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  1. FML proved that if players are not winning with their chosen side then they do not pay to play.

    I already know of a few mates that have not bought this seasons FM because of the difficulty they had last season.

    There are those who want the challenge of an accurate simulation and then there is the casual player who wants to enjoy the game without having to read tactical essays. (And no, they don't want to play FMT).

    An assistant manager who actually helps would be great.

    For me I think it's just boredom. FM is finally coming to an end for me. The first game I got was CM2 and I had bought it every year since. Now it just seems same old same old and there are lots of other games I now enjoy playing. :)

  2. ANY staff used for buying in players are pretty generic. Last time I tested the game with a level of 1 for all attributes and then 20 saw my DoF buy exactly the same players for the same price and wages. So basically ANY DoF will do. (One of the many tests I do with FM games before I start a serious game).

    With that said sometimes they can come up with a cracking signing that you have missed. Especially if you are strapped for cash.

    My advice is allow him to make the approach for players but from then on YOU take over the deal. :D

  3. Are you saying its me :( ? Hahahah

    Sadly since CM2 I've been an addict and with the game as it is now I find a better way to do it is to actually play FMT first. Then knowing your tactic is OK then transfer over to the full game. If you know your tactic is OK in FMT then it must be OK in the full game meaning that it must be something else. It could be a psychology or press problem. Perhaps a couple of superstar players cannot speak the native language. There are other reasons why we can lose games other than tactics.

    Hope I made sense. I'm a bit morphined up. :brock:

  4. It's not always the tactic that fails you. For instance it could be a language problem with your superstar players or perhaps your players just aren't good enough.

    If I want to test a new tactic out I'll go to FMT and try it out there, where there are less "non-football related" complications.

    If it works and it plays how I like I will then introduce it into the full game. From then on I'm only asking "What else can it be?".

    Therefore my advice is before playing football manager 2016, play football manager touch 2016. When you think you have mastered FMT then move on. :D

  5. It would be useful to have a squad filter option to show registered players for your training camp/competition as another squad. I often have a mixture of ages from my various squads in my Europe squad or preseason training camp. The filter would make things easier finding players instead of having all squad filters open and then choosing only show available players.

    Personally I'd like the ability to create different squads like you could in FM Live and give them my own names. i.e. "Under 23s" or "fringe players for League Cup" etc

  6. My 2p worth.

    Any chance of the full game having options that we can choose to have on/off? i.e. the press or psychology parts. I know they are important to some extent but gamewise for me it's a bit of a repetitious drag that bores the hell out of me and often does not have a response that I would give on Saturday when I do the job for real. I'm also not interested in achievements that steam keeps popping up every so often.

    I know there's FMT but that lacks a bit to much for me. [/Mr. Picky]

    Cheers. :D

  7. There's no shame in asking for help. The main problem with FM is the staff in the game being very generic and being mainly unhelpful. This area of the game needs improving in my view with options on how much help you need.

    As for your tactic it seems to me (others may disagree) that you seem a bit over attacking. Only your centre backs and CM D hold their position. A DLP D as above should help. Along with perhaps a DLF or even a trequartista? :D

  8. Most unrealistic???

    Being employed by ANY club in the game perhaps? Nevermind just walking into a big club.

    For extra realism how about the game defaulting to the Spanish language when you take over at Barcelona or Italian at Juventus? ;)

    You already have to get out the pen, notebook and calculator to play. So why not the English -> Spanish dictionary too? ;)

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