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  1. I can't deal with this game anymore. A grayed out team super keeper just saved 7 consecutive shots at goal in the space of 10 seconds, yet their striker scored 2 rockets from outside the box and also hit the bar when he went for goal from HALFWAY.
  2. My Striker and AMC play great together in LLM, avg over 7.5 and score/create a lot of goals, my fullbacks even overlap right and the whole team works exactly how I want in attack aside from my GK who boots the ball upfield no matter what. Defensively the issue is no matter what I do, they don't close down and they stay almost to the goal giving the opp so much time and space.
  3. I have played almost every day since release, lasted a day each time and rage quit. I am yet to play a save two days in a row. But bear in mind I am LLM.
  4. Yes I notice this. Really nice passes for such low level clubs. Only issue is defending. I think finishing is realist as it is. Like you pointed out not all CCC are taken.
  5. Hi Paul, fan for 20+ years. I remember you and your brother. Where is Marc Vaughn? Where is your brother? I miss Marc's funny instruction booklets that came with the game. Me and my cousin would get a good laugh.
  6. Fullbacks are the problem, they play the opp strikers onside and even with me telling them to close down tight mark or tackle hard they are too passive. The only thing is to play 3 CB's now till it is fixed. This might not be a problem with top tier clubs though? I play lower leagues only I refuse to manage a top club.
  7. I only manage in the lower leagues and right now it is very frustrating in terms of defending, but I am not having a problem with playing a control game. They do it well and even put in some nice passes in the final third even though they have poor stats. High and narrow with short passing.
  8. Yes, I rage quit after a 4-0 loss at home to grayed out players
  9. Here http://s23.postimg.org/mzz7lewyz/2013_11_03_00002.jpg Why isn't it on this screen? It used to be didn't it?
  10. Hi Cleon, it is not there where you set OI. I will take a pic, one sec.
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