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  1. Perhaps but I'm also what some would call "an expert". For one I do it for real on a Saturday afternoon and two I have played thousands of hours on every game since CM2. I find that SOME of it is useful and good but most of it is total waffle. FM14 is the 1st incarnation that has me deciding not to buy the next unless some serious changes are made. SI can start by getting rid of the press. It's the most boring and seriously repetitive part of the game. Team talks come a very close 2nd.
  2. The tactics forum is full of people seriously over thinking and overcomplicating the game to make themselves look clever. (My view) They'll tell you how the game is perfect and will rip apart any tactic or strategy you have. I fail to see how they can possibly know this unless they have coded the game. I would also like to point out how these same programmers can't even get the game to remember how you want your tactics screen set up. So given that the match engine is way more complicated I'd say the game is far from perfect. It's OK but still needs a lot fixing in my view. The problems the game has don't seem to affect human players more than AI players so that's at least one good thing. My advice would be to use the in game editor, make yourself unsackable and then use sensible trial and error, whether it be tactics, team talks, training etc. If you get stressed by the game go away for a few days and then come back for more.
  3. Despite my best attempts to take advantage of this PPM I have to say I'm not doing as well with it as I actually do as a real life manager. Has anyone managed to come up with a good set up for these type of throw-ins?
  4. I meant what are each club's philosophies at the start of the game? Each individual CLUB. Hence starting the list off with Bolton.
  5. I don't think you can find them out at the start of a game before sign on as manager.
  6. Does anyone have a list of clubs' philosophies? I ask because I'd like to try out the different philosophies at different clubs. If not then I'd like to start one so here goes... BOLTON WANDERERS - Sign young players for the first team - Develop players using the club's youth system.
  7. Just not this one. And no I don't have to be constructive. That's what SI pay their staff for with the money I've spent on the game. Nor do I have to list the things wrong with the game. That's what their testers are paid for. Just not enjoyable any more. I'm back on FM13.
  8. It's not you I want explanations from. It's the game. There is literally no help tactics wise from the assistant or backroom staff. The assistant can pick the team but will he select a tactic or give credible tactic advice before or during a game? No. The assistant manager has always been useless. It is time that changed.
  9. So I shall not buy FM15. It's completely lost it's appeal to me. Unless there is some kind of difficulty level I'm unlikely to change my mind. Cheers SI. It was mostly great from CM2 onward but for me it's just not fun any more.
  10. Staff attributes are next to useless in FM and have always been that way. I've tested and researched different staff jobs and there effects and the difference between the very best and worse in virtually nil. The assistant and the DoF are both utterly useless.
  11. It's a game not real life. Bring in difficulty levels and let people play it how they want instead following the rules of the hardcore.
  12. I'm a real manager and on Saturday I had to shout at my centre back to back off three or four times during the game. Instantly he did however, on FM a shout can take 4 or 5 minutes to be implemented! Until there is a way around this I'm afraid I'll be giving FM a miss as it's just not realistic.
  13. It's not as though SI employees post under different names saying how great the game is. However, I'm back playing FM13. Not perfect but I for various reasons I do not like FM14. I find it very annoying that my tactics panel will not stay on the custom set up and just keeps reverting back to default. (Quite a few pages do this)! Some columns on screens that you cannot alter are also too narrow and you can't read the information. Also winning 7-0 away to the leaders followed by a 4-1 home defeat with the same players and tactic to the bottom side??? "It's your tactics" is an easy cop out that I'm fed up of hearing. So for these reasons and others I will play FM13 or Hearts of Iron 3, or even sim city or the sims.
  14. I have a below average laptop and run ALL English Leagues plus every top division of all the other nations. It runs OK and what I lose in speed is made up for by the large world of football.
  15. The question is how much would YOU sell him for? I'm guessing not far off the values you are being quoted?
  16. On my third season with Bolton and just finished 10th in our first season in the Premier. We ended the season with the Premier League's top scorer Nouha Dicko signed from Wigan two season's ago for just £450K. He's bagged 23 goals in the Premier (28 in all).
  17. To be honest things like this should happen more often as they do in the real World. As usual though you cannot cancel the link for a season. Shouldn't make any difference to you though as Sevilla pay you money for the privilage and you can just refuse to deal with them.
  18. No matter the tactic or philosophy there are always basics in football that are a must. The main one that will be affected by you playing effectively SIX wide men is that your spine will only have 4 players in it. The spine of your team is VERY important in the real world but in FM14 perhaps a 442 but instead of strikers use advanced wingers? Something like... IF S, --------------->IF A [these two play from the FL and FR positions to the side of where the strikers would normally be]. WM S, BWM D, DLP S, WM A FB A, CD C, CD X, FB S GK D
  19. You tend to notice when things go against you a lot more when things go for you. I wouldn't say the AI has an advantage. In fact playing against intelligent humans it probably has a disadvantage.
  20. In the real World I would not like this tactic (sorry to sound negative). I would never play an offside trap with 3 at the back. The general idea of three at the back is 2 markers with one sweeper. So perhaps I would go with no offside, 2 DC X and 1 DC C. The gap between the midfield and the strikers is enormous. For this to work I'd be looking to play very direct or even long and my three up front would all have to work hard to press the opposition defence and keep the ball there as I doubt it will get there too often. Would it work on a cold Saturday afternoon in Shrewsbury? Well all tactics have strengths and weaknesses and the glaring weakness here is a vulnerability to a team coming at you down the flanks. It would be too difficult to attack to the byline thereby by-passing you DMs completely making them generally obsolete. I take it you do wish to keep the general 3-2-2-0-3 shape?
  21. Let me ask a friend of mine... Nope he doesn't feel the current game makes it easier for him and he struggles so sadly your opinion is yours but not his. He feels the game has become so ridiculously complicated and does not wish to trawl through so called experts opinions on how to play the game. He knows how the game is played. He has more coaching qualification and managerial experience than I do! (Now that is saying something!) I'm sure he's not alone. I'll ask more this weekend but most I know are waiting for the new patch and until then won't play the game. Shame as I like my online games.
  22. You will always get players who do well and those who do badly. Those who want more of a challenge and those who want it easier. SI must try to accommodate both.
  23. SI must learn from their FML failure. Customers do not like playing a game when they don't do well. Football is not like other games. In other games you can just be the best and enjoy winning. In footy a lot of players have THEIR club and ONLY their club. The assistant manager has to be better even if a quality assistance only comes with the in game editor, as with the unsackable option. Having an assistant rated at 20 in all attributes makes no difference as to how he goes about things.
  24. I love it when a manager is not happy with 14 goals in a game.
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