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  1. I'm looking to pre-purchase FM19, having bought every version of the game previously, but I can't until I know that these staging errors have been fixed. Did this even get diagnosed by tech support? After months of highlighting this as an issue, I was continually told that the tech support lab couldn't recreate the issue, despite lots of people having the staging errors. If anyone can give me a quick shout on this to tell me if it's still a thing. It'll be sad to not be purchasing the new FM, but I can't spend money on something that can be left broken for months.
  2. No disrespect, but these staging errors have been happening since the beta ended and the game launched. If you go through the other threads with staging errors, there's been no fix for this. Not only that, but there is a section for tech support on this forum with 36 common PC problems...and staging crashes aren't included. That's because they can't fix what's wrong. With the sheer volume of people affected by this, it would seem obvious to have a dedicated sticky to staging errors. But instead, Neil and his team are copy pasting a response to delete any anti virus software, and adding the name of the anti virus you have installed. In my own thread, I was asked to uninstall AVG, Teamspeak and Discord, rather than Neil to concede that the game is causing the issues due to the way it was developed. From a technical perspective, can you imagine developing a PC game that's crippled by every brand of anti virus software after installation? My challenge to Neil is for him to explain why a solution to staging errors hasn't been found, and why isn't there something in the FAQ?
  3. 3D, with a 5 star GPU capability rating, settings usually one notch down from optimal in Nvidia Geforce Experience panel, but staging errors happen on any graphical setting, from min to max. When it happens, it feels like the game is deciding/processing whether or not the shot on goal will be successful, and there's a brief freeze before the staging error pops up. Obviously I don't know if that's true, but that's how it feels when it happens. In the meantime, I've managed to go over six months of the season without another staging error, then randomly got one in a League Cup game at Bolton.
  4. I believe that it happens during a match most of the time, if not exclusively, and usually when something important is happening during a highlight. For instance, a player about to shoot. It may have happened during processing once, but it's happened to me so often now, I can't remember if that's true. So, at least 99% during matches, if not 100%.
  5. The staging problems haven't went away. Just after I managed to play around 10 matches without staging error, they are back with a vengeance. Not only is the game not working, but your technical support has asked me to uninstall my AVG, Discord and Teamspeak...all of which have proven not to be at fault. And even if they were, what kind of developer would create a game that isn't compatible with industry leading software such as that? Just how much software do you want to tell people to uninstall before SI becomes a laughing stock? My gaming laptop cost me a lot of money and is way above the tech requirements to run the game. No other game, or software, has even the slightest issue on my machine. Not only that, but after deleting every single Sports Interactive folder on my machine, when I tried to download my save game back from your FTP, I received a permission denied message. So my save game is stuck on your server now. I can only conclude that the reason there's no solution to these staging errors is because SI haven't fixed it yet. This has been since the first day of launch. It's now December 26th, and any free time I've had to play the game has been lost, and I won't qualify for a refund as I have logged a lot of hours on the beta, which ironically had no problems. I've reinstalled the game about 12 times, rolled back my drivers to the suggested, ran the game on the lowest settings, fully updated windows to the latest content creator update, removed all custom graphics/real name fix, and everything else that's been suggested. FM is starting to go the way of Cyanide Studios, who developed the Pro Cycling Manager series, where crashes and instability happened every day and there was no way to fix it.
  6. It seems to be working now, I've completed 4 matches on the fastest speed, despite the graphics being a little choppier. Just to clarify, what prompted this was uninstalling discord and teamspeak, both of which I use frequently. What advice do you have about reinstalling these without reverting FM back to staging errors? Cheers, Neil.
  7. Is there any solution that has been found for all of the people getting these staging errors during matches? I just tried again after the 18.2.1 update and I can't complete a match without getting one. Not only that, but because there is no centralised thread offering solutions for different errors, I have to sift through everyone else's threads, and they've not been given any answers either. Belarc file attached, but I have to say, yours is the only game, or software of any kind, that my laptop has had any issue with. Belarc Advisor Computer Profile.html
  8. I've followed all advised steps, and no improvement. I've now completely uninstalled AVG, reinstalled FM18 for the 3rd time, and it hasn't done anything. Clearly, this is an issue at your end, and it's unfortunate that the game will remain unplayable until your end resolves it. I didn't experience a single problem in the beta, and the game has been unplayable for me since the live launch. I appreciate the help you've offered, but the fact that there's been no resolution to this for 4 weeks is extremely worrying.
  9. DXDIAG attached. I'm running AVG, but have added the FM18 folder to the exception list already. All custom graphics removed, and local files re-verified. Still happening. Thanks for looking into this. DxDiag.txt
  10. Hi guys, Anytime I play a 3D match on my save game, it stops at different points with the staging error and exits the game. I've uploaded the save game to your FTP, called 'Stephen Smith Newcastle'. In the meantime, I've reinstalled the game, updated drivers, re-verified the cache and the steps you've otherwise recommended. My laptop meets all minimum requirements to run the game. Anything further you require, just let me know. Cheers.
  11. This isn't good at all. The game stopped working for me immediately after the beta switched to live launch. I gave it a few weeks, assuming it would be patched and ready by Christmas, and now I can't play more than 10 seconds of a match without getting the same staging errors. All I see on this forum are people with crash dumps, and no one's figured out the issue after 4 weeks. Is this game even finished?
  12. Something like the top 6 mini league, that Sky Sports always use in their analysis when the big boys play each other. Doesn't have to be the top 6 though, there could be a widget where you select the teams that you want to compare. Apologies if a similar feature exists.
  13. From a coding perspective, it would be very simple to adjust the transfer window closing in England to the Thursday before the season starts. It will be included.
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