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  1. I find full back and central midfield jumping stats to be awful too. How can an English Premier Division regular have 3 for jumping???
  2. I used to love playing FM with all leagues on full detail but then as my laptop became more outdated and FM became bigger I often found myself playing English League only. However, now that I have a new top of the range laptop I have once again got an almost complete football World. With Claessen's leagues added on from the editors forum and the English leagues down to County level with the game in full detail I now have over 200 divisions and about 350,000 players. It's slow going but brilliant.
  3. The year is 2025 and the World Cup is scheduled for summer 2026 in Mexico. We are still going for all competitions we entered and what do I find? WC Qualifiers on Sat 18th Jan, Wed 22nd Jan, Wed 29th Jan, Wed 5th Feb and Wed 12th Feb! The game has no edits whatsoever, running English Leagues only. So what is this all about? The Schedule says games should have been Sep, Oct, Nov the previous year however, the Nations League was played then! So basically we have to play games for 4 weeks without international players including the 2 legged semi final of the league cup v Man U (Who had just as many called up). And there will be no more patches???
  4. Once again it seems people are clutching at straws to find an excuse for SI getting it wrong. If it was as some say then surely the agent or player would tell him. Or it would be in his minor/major issues?
  5. Hmmm. Doesn't seem to be there when I'm negotiating a new contract. Being a 1 club player I never have to apply for jobs.
  6. If I remember correctly this use to be one of the philosophies you could be judged on in previous FMs along with from the same nation as manager. Why have they been taken out? (Assuming I'm not going mad and it's never been there)
  7. Looking forward to "Psychologist Manager 2016" and "Press Manager 2016"
  8. Player getting 6 different injuries in a season all to different parts of the body. These are non-injury prone players so something is amiss. Players wanted to go to a bigger club so i said fine as long as they match our evaluation. Not good enough he wanted to renegotiate his contract to have a release clause. So I did then for the next month every day he is unhappy that no contract has been offered. YOU JUST SIGNED ONE!!! So I offer another without a release clause, he signs and then all is good with the World. Eh? :o
  9. Then don't use it. Simple. But why would you want to stop others from using it if doesn't affect you? Options, options, options on how we want to play the game is the way forward.
  10. * Not sorting out the simple things. I could give you a list but I'd be here a long time. * Unfriendly user system. There are areas of the game that could be made much more user friendly. * Ludicrous amount of shots at goal to goal scored ratio. * Injuries. Players being constantly injured with different injuries. At the moment I have 1 player who in 3 months has had FIVE DIFFERENT injuries and still not made his début. I still enjoy playing the game but there are times I wish I could sit at a desk at SI and go through the game's problems with the lead programmer. Needs a really good tidying up.
  11. Instant result button on the full game is brilliant. Helps me race through the seasons. Would be even better if it was there from the start rather than downloading it as a mod skin.
  12. I'm sticking with the earlier version and just using the 15.0.0 database. I think it's SI's coding that messes up the regional/county divisions. They really need to sort it. It is yet another problem with the game that has been around and unfixed for about 5 years. On the edited front I noticed that the FA Cup 4th Round games where all stretched out. When I checked out why I found that all 16, 4th round games were played at Wembley every year. :o
  13. After being told that FMC now remembers the settings on custom screens I gave it a whirl. The squad screen most certainly does NOT remember and just goes back to the default setting as usual!!! So for me the game is still unplayable. It has been roughly 4 years now since customisable columns and screens were introduced and I have pointed out this bug every release.
  14. I have always thought that IF you wanted realism then when you play in a foreign country the game switched languages Good luck with China
  15. Good to have Cardiff back in blue! Not a Cardiff fan but no chairman should ever change a club's home colours or Club name or Stadium name in my view.
  16. We should really have the option to start just as the club's season has finished. Then we can bring in our own players rather than what some half baked manager thought during the close/pre season.
  17. Or alternatively SI can actually programme it to be possible as players have been asking for this for quite a long time.
  18. Of course you get fixtures like that with a successful club. Just be grateful you aren't an amateur club playing 5 days a week like some have to toward the end of a successful season.
  19. Yes as long as you use the original 15.0.0 database with it. If you use the transfer update database 15.3 they will probably be issues.
  20. The last time I tried FMC 15.2.1 the game would not even remember to default to the custom screen. Making it completely unplayable for me and seeing as on my tactics screen (in the full game) it still cannot do simple things on a custom screen I am not even going to try it. Why do SI not see this? How many times do I have to point it out in the bugs forums before it's sorted? I'm all for constructive criticism but what else can a customer say to SI to get them to fix the simple things. Also how can the match engine possibly be at a decent standard when the coders cannot (or will not) sort out the simple things? It must be about 3 or 4 years now. Please sort out custom screens properly.
  21. Wait until you learn to do it regularly and still frequently get FM'd.
  22. Hmmm. What's realistic is him not getting the job in the 1st place.
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