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  1. 18 months left... il just complete 10 seasons hoping to get my 10 year achievement
  2. This is what i done i skipped fm13 and my save on fm14 is the best ive ever had and most enjoyable
  3. Apologies if posted in wrong forum but i have a dilemma.... In 9th season at spurs and im at my celing were richest team in world ranked number 1 and won everything numerous times and for once really enjoying this save as picking up lots of achievements but my problem is i rejected a contract offer by mistake last season now since the option to renew contract is greyed out and cant talk to board. Will this stay like it till my contract runs out???? Any ideas how to get another contract offer???
  4. Hi Im looking for a save in any country that pretty much produces good regens from academy so can solely rely on for my first team so no need to buy players in Im 9 seasons in with spurs and have top everything but still produce awful regens every year, ive had one in all that time that was any good and sold him for 40m
  5. Name:Gary Saunders D/O/B: 19/08/1983 Place of Birth: Hitchin Nationality: English Favorite Club: Tottenham Favorite People: Rafa Van Der Vaart Current Ability 100ish PA: (Will be set at -10) RB/CWB/MR
  6. Got him on loan for hull a 3rd season running has a few belgian caps to his name
  7. YES YES YES just what i was sort of looking for as spurs Any advice how to use eriksen (bbm) and lamela (f9) in this tactic
  8. Hi I read lots of negativity on these forums mostly about how game is broken and ME is bad wheres the new patch etc...So just wanted to share that over all the years ive played FM I just had my most felt sense of achievement winning LC with Hull and finishing 10th first season might not be that great for some but over years Ive always played as big teams winning leagues and champions leagues etc but this save I have actually felt I have accomplished something and SI can take some time before last patch as I dont want to stop this current save.
  9. I was cause automatically updated though steam match speed was fine on 14.2.0/2.1 but only played classic on 14.2.2 before I uninstalled so cant be sure if it worked before
  10. I uninstalled and re installed game and updated to 14.2.2
  11. Not sure if its something I have done or its happened in an update but the speed of the games has slowed down quite alot even on fastest speed on sliders its slowed right down...can anyone advise me its a big deal for me as I only really play on my lunch hour at work and like to fit in 4/5 games now its like 2 3 at a push
  12. beat chelsea 7-0 with spurs in LC final defoe scoring 5!!!!
  13. yes as a u18 coach to reunite class of 92 at UTD as coaches
  14. Hey which leagues/nations do i need loaded on database to get david beckham just loaded english down to n/s large database but was nowhere to be seen?
  15. Dortmund? Over turn bayern but by rebuilding sell their stars like reus hummels etc let Lewandowski go also???
  16. Thanks ajax was a thought but dinamo sounds interesting will go have a look
  17. As title looking for a fun save with a team that pretty much wins league with ease with decent youth set up as want to blood youngsters so eventually built a squad entirely from my youth development. ..
  18. 2 of each position then 1 def, 1 mid, and 1 att all from youth development
  19. IRL i doubt messi would get many more than normal in league 2 anyway
  20. Anyone used im spurs 2nd season just payed 6m...
  21. Retained as a striker worked on his finishing got 15+ goals for me and was injured for a few months
  22. Stick with it i had an indifferent start too ended up with the treble first season.. my tips use 2 tactics each very different with spurs you have the luxuary of having a massive squad thats well equipt in every area of pitch and the players can play in multi positions and can be retrained very easy i have a 4231 and a 343 both very different and use the whole squad keeping players fresh and seems to fool opposition when i change after a run of say 3 games.. gave siggy or eriksen the creative freedom both as good as the other i had them 1 n 2 for young player of the year also retrained lamela as a forward and worked on his finishing got me 15+ goals will post more on spurs thread this week as at work and save is on laptop
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