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  1. Oh no! A Police takeover!!! No worries though. The Mali Premier shows they aren't that good at football.
  2. The board don't expect much The daily mirror clearly knew something I didn't. It will also be interesting to see if English clubs will still dominate a full on game. Disappointingly though the 1st Champions League Final Sadly these players won'y agree new deals making my job more difficult
  3. Silly me. Can a mod move it to careers please?
  4. Now I have a bazzing laptop it is time to play FM the way it is meant to be played. The idea of this epic is a simple rags to riches career with the whole World to compete with. Who have I chosen to one day rule the FM World? My poor stats at the start weren't going to help me and to be fair I hadn't got that much experience either. So with a fast beating heart it was time to take a look at the club. A quick chat with the chairman told me some details and general information. Then I went out and checked the facilities. An overview of what was available to me was given by th
  5. I do almost the same except if a player is sent off for a professional foul they get a 1 week wages fine. If the assistant thinks the reds are not deserved then I do nothing and appeal.
  6. Clearly you were wrong to fine him. I only fine players for being sent off (straight red) or not turning up for training.
  7. If a club is taken over by a Tycoon then their reputation does increase a lot.
  8. I'd hire a DoF. Set him to make offer for 1st team players but make sure YOU have the final say on whether to sign the player or not. Sometimes he can come up with a quality player for next to nothing.
  9. I just do not play them (not even on the subs bench) until they've had enough and forgot about it. Having unhappy players (even 1) can have a bad effect on results.
  10. I've always believed that from the Championship down all clubs should only be able to bring in "HG" players. Foreigners in the Premier is fair enough but not the second tier down. That said in answer to the original question. The rules changed a couple of seasons ago for work permits. You are given a permit for the duration of the contract. After that if you do not qualify for a work permit then tough. Even if he is with the same club you paid £10m for. If he wouldn't qualify for a work permit you cannot renegotiate his next contract. Came as an annoying shock when I wasn't allowed to even o
  11. Aren't they under a transfer ban? Hence NO players are available to you so they don't show.
  12. Leave as little as you can tp your staff. I find them to be generic and generally useless. Even the assistant manager, U21's and U18's managers. They get told to play the same TACTICS for the Reserves and U18s but they DON'T! They only play the same FORMATION.
  13. As said before happens quite a bit. Never once in my years of playing have I ever got a player for less than another bidding club (and I am very frugal with cash). I also think it's terrible the way AI clubs will usually bid exactly the same as each other. Shouldn't it become a bidding war if more than one club is interested?
  14. He means you cannot add more than 69 custom leagues. Been like that for a while.
  15. Also when your scouts find what they believe to be a quality player. So I then get the AssMan to scout him. All seems good so you sign him only to find the second you do the assistant manager has changed his opinion and decides he's average at best!
  16. Continental competition sux when you have just 1 league.
  17. As manager and assistant manager of Bolton Wanderers Under 21s in December 2026. Should be interesting.
  18. Going professional depends entirely on your club's reputation NOT finances. Scouting range also depends on club reputation. So basically keep winning trophies and these things will happen.
  19. There are way too many World Class players in the game. The definition needs changing. For me it may be something like "could have been in the "World" 25 man squad at some point over the last 12 months. Or 22, 16 or even 11.
  20. I find full back and central midfield jumping stats to be awful too. How can an English Premier Division regular have 3 for jumping???
  21. I used to love playing FM with all leagues on full detail but then as my laptop became more outdated and FM became bigger I often found myself playing English League only. However, now that I have a new top of the range laptop I have once again got an almost complete football World. With Claessen's leagues added on from the editors forum and the English leagues down to County level with the game in full detail I now have over 200 divisions and about 350,000 players. It's slow going but brilliant.
  22. The year is 2025 and the World Cup is scheduled for summer 2026 in Mexico. We are still going for all competitions we entered and what do I find? WC Qualifiers on Sat 18th Jan, Wed 22nd Jan, Wed 29th Jan, Wed 5th Feb and Wed 12th Feb! The game has no edits whatsoever, running English Leagues only. So what is this all about? The Schedule says games should have been Sep, Oct, Nov the previous year however, the Nations League was played then! So basically we have to play games for 4 weeks without international players including the 2 legged semi final of the league cup v Man U (Who had just
  23. Once again it seems people are clutching at straws to find an excuse for SI getting it wrong. If it was as some say then surely the agent or player would tell him. Or it would be in his minor/major issues?
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