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  1. Well, I would have said being World and European Champions However, those results look fine to me. I would be much more concerned with games looking 5-3, 4-2, 3-4 to be fair.
  2. So how does a full back get a rating of 4.0? Not getting his tackles right? - No don't see that being any worse than the left back's stats. Passes being poorer? - No don't see that being any worse than the left back's stats. Heading stats being worse? - No don't see that being any worse than the left back's stats. And so on. Because it hasn't affected your game does not mean it does not exist. I have noticed it. If his stats in these games were worse than the left back then I would put it down to tactics or his consistency maybe or perhaps is abilities. To me clearly the fullback ratings need "tweaking". I shall send my stuff to SI and if they agree they'll alter it. Until then I'm happy to agree to disagree.
  3. Yes they do. They are not getting low ratings because of poor performances. I've watched the games and seen their stats. Stop giving us the old baloney about the game being perfect and "it's your tactics" because it isn't. As stated above I've tested it with different full backs and different settings. There is a problem with full back ratings every so often.
  4. Putting a full back on defend doesn't sort this problem. If you look at Shaw's playing stats he probably played pretty good or at least as good as your other full back but there is a fault with the game rating full backs performance. There could well lie the problem. I've played all kinds of ways with full backs and different kinds of full backs at different clubs and it's always the same. Once that full back right or left, starts to get 4 for a rating the media and past legends of the club start demanding he is dropped, affecting his morale and you can't win for toffee. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next patch.
  5. Did you use full backs? Did their ratings suffer? Was the media constantly saying how bad your right back was?
  6. How about having your keeper getting sent off for handball? 2 yellows in my case. BOTH for handball!
  7. It was useful. As is this. You clearly have not read anything including information on the search function. Thread after thread is closed because,like this they are repeats topics. There is no swearing or bullying of any kind in response then or now. Nor is there intended to be.
  8. Makes no difference to me. Others may disagree or adhere to propaganda but I have to see proof either way. In the real World at the top level does it matter that much?
  9. I've always thought the DB should be as end of previous season so I can build my own squad up. Not start the season with someone else's.
  10. Been playing the game religiously since CM2. Yes I'm afraid once the full back(s) hits that buggy rating he gets slated by ex-players and the press and they never recovers leading to silly scores like 6-4 etc with the opposition having just 6 shots. I don't know what causes it but that is for SI to sort out. It's definitely not the performance of the full back having checked his stats on the game.
  11. I really can't get into FM 14 at the moment. I like to play a 4-4-2 or 4-2-4 but full backs are a serious problem. Defeating a bigger club 3-1 in a close game followed by a 3-0 mauling at a lower league club that had 3 shots at goal all game with full backs lucky to get a 3 rating? No thanks. If they had a bad game fair enough but their stats do not confirm that. I'm sure SI will fix it but for now, back to FM13.
  12. This is true. However, in FM the lower a league under "the other code", the FEWER goals whereas in reality the poorer the league the MORE goals are scored.
  13. So true. I'm not so sure I like the idea of facial recognition software in supermarkets. BIG BROTHER is getting bigger.
  14. I take it you didn't read the previous 40 pages like the rest of us then??? But seriously I agree with above comments that in real life some coaches have seriously over complicated the game just to make themselves look good.
  15. Footy goes through "trendy" formations and coaching styles. We all remember wingbacks 3-5-2. Nowadays it's the 4-2-3-1 and futsal. The basics of footy still remain the same and ANY formation (within reason) can work as long as players know what they are doing.
  16. I'd loan him or sell him. Get him away from the team.
  17. I've just finished the 2025/26 season with Bolton Wanderers so my players are well... top class. Still having trouble with the Champions' League and keep getting Brentford in the FA Cup Final.
  18. I mentioned this in another thread that sometimes decisions made by officials should be wrong.
  19. 4-2-4 is my 2nd fave formation behind 3-4-3. With the current match engine (ignoring the FB problem) I'm starting to favour one of the strikers in a deeper role with 2 attack minded wingers. Either a defensive forward or a Target man support. The central midfielders I'm going for a BWM defending and an AP (attacking or support). The OP is correct though, sometimes you just want to say to a player "go out there and play it your way".
  20. I feel I must point out that defeat is NEVER my fault. It is ALWAYS the fault of some SI programmer. At least that's what I say to the press after the game.
  21. I think all Andorran League games are at the same stadium too.
  22. Got to agree. The assistant either agrees with the ref or "didn't see it boss".
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