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  1. Exactly. An OPTION. So if players don't want it in their game they don't have to. It's a shame FM doesn't give us more options. I can think of a list
  2. I have always wanted the "instant result" button as an option on the full game.
  3. From the looks of your tactic I am going to presume that you want your wingers to be the main threat? Therefore the 1st suggestion I would make is that your TM should be on a support duty. However, your instruction also lead me to believe you are trying to counter attack. That's fine but you will be giving up a fair bit of possession. Dropping deeper is OK but the better sides especially may well get joy out of your deepness. Also remember that your opponents will re-evaluate your quality after a few months. If you have been playing well above expectations they may well counter or just defend. Two counter sides or one that defends whilst the other counters is going to lead to few boring draws.
  4. Where most managers go wrong is the tendency to have too many players on attack duty. I believe 1 player on attack duty is OK, 2 is about average and 3 is very attacking. More than that I would never do. The more attacking you are the more vulnerable you should be to counter attacks.
  5. A little bit too attacking for me. I'd start with my attacking midfielder on support as well as the wide men. Your right hand side looks vulnerable to conceding as you have both players on that side piling forward. Also with attacking full backs you really want to look for the overlap. Hope that helps
  6. Alternatively after all these years they could just fix it? Makes you wonder about the match engine if they can't get something this basic correct. It's worse on FMC.
  7. Yeah really is a shock to see you winning the league with by far the biggest club in that division.
  8. I get FM'd quite often. The number of times you can get 40 shots at goal with 20 on target and get beat 1-0 by a side that has had just 1 shot at goal is ludicrously high! SI seem to think just because something can happen rarely the game should produce regularly. It's like playing against 10 men.
  9. Did they get a tycoon? Having a tycoon can seriously increase the club's reputation.
  10. Changes like this and with tactics should have been done for FM16 not on an FM15 update. They should also get the people responsible for this to be answering everyone's problems. Not everyone is able to do the things suggested. Yes simple for those who know what they are doing. What about those that don't? So far it just looks like "We've come up with a work around so live with it"!!! Hmm... Watchdog
  11. Why? I mean WHY??? Got home from work knackered and now find I have to prat about just to get the skin I've been using since day 1 of release!!! I really appreciate it!
  12. Why do SI have to keep on complicating things? Do they get awards for making the simplest of things difficult?
  13. In the real World the lower down the football pyramid you go the more goals are scored per game. I've never seen FM replicate this. Also some of the gripes people have is ludicrous. You'd think they were complaints from a rival, except there isn't one. It's good game but not perfect. In fact it's always going to be that way.
  14. In the real World "I want to leave for a bigger club to win trophies" really means "I want to leave to get more money"!
  15. I'm about to start a long term game with an awful lot of Leagues but I was wondering if English clubs would dominate. It would seem that with English Leagues only they do tend to dominate European Competition and when they get knocked out it just tends to be by another English club.
  16. Ever since we had the ability to change the columns on screens the game has been incapable of remembering how you set it up and goes back to the default. Every time my team place away from home the tactics page resets itself to the default setting! Also half the screens just can't be set up properly, you're guarenteed the last column (which has planty of room) goes off screen! That's how many years of me telling them about it???
  17. I have to agree that the club should just say "not for sale". However, are you quite sure that the club turning down your bid did not force the player to become unhappy and demand a move? Hence the £3m later? The saying "money talks" does not apply to FM. It should do alot more than it does. Given the choice of selling to someone in the same division for £20m or selling abroad for £3m which do you think the business would plump for?
  18. I do not recall saying he was the ONLY person who could play that position. Mainly because he isn't. The post before that is fishing around like crazy to make it not a bug or realistic. It isn't realistic and definitely needs shall we say "adjusting a tad".
  19. Another unrealistic point is I have Guardiola moaning because I'm playing a player loaned from Bayern at AML instead of ML. Would any manager really complain about that?
  20. Balanced. And I'm sorry but no footballer would ever complain if they had just been made 1st choice. Someone else moaning about the sale, fair enough. Just not him. Doesn't make sense.
  21. As manager of Bolton I brought in a DL Graham Shinnie as young understudy to Dean Moxley. Then during the summer I sold Moxley making Shinnie the new number 1 DL. He then decided he was unhappy at the sale of Moxley as my squad was too thin. Naturally with cash to spend I told him I'd be strengthening the squad. So WHY is this guy having a paddy now that he has broken into the 1st team? Would a player really do this???
  22. That's as good a business model as bringing back FML! I bet SI are glad the OP is not running their business.
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