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  1. I have Chelsea as my parent club in my current save. I get the list of players willing to join us on loan but the only one I want is their GK. So I try to loan him but he isn't interested. So I scout to check and it does say that he is NOT interested in joining us on loan. However, the report from Chelsea continues to insist that he is willing to join us.
  2. Avoid over complicating your tactic. You can read some utter long winded dross on these forums from so called experts (who no doubt work for SI) when really it isn't necessary. I look at it this way... Take your time. If the board want a mid table finish then that's what you aim for. Just because your Norwich side isn't winning the Premier League by ten points doesn't mean you are doing a bad job. Check your scout reports for players who can currently compete at your level but get better. So if you are expected to be a mid-table Championship team look for players that are "good player for the Championship" but have the potential to be a "good player for the premier". Take it from there and your team should gradually improve. As for your tactic just try to think how it looks "offensively" then "defensively". The only thing'd I'd change looking at your tactic is 1 - the centre backs, I like to have one stopper and 1 cover and 2 - Left MW on support duty with Left FB on attack. But that's a personal choice.
  3. It doesn't happen sometimes but it should. No clashes on shorts are allowed!
  4. Statistics can be used to prove or disprove anything. That's there strength AND weakness.
  5. Like it's really needed! At the moment they can't even get the player search screen list players in the correct order!
  6. I find it very annoying that despite my player being "Indispensable" the AI will offer only about half of his value. Yet if I scout an AI player I'm lucky if I get away with paying twice the value. Then when turn it down they come at you with exactly the SAME bid. So you fix the price you want and yep you've guessed it... They come again with the same bid!!!
  7. I'm aware he gives feedback and when you follow his advice to the letter even when he has maximum attributes his help is useless. The assistant needs a serious overhaul. Especially for the casual player.
  8. Should it not be up to the person who paid £35 how much "spoon feeding" he thinks he needs? I for one do not find the tactics forum useful at all. It's full of people who have never managed a real life team and think they are the bees knees and think there's nothing wrong with the game. I disagree.
  9. Shouldn't the assistant manager be more helpful for the OP? Not everyone is unemployed with time on their hands for an in depth read, tactical disagreements and serious maths study. Unless this changes for next year I won't be buying.
  10. SI have still not learned from FM Live. Players who lose a lot tend not to want to pay for the product. For people like the OP the assistant manager should be a great deal more helpful. Even an assistant with all 20 stats is pretty useless and comes up with the same rubbish as a standard or poorly rated assistant.
  11. At the moment I'm using a 4-2-3-1 in real management for my club and its working pretty good. Key points are the "2" are markers. They mark 2 central midfielders. The wide men and the central midfielder MUST be quick enough to support the loan striker who must be able to retain possession of the ball.
  12. I've noticed my custom TACTIC display has vanished. How can testers have missed this???
  13. Statistically the NEAR post inswinger IS the most dangerous corner in real life footy. I should know this being a real life tactical genius who actually has to do this stuff on Saturday afternoons.
  14. It's a PC game. Not real life footy. Is the simulation accurate? No it's not for many reasons. One being gameplay. Will the game become better? Yes but remember that with so many variables in the match engine you can "tweak" one part of it and two more will need fixing. So it's kind of a balancing act.
  15. It depends. As a player and coach and manager I can tell you that a player can easily be out with a sprained wrist. Depends on the extent.
  16. Although I do believe that most bugs will ultimately be fixed by SI I do feel like I have essentially been (like many of you whether you realise it or not) a BETA tester for the past month or so. Is the game playable? Always depends on your expectations.
  17. The original idea behind this tactic is the 2 DM's just defend along with obviously the 2 DCs creating a box of 4. A little like the ice hockey short-handed passive box. The attacking strength comes not from the AMs but the FBs who have full license to bomb forward.
  18. One thing I would point out is that in real life football, managers rarely have much control over what their players do. Players will generally play to their own attributes and personality. With tactics and training having minimal effect.
  19. Rather than constantly adding players for match fitness per game, I think an option to AUTOMATICALLY drop players into the reserves for fitness until fit should be on the personal assistant screen.
  20. Sometimes they will accept but they don't have to unless it's a straightforward cash in 1 lump sum deal.
  21. Oh and as a football coach in real life with more qualifications than most of you have played a full FM game let me point out that an attempt on goal that hits the post is... off target. So in the fix don't go expecting your team to score more goals.
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