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  1. sorry mate but it wasnt me who was desperate to get the unfinished product in the shops for 31/10. You make it sound like we should be grateful that we are being told what is being fixed, and while I`m on a roll these are not "updates" we are waiting on they are FIXES to make the product playable, just like all the other games on the market.

    I have to agree with my learned colleague. :D

  2. The ones I feel sorry for are the guys buying the game and trying their best to play it, remember the game was not always so tactic based, they can not for the life of them get their heads around all the tactic stuff and simply complain on other forums or just simply give up.

    I agree with this and should the assistant manager not help them?

    I don't believe the assistant, no matter who it is, has ever been of any use.

  3. I hate to point out the obvious but we are all playing a PC game not real football and in many ways it's nothing like real football. If you really believe it is just go out there and manage a club employing what you do in the game.

    However, just like real football everyone has differing opinions. Personally I feel a lot of people in these threads cannot tolerate a different opinion.

    My opinion (and I'm sure some won't like this) is that I am trying to beat the AI any way possible without using editors.

    Some like to do it using what they believe is some king of football methodology.

    I can live with both ideals but cannot put up with certain individuals insisting their way is THE way and everyone else is wrong. Just because a game is supposed to work a certain way doesn't mean that it does.

    Now on with the what the thread is meant for. I can't play the game as is. Using full backs seems ludicrously difficult and as we all agree needs fixing.

    I believe their are too many shots at goal per game compared with real life.

    I don't like the idea that all ideals in the real footballing World can't be successful in FM. I could go on with the different tactics but usually the tactics forum is generally full of much the same tactics when there should be a variety.

    Once again and I must have complained about this for TEN years now. No team EVER tries to convince me to sell by offering me more than what my player is worth and usually even key players are still being bid for way under value. Turn it down and the same club or a different one come back with the same bid. This happens even when leading a club all the way from Conference Regional to Champions' League glory.

    In the real World of football (and feel free to disagree because I can take it) tactics and training only add a little to how good a team performs. A vast majority of results depend on players with both their abilities and personality. I feel that tactics are way too important at the moment and need toning down their effect.

    Forgive me for waffling it's been a hard day and like everyone else I'm waiting for the next patch. :D

  4. My take on this is simple. How simple it is to fix only SI know.

    The one and only serious problem is full back ratings. Because they are terribly low they get slated by the fans, press, ex-players. This has a dramatic effect on morale. This causes a even worse performance and so the loop continues leading to regular scores of 4-3, 7-3 and I've even had an 8-6 defeat. :o

    If it was a quick fix I'm sure SI would have done it by now.

    Now considering the game is the same for the AI teams in your Division, I do not understand why the AI only has this problem as well when they play against you and NOT other AI teams.

  5. Also on a side note. Isn't it amazing how many will claim the match engine is brilliant and yet it changes all the time.

    The ME has good times and bad times and I'm afraid at the moment it's bad. I haven't programmed the game so I have no idea why it's so bad. Some are claiming the full backs are bad and sometimes even just stand there whilst they get dribbled around.

    I do remember however, way back when, that just a comma out of place would have drastic effects. Also the frustration of finding that comma in hundreds of thousands of lines of code is enough to drive you insane. So I have a lot of respect for the guys who work hard on the ME.

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