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  1. Also click on a result (game in director mode) and sometimes you'll see the stadium shots there too. Just pitch -> full and watch all the director shots.
  2. Make sure you are at home. (Maybe a pre-season game). Play a game in 3D and watch in Director's Cut. When you've sorted out the half time instructions. Click on "pitch" -> "full". Then press space to restart and the first thing the director shows is the stadium in full view.
  3. For me, a single forward, should either be supported by an AM + ML+MR, or by AML+AMR.
  4. BWM(D) in DM is fine. However, as he's on his own, you don't want him running around like a headless chicken miles away from his position. So I'd get him to hold position. Probably best with a DM partner though.
  5. Tactic 1: Funnily enough I posted not long ago how I dislike using more than 1 playmaker. Are these playmakers just passing it between themselves as when they get the ball they are looking for a playmaker? For me it's clearly the 2 central midfielders. I'd prefer something along the lines of a DLP + B2B, or perhaps BWM (holding position) with an AP? Also perhaps counter attacking? Just ideas without intimate knowledge of the players in the squad.
  6. How about defensive forwards or defensive wingers? They will certainly press.
  7. Yeah it's quite easy to make the basic Egyptian League playable with the editor.
  8. Never been a fan of 2 playmakers in the side. So I'd never go with a DLP and an AP but that's a personal preference. It just doesn't seem as effective as a single playmaker.
  9. The more it's a case of needing a maths degree to be successful, the less customers you'll get. Learn from FML. People will not pay money to be beaten regularly.
  10. Try Directors camera view You can click on a match and the stadium shots are in the background. Click on "pitch" tab and you'll see the director shooting various images of the stadium. Eventually you should see the stadium in it's entirety. Also in preferences you have to turn off the score appearing during the highlights wait. Some shots can be absolutely fantastic.
  11. It's near enough the same game as far as I can tell.
  12. Any chance of a screenshot of your well earned super stadium Daf?
  13. Nope. ID numbers for various things are different, certain things added or taken away. Therefore it would just crash.
  14. For players like the OP this is where the games (in my opinion) lets them down big time. Instead of having to read about tactics in the forum (lets be honest, long winded is an understatement) it would be far better if his staff actually helped properly. In other words didn't just spout what each individual change to a tactic does but actually came up with GOOD suggestions.
  15. Managers use the excuse of goalkeepers being tired when what they really mean is "I'm using the 2nd goalie but if it goes wrong I don't don't want to be in trouble for not playing the better keeper". Goalkeepers do not tire enough to warrant leaving them out.
  16. On the screen where you decide which Divisions you want in your game, bottom right is an arrow for advanced. There is where the attribute masking option is. Just tick the yes and you'll get the absolute value rather than range.
  17. I think I've studied virtually every downloadable tactic. One thing the best have in common is that sadly they all use exactly the same corner exploit. However, even in the Conference North this tactic has been quality. No idea how long it will last but for now it's fun.
  18. I'm not aware of results being copyrighted however, fixtures certainly are. Last I heard to repost a fixture list from the Premier League (for example) it had jumped up to £5,000.
  19. Just let people play it how they want. I wish the game had an awful lot more options to customise the footy World. At the end of the day a lot of football is a matter of opinion and opinions can vary. Don't we all buy games to enjoy them?
  20. If it's a tycoon then fair enough. If he's willing to plow in hundreds of millions their reputation should go very high. As for rankings? What have Belgium ever won? If you use the elo method for rating (as they do in chess), the ratings look a lot different and more realistic.
  21. I don't see the point of it. If it was proper realism you would not be managing a Champions League side anyway. I'd prefer the game to start right at the end of the 2014/15 season instead of at the beginning of the next season with all the finances spent by the previous manager.
  22. I'm happy with ca/pa. Don't see anything wrong with it. I think the game is over complicated as it is. The problem with very complicated things is that it's easier to cause a break down.
  23. No. For various reasons meaning I'm unlikely to purchase for the first time since CM2. Most of the people I know stopped playing the game because they found it too difficult and won't buy it again. Some have even back to FIFA. It could be just past it's sell buy date I suppose. I'm sure SI lose customers because the game can be difficult to n00bies especially with no difficulty level. Players of the game who don't win you tend to lose. Hence, the downfall of FML. where people will not pay pay hard cash for a game they lose at. If the demo can show me that staff have greatly improved then I might give it a go.
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