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    Arsene Wenger's Invincibles

    Hello, Don't speak english so much, but i try. In FM im managing in Scotland (Forfar), i played 2 seansons, im in the 3rd. In the first i must keep the club in LL1 and i keep it in the 8 of 10. 2nd season i want to play a 1-4-4-2 or 1-4-4-1-1 and i just read your Arsenal interpretation. I made my interpretation with player i have !! All of them are semi-pro... I start with this : Gk/D : Quick play RB : Full Back /S : More Tackle, go forward and centre more. 2 CD/D : less pressing LB : Full Back / A : More Tackle, crosse from line and run wide. 2 winger/S : i don't have wide playmaker or wide midfielder, only wingers. Right Midfielder : Midfielder /S : Hold and less press Left Midfielder : Midfielder /A Amc : Advanced playmaker/A : Go forward and hold the ball Striker : Deeplying forward/S : More pressing / Move into channel Im on Fluid / Attack and i use Give ball in space / Play out / Low crosses During 2nd season i win the league and im now in Championship but it's too hard. Any advice to tweak my tactics to try to get some points to stay in championship.
  2. U score a lot of goal but u concede a lot too ! Any idea why ?
  3. Hey, First tactic i post. Im not native, so i'll try to make my best. I m try to emulate La Gantoise (Belgian last Champion) play in FM. To make this i m looking on Champion's league game. I now that's not exactly this 3-5-2 but if we look well, we see that there is always a defensive midfielder. (Kums or Neto alternating) One midfielder come to help striker but stay deep (Milicevic) and the other one organizes the game (Kums most the time) In the front, we have Depoitre who come deep to keep and give the ball but he score too, and most of the time he is help by a second striker (Raman or Simon) who stay high on the field. Control (They try to play) / Higly Structured (im not sure about this) Tactic : Strickers duo : Defensive Forward/s and a Poacher/A Midfielder : 2 wingers/s (they go as soon as they can) on the wings; in the center at the left, Midfielder/s and at right deep-lying playmaker/s Defensive Midfielder/s Central trio : Left and right Dc Stopper and in the middle a DC Cover. Team instruction : Now the diffculty. 1. Roam from position : all the team, except the 3 defenders, move and help the player in possession to find a solution. 2. Play out of Defence : somtimes they put the ball out of the stade, but most of the time they try to find a partner. 3. Lower Tempo : they have the ball and try to play football. 4. Close Down Much More : 2 men on the player with the ball and try to recover. If you have any advice. Thanks for help.