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  1. Is there anyway to change your monitor refresh rate? On nvidia inspector there are 4 or 5 vsync settings including fastest and 1/4, 1/2 refresh rate. Maybe these will help your problem? Trust me I know how frustrating it is I'm nervous for the next update and my lag returning. Laptops staying offline for now to prevent updates🤣
  2. I'm pretty sure the games capped at 60 fps max.
  3. I'm playing on a laptop with 1050 GeForce card, I use nvidia inspector as that's the only way I can set vsync settings to fast I only have on on/off through Nvidia control panel. Other settings on Nvidia Inspector Highest available refresh rate Anything gsync related OFF Max rendered frames set to 8 ( only goes up to 4 on nvidia control panel) Single display performance Triple buffering OFF Threaded Optimisation Auto Anything anti aliasing set to Use Application Settings And have been using optimal/max performance ( went to optimal recently as temps were high) I also launch my game through a game booster that optimises the game. Again not sure if this does anything. Hope this helps 👍
  4. 19.3.2 update and still working fine with me for now.....
  5. Just to update played for 2 hours last night with no lag or crashes. Only thing I have changed is setting power to optimal rather than max performance. I only did this as my laptop was getting hot quickly. Optimal seemed smoother and cooled down my temps. A bit strange as max performance has been suggested to help fix this in the past.
  6. I'm getting 60fps on a 60hz laptop which is maximum am I right in saying? But the game still judders it's more micro stutter every so often but the fps doesn't drop from 60fps. Drivers are fully up to date. Been the same since fm18, spent endless hours playing with nvidia settings to improve but nothing seems to solve the problem.
  7. For me this update has fixed any stuttering or micro stuttering. Make sure vsync is on fastest and setting power to high performance in nvidia control panel. And use nvidia card instead of integrated graphics
  8. I'm not sure as I'm using a laptop. I don't see why it can't be used on a desktop. Try downloading it and see if it works for you too👍
  9. Fast doesn't work for me I use the "fastest" option through nvidia inspector. Maybe worth a try for you.
  10. Strangely enough my stuttering has stopped since this update and with vsync to fastest. No doubt the stuttering will be back though. Have reinstalled FM17 and will be playing that with an updated database if it returns. Really poor that this has been the last 2 years. I will 100% not be buying the next game unless this is fixed total waste of money
  11. Still no fix for this? Wow. Tried everything mentioned and still never get smooth gameplay on any settings. Tried various drivers no programs running in background still no luck. Can play high demanding 3d games but can't play FM. Somethings wrong somewhere.
  12. Since the widescreen update having issues with the stadiums filling the screen. Looks pretty poor. Was fine before the update once I'd set app to use full screen. Playing on Samsung S8
  13. My stuttering has also returned. It's not there constant but the odd single stutter normally as the camera is moving. Iv also found it stutters less for me on very high rendering mode rather than high! How that's possible I don't know. Been monitoring background processes and trying to see a pattern of when it happens but no such luck. Pretty much given up with it now 👎i just can't understand how FM which is a lesser demanding game can't run smoothly but high demanding graphics games run great. Somethings wrong somewhere! Data Analyst view never stutters but on some matches I can't tell the difference between the kit colours! Shame the players aren't highlighted with team colours or have the 2d icon beneath them maybe?or even slightly bigger. So frustrating I don't even play the game anymore just constantly checking for stutters 😂
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