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  1. [France] (Official) Data Issues

    This error has already been spotted, but thank you @Mel85!
  2. [French] issues in French Translation

    Little error that I have underlined: No "je" needed in the sentence. Sorry I don't have the English line. Also, there are issues with the hashtags on the social media. I don't know if it's a problem of translation or a question of law but for example the club "Stade Rennais Football Club", it's #SRFC on Twitter, but in game it's only #SR. I could do a list of the real hashtags if it's just an issue with the translation. Another problem with a French contraction. In French "de + le" = "du". For example: J'ai mangé dans l'assiette du chien (I have eaten in the dog's plate). But, if the last name starts with a "Le" like "Le Français", the contraction doesn't exist because it's a proper noun. However in game, I have lots of bugs with that. For example: "L'équipe du Français est très forte" will be the sentence in game, but in real life we say "L'équipe de Le Français est très forte" because as I said Le Français is a proper noun. I don't know if what I'm saying is relevant to you or easy to change but I just wanted to report you this issue.