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  1. Cerell

    [France] Data Issues

    Already spotted but we don't really have a "transfert list" or "loan list" option for the players.
  2. Cerell

    [France] (Official) Data Issues

    I'll have a look at this. Thanks for the spot.
  3. Cerell

    [French] issues in French Translation

    Hi, little common mistake in this mail: This message tells us that Bosnia and Herzegovina joined the UE, but there is an error. People having the bosnien nationality are not called 'bosniaques' but 'bosniens'. A 'bosniaque' is a muslim bosnien. Here is the English sentence:
  4. Cerell

    [Europe] (Official) Specific Issues

    Hi there. Problem with the UCL draw (group stages) in 18.3. The seed pots are not correct. The first pot should be composed by: the previous Champions League winner and the 7th champions of Spain, England, Germany, Italy, France... But in my draw, the pots were sorted by UEFA ranking, as you can see below: You will be able to see the problem with the save uploaded as "Cerell UCL draw.fm" on public FTP. I manage to have a save just before the draw.
  5. Cerell

    [France] (Official) Data Issues

    It might be a problem of reputation?
  6. Cerell

    [France] (Official) Data Issues

    I found 178cm for Kamara, according to L'Equipe: https://www.lequipe.fr/Football/FootballFicheJoueur59028.html
  7. Cerell

    [French] issues in French Translation

    Hi thom. Found a little error: it should be "a rendu hommage à vos changements tactiques" and not "à rendu"
  8. Cerell

    [French] issues in French Translation

    One line at the bottom of my screenshot is not translated in French. "French National 3 - Centr" isn't translated in French. Moreover, it should be "Centre" and not "Centr" If you look on the following screen, you will see that in English, the name of National 3 is correct.
  9. Cerell

    [French] issues in French Translation

    First answer, it should be "comme il le mérite" dans not "comme il se mérite"
  10. Cerell

    [Germany] (Official) Data Issues

    Since Marcel Tisserand (Wolsbourg) is an international player for DR Congo, his French nationality should be deleted. The Congolese nationality is exclusive, and you can't have another nationlity. In order to play for his country, he has renounced to his French nationality. In the constitution, it said: "The Congolese is one and exclusive. It cannot be conjointly held with another nationality."
  11. Cerell

    [France] (Official) Data Issues

    Since there is a salary cap for Rennes estimated ~70 to 80k/month, I don't think a young player like him would earn such an amount of money. However, if you can found a reliable source about that, it will be reviewed. Also, the only sources I read were talking about 40k/month.
  12. Cerell

    [France] (Official) Data Issues

    250k tax free is around 350k with tax?
  13. Cerell

    [France] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Alright! I didn't understand what was the problem, so apologies. I thought that the players born after 20/Jun/1998 it was still for the 2017 European Championship but at this date, the Championship has already begun so it's for 2019 and indeed it's an issue.
  14. Cerell

    [France] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Sorry, I didn't quote, but I was saying that to reply to this post: Reported by Alien a few posts before. I will try to run some tests tomorrow to check if what I'm saying is right or not, but I'm not sure at all about what I was saying.