking tactics.
  7. Never understood why anyone cares. If you're playing solo, and want to give Truro a hundred billion dollars, it doesn't affect me AT ALL
  8. You can't do it in the USA for licensing reasons.
  9. Yeah, but they're Spanish, so you can stock up with African amateurs. I won the Champions League with them a few years back. 14, maybe?
  10. Aha! Yes, N. Ireland and Macedonia were group winners in Division D. (Before I took charge) That explains it. Cheers!
  11. Managing N. Ireland, I came 4th in my group, so I was out. But now I have a Euro Championship Qual Playoff Semifinal against Macedonia, who came 5th in their group? And it's a one-off, not home-and-away? What's going on?
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