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  1. 1st post reserved for results/proof of success An unfortunate 2-3 loss away at Manchester City after a red card, and a fluke 1-2 loss away at West Ham. It's a very small sample size, but the football being played and results are good enough for me to post with confidence. I will play further and show more proof as my time permits. Full-time school and work make my games move somewhat slow! Here is a full season using this tactic minus a few changes. It is virtually identical, and the version uploaded is a tweaked/improved version over this. That being said, it can provide a good setpoint
  2. You may recognize the name from the years past, but here's a FM2014 version I'm finally confident enough in to share with you all. Please feel free to write your criticism, success, feedback, tips, etc. in this thread. All discussion is valued! DeadlyDevice's HeX Version 1 The tactic is a 4-2-3-1. It attempts to play with basically a back 5 (2 DC, 2 fullbacks and 1 DM), 1 transition midfielder (MC) and 4 scorers (AML/R, AMC, and ST). The tactic is very strong offensively, and stable defensively. There is a only ONE version which is to be used both home and away. I will be updating with
  3. After a decently appreciated HeX Version 2 (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/332681-DeadlyDevices-HeX-Verison-2-quot-Defensive-Bigfoot-quot-FM2013), here is an improved Version 3. I have greatly improved the defense. The usual goals I concede are from headers off set pieces (still working on beating this....) and an odd goal every now and then from lucky/excellent opposition play. The offense remains strong. DeadlyDevice's HeX Version 3 The tactic is a 4-1-1-3-1. It attempts to play with basically a back 5 (2 DC, 2 fullbacks and 1 DM), 1 transition midfielder (MC) and 4 scorer
  4. Awesome. please keep me updated! I am working on version 3 but it's hard to improve. This versions difficult, gotta admit.
  5. Just got my new computer up and running. Working on version 3! There seems to have been over a hundred downloads, but not many replies. Anyone care to chime in?
  6. Glad it's working for you. I'm working on a new away tactic that has found some success for me, but im going through a computer change (laptop fried, running on fumes right now, new one comes in on Wednesday)... killing me thinking I hit some gold but unable to play to see! Hopefully soon. Let me know how your changes work though, would love to hear your results!
  7. Awesome to hear man! Please keep us updated, let me know how its going! Ive experimented with some shifting of the midfield, but I will definitely try it out again with more focus! a BIG thanks for your advice. Stuff like this is what will help me improve, much appreciated man!
  8. I do not, sorry. I honestly prefer the simple plug and play method (time constraints, mostly)
  9. Yep! To everyone else, please give them a good run out (half a season) before deciding if its any good. And any suggestions, results, advice, etc. is very much appreciated to help me improve the tactic!
  10. Hello again. I've made tactics and posted them here before, and while I found FM13 to be the most difficult of them to work with, I believe I have found a good solid foundation. I don't know about you all, but I had insane trouble keeping the goals out in my saves, and I have finally stumbled upon a defensively sound tactic set. Hence, I feel like I've found bigfoot by simply not leaking 5 goals a match no matter the opposition. Without further ado, DeadlyDevice's HeX Version 2 The tactic is a 4-1-1-3-1. It attempts to play with basically a back 5 (2 DC, 2 fullbacks and 1 DM), 1 transiti
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