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  1. Arsenal lost a game 3-0 at home to Middlesbrough (I think) once. Middlesbrough had 0 shots on target. The point made by people in FM14 isn't that it happens, it's that it happens FAR TOO OFTEN.
  2. It's been happening for years in FM. A bit silly to repeat exactly the same offer. Just like it's silly that 10 clubs will bid exactly the same amount for a player. In the real world they will all try to gazzump each other.
  3. I get these quite often and I'm sure it's a bug. Why? Because there is no reason.
  4. A sensible reply svenc I just don't have the time to sit around watching games in full and taking 6 months to get through 5 seasons. I like to pile through the seasons at pace. I would love the full version to have more options on how I want to play the game. Can I be successful at FM14? Yes because as well as the things that go against me due to shall we say glitches in the game, there are also exploits and when I take full advantage of them I can be very successful with any team any where. The biggest thing I want from the next version is on tactics. I'd like to be able to ask my assistant to pick the tactics (right down to the roles and duties) just as he can already suggest the team. Even better I'd like to set up my starting XI in a 442 and then ask him for an opinion on the best 442 set up given the team chosen. Perhaps FM15 will surprise me enough to buy it but for now think I might give FIFA/GTA or Madden a serious play or perhaps just go back to FM13.
  5. I'm a real life manager and can tell you very rarely will I wait until a break in play to make a tactical change. It's instant as long as the players get the message.
  6. In your opinion. It's not fact. This game cannot even sort a column properly so why should we have faith that the complicated stuff is coded correctly? The final nail for me was when I was struggling just above the Championship relegation zone as expected then faced a full strength top of the table team away - won 7-0! Followed by a 2-5 loss at home to the bottom side.
  7. I think FM has just run it's course for me. After the best part of 20 years it's time for me to leave the series I think. It just isn't fun for me any more and the more difficult SI are making it the more I don't like it. It was fun while it lasted but now I think I'll get out of it before it drives me insane. Cheers.
  8. I like it because I can play with EVERY LEAGUE included without necessarily slowing the game down too much. Hopefully it will be even better next time around.
  9. Why would players want editors or star ratings for players and staff? Not everyone wants to play the game YOUR way and not everyone has the time. Some players of the game are actually employed and have to work hard 50 hours a week.
  10. The assman can be a great help here in FM15 by giving you a star rating for your tactic.
  11. A couple of quick points on things I personally don't like. 1 - A HB with a back 3? When defending isn't he almost going to be defending the same space as the central DC? Best used in a back four for me. 2 - Overlaps? Who is overlapping? You have no full backs so won't they wait for an overlap that will never happen? 3 - Two BBMs? In a CM 3 then perhaps 1 but for me deffo not 2. Perhaps a DLP D? 4 - Playing wide with what looks like a narrow formation. Perhaps play narrow and then put "play wider" on the wingers?
  12. The idea is a quicker streamlined version. The number of players requesting that such and such should be added is ludicrous! If that's how you feel just play the full FM.
  13. Players settling in and team cohesion is an excuse for poor management in real life.
  14. Would be nice if SI had a little sticky acknowledging possible problems. Hopefully the forums wouldn't be filled with the same complaints. On a side note my tactic is now... GK - GK DR - FB S DL - FB A DCR - BPD X DCL - BPD C MCR - DP D MCL - DP S AMR - W A AML - W S AMC - AP A SC - P A Balanced Control - Because it is only a matter of time before my transfer negotiations give me the best side.
  15. The game is perfect. No need for any patches now. Yeah but on a serious note, there are some things that need tweaking. When a game like this gets complicated one tweak somewhere can create TWO problems elsewhere. Personally I'm thinking of editing or creating new competitions to regain my interest in the game. I was thinking of bringing back the Full Members Cup and having the rule that your squad must be ALL ENGLISH. Also bringing back the UEFA Cup and insisting that all team that play in the competition can only play nationals. Should be interesting.
  16. For me "exploiting the match engine" is what the definition of a PC game is. Unless you have access to the code how can you possibly know whether your tactics are successful because you're a tactical genius or because the engine doesn't work quite right. The same can be said for transfer and contract negotiations.
  17. In reallife management I'm a big fan of finding that killer though ball and I'm currently trying to replicate it in FM. GK - GK DR - FB S DL - FB S DC - BPD D DC - BPD D MC - DLP S MC - DLP S AMR - W A AML - W A AMC - AP A SC - P A Standard Balanced. Not impressed by it at the moment. Still got work to do.
  18. In the real World what his preference is is irrelevant. He is supposed to help me. Not waste money on a player I will not use.
  19. It might make you more determined but I'd guess most off us just don't play it!!! If the assistant doesn't help he is NO USE!
  20. And this is why the game fails badly. I'll play a 343 and what does my DoF buy??? A full back!!! The backroom help and especially the assistant manager has to be much better! His tactical information has to be much clearer. How about a rating out 5*s to tell me how good my tactic is??? Just something!!!
  21. Had enough myself. Onto FIFA for a while I think. I'm not dominating with nearly 70% possession with more shots at goal, less long shots, more shots on target, more CCCs with far better players... ... and losing 7-1!!!!!!!! Sort the game out then I'll be back!
  22. Cheers rinso that will have to do. Still should be searchable though.
  23. Why does FM14 make it so difficult to find a high profile player? You cannot search for a player via reputation nor can have reputation on the player search screen!!! Instead you have to troll through every signing checking his rep individually!
  24. I'm surprised SI didn't complain to the Premier League that Moyes' first bid for Juan Mata should have been 50p and a bag of footballs. :o
  25. Well said that man. I hate it when game makers try to FORCE you to play the game a certain way.
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