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  1. No difference if stadium rendering is off but if I increase the in game speed its definitely smoother but too quick to view the match in my opinion. I play just under 3/4 of the match speed bar it does seem the lower the speed the more jittery the engine is.
  2. The video which has been posted is the same problem I'm experiencing it's very jittery. Could anything on the device affect the performance at all on the S8? Thanks
  3. I'm using enhanced match engine. Have tried 3 different resolutions available on my phone but makes no difference. 2d player movement after say a long ball is very jittery. Thanks
  4. I have the same the 2d match engine has little stutters. Playing on Samsung s8
  5. Since the widescreen update having issues with the stadiums filling the screen. Looks pretty poor. Was fine before the update once I'd set app to use full screen. Playing on Samsung S8
  6. Thanks Michael! I did notice the " was changed slightly as I entered it. I'll give it a try thanks again 👍👍
  7. I have replaced to original file so no longer have the error. Was just wanting to know where exactly to add the lines to be able to do this?iv tried following these instructions but I must be going wrong somewhere as the error reappears.
  8. Tried changing the code lines to adjust panels and text size but getting this error
  9. Hi I'm trying to do this also. I have extracted and opened up the Match stats overview but struggling on how to adjust?any ideas thanks
  10. In between highlights the match stats panel cuts off possession so I have to scroll to see it. Is there anyway of adjusting this to all fit in the panel size?
  11. Works great for me 👍 any way of getting the backgrounds to show behind 2d pitch instead of grey background?cheers
  12. As you can see from uploaded pics once a game is complete clicking onto the match and review still shows stadium pic in background. Second pic shows greyed out 2d classic background which hopefully can be made transparent.
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