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  1. My new barca board president bid for rashford once I was able to go into the transfers screen and hit the x to cancel it though
  2. Not sure but if you go to the player page an then reports do you get it in there maybe in stats or form etc
  3. Hes no relation but I kinda like he called him oreo
  4. Started again with barca after the update just reached jan first season. So far all I have done transfer wise is loan garcia from city an managed to sell braithwaite for 12 million to arsenal. The money I got for marty went towards signing moukoko I think it ended up being like 8 mil upfront an 25 or somet over 3 years. My team is playing alright we are top of the league but shipping a few goals an not always taking our chances
  5. Can't post pics atm but in my save on frenkie de jongs profile it shows he scored his first international goal like 3 days before his international debut
  6. You can do five subs if you go into the tactics an subs section the issue is you can only make the 5 in 3 slot. So if you take a player off the new way its counts as one of your slots
  7. I brought Eric garcia to barça on loan 12k per week then come January il hopefully get him to sign a pre contract
  8. Only thing I didn't overly like was during a game I was subbing players via there pic on the screen. Then as I couldn't batch them it only let me make 3 subs
  9. yup most likely we wont leave the house for 2 weeks so that should stop the spread
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