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  1. Perez salary (and Toni Jiminez) are being fixed in a update so you will be able to get rid for a more reasonable amount :)
  2. Hi @GSevensM75 Yeah I can imagine its hard to pin down - and no I don't have anything concrete I'm afraid. It was more based on what other Assistant managers/GK coaches are earning in FM at top clubs, and in previous FM games. Only thing I can find is that Poch is said to earn £5m per year. So if we used the x5, it would work out at approx. £20k per week for Jesus Perez. And you would assume a GK coach would earn half of that maybe? This would bring it approx. more in line with other Assistant Managers/GK coaches I have seen in game (though still very much at the top end). It almost feels like the £50k for Perez and £27k for Toni Jimenez should be their monthly salary rather than weekly? Using that it matches their in game salaries from FM18 approx. If I find anything else, I'll let you know :) Thanks
  3. Hello, some of the Tottenham staff have very high wages. For example Jesus Perez (assistant manager) has £50k p/w, and the GK coach has £27k. Looking at other leading teams this seems to be approx 5x higher than usual. Last year Perez was paid approx £12k p/w and GK coach £8k. Loving the beta though! :) Thanks
  4. @dan_bre_1988 I think I may of written your exact post! I have a game with Spurs, with an almost identical formation. And I just couldn't get my front 3 to hit top form. Tried all sorts of variations. What I found was that play tended to bypass them, and that a DLP would play balls over the top for WB's to run on to. Which meant the way we were playing led to us bypassing our very best players. At this point, I am probably going to drop the 5-2-2-1 system as I don't feel it gets the best out of the players that I want to build the team around. One thing I am interested in is using a 3 man central midfield formation, and use Alli as a Mezzala which seems to suit his style of play, as well as the pressing style of play which suits Spurs. Not sure how it's going to work yet but I will let you know how I get on!
  5. Honda is a must buy - Monaco team lacking that creative spark in the centre of the pitch.
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