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  1. One of the 1st things I was taught when coaching by a professional was that 99% of the time, a footballer will completely ignore everything you've have said and will go out there and play like he usually does. (Automatic mode).

    Also if you feed him too much information the last thing you tell him is all he'll remember.

    The only question about tactics is "Would a manager normally be able to say that to a players(s)"?

    "I want you defenders to hold a line 14/20." is NOT something he would say. Hence all sliders had to go.

  2. Tactic 1:

    Funnily enough I posted not long ago how I dislike using more than 1 playmaker. Are these playmakers just passing it between themselves as when they get the ball they are looking for a playmaker?

    For me it's clearly the 2 central midfielders. I'd prefer something along the lines of a DLP + B2B, or perhaps BWM (holding position) with an AP? Also perhaps counter attacking?

    Just ideas without intimate knowledge of the players in the squad. :D

  3. Try Directors camera view ;)

    You can click on a match and the stadium shots are in the background. Click on "pitch" tab and you'll see the director shooting various images of the stadium. Eventually you should see the stadium in it's entirety.

    Also in preferences you have to turn off the score appearing during the highlights wait.

    Some shots can be absolutely fantastic. :D

  4. For players like the OP this is where the games (in my opinion) lets them down big time.

    Instead of having to read about tactics in the forum (lets be honest, long winded is an understatement) it would be far better if his staff actually helped properly. In other words didn't just spout what each individual change to a tactic does but actually came up with GOOD suggestions.

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